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We present City of Titans, a spiritual successor for the superhero MMORPG City of Heroes, being developed by Missing Worlds Media.
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Oswald Lawrence’s Speech, December 1908

Posted by Missing Worlds Media (Creator)

In December 1908, a few weeks after a devastating fire ravaged the small cities north and south of Steward’s Bay, an assortment of civic leaders, prominent property holders, and ordinary citizens gathered to discuss rebuilding. The lifesaving efforts of superhuman champions—and ordinary people—inspired those gathered to unite the settlements. A year later, Titan City officially formed.

Oswald “Titan” Lawrence, an eccentric industrialist known for his good works, was one of the strongest voices to call for rebuilding and unification. This dramatic speech, addressed to the crowd of citizens assembled where Phoenix Plaza now stands, marked the first mention of the term “Titan City.”

We gather today in the ashes of what was once a thriving metropolis. Of what was once our home. We have all suffered, the highest and lowest, as we saw our city leveled before our eyes. For most of us, this has been the darkest hour of our lives.  

But though this may be our darkest hour, this is not the hour of our deaths! My fellow citizens, we are the masters of our fate, the heroes of our own story!  

As our city burned around us, we saw heroes rise up. Old and young, rich and poor, man, woman, and child; when all seemed lost, they braved that inferno to save us all. And these were no gods come down from some hoary Olympus. No, these titans are our friends and neighbors, our parents and children, even our beloved spouses! Their courage, power, and imagination, extraordinary though they be, is the same divine spark that burns in all of us. We will rebuild, and their glory will be our inspiration!  

I foresee a time, in years to come, when our city will stand as an inspiration. When its shining spires rise from this desolation! When this city of titans will be a beacon of opportunity for the world! My fellow citizens, I am convinced that anyone can make it in this titan city. As we rebuild, we will make that vision a reality!  

I can promise you no easy time. We have faced our dark ages, and we will doubtless face them again. The coming winter may be long and cold. But certain as the chill winds howl, know that our faith and our courage will weather the storm. The year now turns toward its darkest, but I vow to you, the sun will return, and with its light, bring joy. And we, the survivors of this city, will bring forth that glorious sunrise.  

Like the phoenix of old, we shall arise from these ashes, to become greater still! Our final chapter is not yet written. The book of our lives has not closed. I say to you, this is not the end! 

Today, our story BEGINS!

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    1. Tessachan of Phoenix Rising on

      I have said to friends that this is not "just a game," but is, in fact, a brand new movement, a /cause/. I know it has that feeling to me, and this last post nailed it in for me. This isn't just about "us," those left with a relative "corpse" of a game, then a shell, a memory without a body to hold the anima inside (pun intended.) Yes, it's a rebirth, of a completely new being, one that incorporates so much more than we even knew it could. Others will follow this model, in fact the crowd-funding model of Kickstarter is a vital element of this movement, nothing less than recognition & use of the spiritual connection between all that lives. /This/ is the future. Something more beautiful & surprising than ever I dreamed.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jason King on

      He said "Winter is coming."

    3. Craig E Ransom on

      "Today, our story BEGINS!"

      Boy, does it ever!!!!

    4. Michael O. on

      MWM has talked about moving the posting to the CoT forums after the KS is over, but there's actually no reason to stop posting updates here ... Many Kickstarters continue to communicate with their backers through KS long after the pledging is over.

    5. Unjust on

      Thanks for being as devoted as I knew all of you would to the your game. And thanks for the continuing updates to keep us devoted fans happy. I hope to see everyone in game as soon as possible.

    6. Al Lucard on

      I have to echo Martigen Tay, and say I, too, love the regular updates. I do hope that there will be a way for you all to continue with these updates... at least on a monthly basis.

      *SO* excited for this!!

    7. Martigen Tay on

      Loving these regular updates. It's encouraging to know that the team making this are as devoted to their brainchild as I am to experiencing it. I can't wait.

    8. Resuscitator of Phoenix Rising Paragon on

      Going to have to buy some calendars for 2014 and 2015 and start "x"-ing off the days one by one til we have our new home :)