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We present City of Titans, a spiritual successor for the superhero MMORPG City of Heroes, being developed by Missing Worlds Media.
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Missions Without Contacts

Posted by Missing Worlds Media (Creator)
Hello! K9T here again with some glimpses at our noncombat Powers, Secret Identities and our Leads system. As always, this is just a preview of current intent and concept. Many of these systems may not make it to the game (especially on Launch day), but are definitely things that have been discussed and to some extent designed for the game.

We are all familiar with the old pattern. From the moment you leave the tutorial, you are working for someone else. Go beat up 20 of those guys. Find 8 of those things and bring them to me, because my feet are nailed to the sidewalk. I need someone, -anyone- to collect that MacGuffin before Dire Consequences set in. 

What if you could come up with your own schemes, conduct your own investigations and mold the game around your own preferences? 

The current plan is to handle it this way: 

Step One: Play the game normally. You can ‘street sweep’ by defending normal citizens or even engaging in PvP. You could seek out NPCs for chat and purchases, or just explore. You can also interact with other players by spending time teamed and engaging in normal conversation. Finally, certain Emotes (remember the Newspaper) or even being logged off in certain locations (remember Day Jobs?) are all things players normally do. Doing so may have a chance of earning a special kind of Reward known as a Lead. 

A Lead will consist of one element of a Story, such as a Setting, Antagonist or Objective. A Chat with your RL best friend over virtual coffee may cause your character to realize that something is going to happen in Phoenix Plaza (a Lead drops into your inventory). Heading to Phoenix Plaza with your character, you see graffiti by the terrorist group Agents of Revolution that sparks a hunch (netting you another lead!): They are up to something, but what? Searching the area, you break up a gang of AR graffiti artists defacing an alley and the pieces fall into place. They have set a bomb (The final lead! ...and of course it’s a bomb. This is AR we are talking about here. What were you expecting?) 
Step Two; now you decide: will you ‘assemble’ this story for your own use, donate it to your SuperTeam, or even trade the information for someone elses’ Leads? The choice is up to you!
Many factors influence the rate at which you receive Leads. Have you chosen to acquire investigatory Powers? Are you spending time in your Secret Identity as a mild-mannered reporter? Have you noticed suspicious items around town with your Super Sense? Just playing the game should get you Leads at a reasonable rate, but if you choose to focus on being a detective (or the arch enemy of a particular faction, or the scourge of a specific neighborhood), you can collect stories faster. Of course, you can also still choose to work for NPCs, who will not only function as story vendors but can also act as experts on certain subjects to help with the progress of a related story and give out Leads related to their own fields of expertise. 
Players who like the darker side of things may enjoy being able to pursue a variety of world conquering or world-destroying schemes, choose a particular batch of NPC do-gooders to constantly oppose, or even stake a claim over part of the underworld of Titan City. For instance, Stage 1: A Objective Lead drops: a mugging victim knows about a giant diamond somewhere in town. Stage 2: (Location Lead) you hear something while getting medicated at a local hospital - it's a bank! Stage 3: (Faction Lead) While beating down cops in another story, you find out that they are handling security for the diamond! Or at least that is how it might play out if you choose to slot those Leads together: Rob the bank, battle TCPD, find a giant diamond. You may be able use the diamond to power a space laser... or if this kind of Scheme isn’t your style, you may be able to trade it to another player, even on the open (black) market. 

All of this is intended to help you customize your own ingame experience. Maybe you prefer more urban crime stories with your spandex, or perhaps dark and scary themes are more your thing. Maybe you want to keep the city safe from spellcasters and demons, or perhaps you think of things on a more ...cosmic scale. The focus will always be on superhumans and spandex, but you can also flavor your personal path through the game with a dash or two of spice from other genres as well. 

Whether you want to be a colorful party girl who happens to have super powers or a grim avenger of the night constantly seeking out street trash to thrash, we welcome you. 

Anyone can make it in Titan City!
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    1. David Guillot on

      Oh ma I am going to love this

    2. DeathSentry on

      I l o v e. This game!!####

    3. Missing avatar

      Shinard on

      This is incredible. It sounds like a great alternative to standard MMO's, really helping distinguish the Phoenix Project, and you've given me a pretty good idea how you can actually implement it. One slight worry - you'd have to have a lot of content to really allow everyone to just play the missions they want and not be at a disadvantage. But that said I don't particularly mind being an evil steampunk tinker who hunts spellcasters, but dabbles in mob enforcement and doomsday machinery. As long as the content is interesting, and everything I've seen so far indicates it will be, I will be very happy playing this game.

    4. James Gorman on

      I am truly excited about this, and at a loss for words as to how this could happen. Love every one who has contributed to this project and appreciate the development team.

    5. Cinnder on

      I know it's an overused word, but this truly is awe-some. This is gonna make alting now about story as well as power sets, which blows me away.

      One request: when we get a lead, can we have a persistent on-screen indication? In CoX, unless I was specifically hunting for a tip I often didn't notice the yellow pop-up text in the middle of combat, or I noticed but forgot by the time the fight was over.

    6. Missing avatar

      Paul Kennedy on

      So many great ideas. Just keeping up with your updates has me missing CoH less. Hate to wish my life away but cant wait for the CoT launch.

    7. Fuzzy on

      I'm super excited for this in particular. Good on posting that you are doing this because it was specifically THIS post that finally got me to pledge for the game in the last few minutes. This is innovative and I love it. :)

    8. Craig E Ransom on

      @ Jens Hennes : Never thought of the lack of change as a good thing before.

    9. Timothy jay S Ross on

      You are all the very best fans in the world. Thank you.

    10. Craig E Ransom on

      @ Arlo Collier : Not the same - more like Architect Entertainment in CoH.

    11. Craig E Ransom on

      Over 5000 contributors!
      WAY over the $320,000 goal!

      We ARE Heroes and THIS is WHAT WE CAN DO!

    12. Arlo Collier on

      @mrinku I've not played it but have heard that 'Neverwinter' has a very strong player quest crafting system - called 'foundry' I think?

    13. Al Lucard on

      Love this!!

      It's mentioned that you can "spend time as your alter-ego" ... Please let us have the option to do just that.. with a switch for the name even.. So "Superman" can walk around as "Clark Kent" and not.. Superman in a suit with glasses.. PLEASE!!!!

    14. Nos482 on

      "Can't tell you how many times I participated in the RWZ ship raids - but nothing ever changed."
      That was the whole point of the raid, to keep the Rikti from changing things... like powering up their ship and challenging the city to a game of dodge my giant laser cannon.

    15. SunHawk on

      I love that you have improved upon CoH !

    16. Lady of Ysgard, Voldine. on

      Ken, while I can't say for sure what the intent was for the old CoH dev team, the phasing map tech they brought out with Freedom was a good first step to turning the old game from static to a more active appearing world. It wasn't perfect, but they got shut down before they could make it work more or better. All we can have is hope and faith that our new developers will do the best they can.

      Remember, we funded this game. The game doesn't exist without us. It is quite literally in the best interest of the developers to listen to us and take our suggestions and opinions into account as long as said s&o don't run contrary to design goals and decisions...and to communicate with us when they do conflict

      We may not be shareholders in a company or anything like that, but we have cast our ballots in with them and they must now prove that they are worthy of the support we have shown them.

      We are Titans. We are Backers. We are the Players. We are The Community. We are important to them.

    17. Missing avatar

      Jason King on

      This sounds great. It seems like this game is going to be as close to player-built as possible. Nice! :)

    18. Missing avatar

      mrinku on

      Mission crafting? Now THAT is innovation.

    19. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Kestner on

      I'm also curious if something like mission architect will be implemented ... and would it be possible for the better stories to be integrated into the actual zones as either regular contacts or new TFs - with the author's permission.

      I'd also like for a MA system to have instanced contacts out in the actual world - never liked the whole "simulator" concept.

    20. Missing Worlds Media Creator on

      Kenneth, the Lead system, as we call the above, is going to require work on the player's part. In some ways, it's a crafting system.

      But you will always have the tradtional contact missions, and the equivalent of radio/newspaper missions.

    21. Rae 'Tonwen' Hadley, Phoenix Rising on

      This sounds great! I'm going to have to go find myself a time machine. I don't think I can wait for launch!

    22. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Kestner on

      Very interesting concept, but I hope not the only means of getting missions. I could find it frustrating if trying to chain together clues and getting totally lost/confused, or accidentally taken down a villainous storyline without intending to.

      What I'd like to see are 3 options:
      1. Traditional contact missions
      2. Something like radio missions
      3. What you've proposed above, which is somewhat similar in concept to CoH's tip missions ... I think.

      Another concept I saw implemented in GW2 were "events" - which we kind of had in CoH with the fires in Steel Canyon, Troll Raves, and Rikti invasions, but resulted in nothing more than a badge. Would be nice to have something similar that could help in leveling.

      Another thing that bothers me about traditional MMORPG's are the stagnant dungeons or TFs.
      The developers create a TF associated with a particular zone, and it's like that forever. Would be nice to have additional TFs added to each zone over time to either replace the existing one, or supplement it.

      Also, the Rikti War Zone needed to evolve over time. Can't tell you how many times I participated in the RWZ ship raids - but nothing ever changed. Zones need to evolve over time - and be impacted by your actions.

    23. Tom B.

      This sounds really great. I'm trying to hold back on the excitement, because it also sounds complicated as all get out, and it wouldn't surprise me if it doesn't make launch. But if you guys get it to work, it will be fantastic.

    24. Catherine America on

      This is all kinds of awesome!

    25. Unjust on

      WOW!!!! this will be interesting to see. I really really hope that you all get the mission distribution system working as stated. If you do, and most if not all starting mission arcs are ready at launch then you sir, and all who have contributed, are worthy of great praise. As Picard says "make it so!"

    26. Missing Worlds Media Creator on

      Just remember, you will always have the option to push a button, get a mission, punch the bad guys (or good guys), get the reward.

      That being said, we're going to put our heart and soul into getting this working. This is the big thing, this is the real curveball we've been working on. If you've been watching, you know we've said, time and again, you're not anyone's lackey in this, you get to make your own decisions, and have your own goals.

      This is it. The better we make this, the better your story gets. All open world. It all counts, it all happens, and NPCs will react to what you do in it.

      Not bad, huh? - Warcabbit

    27. Alan Heartsong on

      This is such a super idea! This is going to be amazing, I think.

    28. JMadden_Phoenix Rising Initiative on

      This sounds pretty cool. Can't wait to play this game.

    29. Craig E Ransom on

      This is exactly what I've been waiting for in a RPG!!

    30. Charles Black on

      You KNOW I am loving THIS!!!!

    31. Laura F Jenkins - Phoenix Rising on

      I love these ideas! I certainly hope they make the final cut. (At least at some point).

    32. Dreamcatcher of Phoenix Rising on

      I'm struggling to really express how much I like this. That almost never happens. Ever. Thank you for going there; for playing outside the sandbox, hell, outside the playground.

    33. Flimflamberge on

      Yes? Yes. Yes! Sounds like you might have taken some inspiration from Storybricks, but come up with a totally distinct implementation to better suit your milieu. That's literally awesome; I am sitting here in awe.

    34. Resuscitator of Phoenix Rising Paragon on

      I like how you are making the city feel "alive" and not stagnant - clues appearing around you as you go about your business in the city - very cool! I also like that you are keeping the tried and true NPC contact that hands out missions. Some days when I come home exhausted from work, all I want to do is click, seek, kill. ["Go. Hunt. Kill." LOL] And, the NPC method works well for teams of 2-8 to actively hit and complete missions to earn XP.

      However, the clue system is a definite innovation and on those days where I want to REALLY explore the city and roleplay my character, I will be able to do it.
      Thank you, MWM, for really giving the player-base OPTIONS. :)

    35. Triplash on

      Man, seriously, this game just keeps looking better and better every time you show us something new.

      Even if only *half* the updates work out, it's gonna be awesome.

    36. Martigen Tay on

      This looks amazing. I hope to hell this aspect makes it through to release build intact!

    37. peter burczyk on

      this is one of the best things you have showed
      us and I congratulate you on your awesome!!!

    38. Pineapple Steak on

      Nice. This reminds me a lot of how I though CoH could go about creating ArchNemesis. Finding clues, piecing together how is stalking you, finding out their motivations, hearing rumors of their appearance to unlock costume pieces. Actually, if any system could pull off ArchNemesis, it is CoT. I never like Champions' Nemesis system since all it did was allow you to choose their appearance, but not their motivations and what type of schemes they'd go after. Tell me again why Captain Boomarang is trying to blow up the sun???