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Fire of 1908 Emergency Response Case Study - Page 1

Posted by Missing Worlds Media (Creator)

On November 8, 1908, several tragic fires broke out across the Steward’s Bay area. The fires devastated a number of the townships across the area, on both sides of Steward’s Bay. The cities of Bradford and Clarkston had major sections all but destroyed. With the destruction of their homes and businesses as a catalyst, the people of these towns all came together with the common purpose of rebuilding what they had lost.

Late in the evening, a security guard spotted a fire at Sinclair Ship Works, along the southern docks of what is now Downtown and Old Bradford. Responding quickly, the local house of the fire department was there within only a few minutes, though during that time the fire had spread further. Realizing that they were no match for the fire on their own, they promptly called for reinforcements, and attempted to slow the fire’s progression towards the nearby residences, which housed many of the people who worked at the facility.

Additional fire companies arrived, both from on the mainland as well as from the nearby city of Clarkston on the other side of Steward's Bay and threw their support into the attempt to stop this blaze. Several factors impeded the effectiveness of this joint effort. Getting their supplies from a number of different places meant that they did not always connect with each other. Compound that with poor water pressure, and the firefighters had a hard time reaching the second floors of most buildings, much less the roofs.

As the fire spread towards a nearby housing area, a number of citizens became concerned that the fire department appeared to be having trouble containing the fire, and decided to help them in their own way. Believing that, if they removed some of the structures, the fire would be unable to spread, this group of concerned, but misguided, citizens collected a few small barrels of gunpowder and began the process of eliminating a few buildings. They selected three small apartment buildings across two blocks, and set their charges. The walls forced the blast upwards as they expected, but once above the brick façades, the blast radiated outwards, showering the flaming debris on other nearby buildings, and resulting in a larger and hotter fire than before. The debris rained down across a large area, trapping a number of the firefighters, as well as an assortment of citizens with small children that were still attempting to flee the area.

The fire continued to spread through much of the area, encroaching on what then was the back bay, now the reclaimed land of the Northeastern Research District, as well as the hamlets of Alexandria, and Aurora. Despite their best efforts, the firefighters realized that their standard methods would not work this time. Instead, they decided to form lines of men, which would hopefully stop the fire, before there was nothing left to save. 

Three locations were chosen for setting up these fire lines, running between some of the narrower points of the peninsula. The first line was to be in the part of town known as Alexandria, on the southwestern side of Ephesus University by the Central Library. The second line was to be just to the north of the southern edge of the bay, where the peninsula met the mainland. The third line was to the northwest, crossing southwards across what was left of the downtown area, down through the warehouses along the docks that were still standing. Dividing themselves up into three groups, approximately even in number, they set to making their stand against the inferno.

As the longest line was beginning to be pushed back, a sudden storm system moved in from the west, bringing heavy snow and winds that blew counter to those that they had been fighting until this point. Suddenly, things were looking up for those along the long line across downtown. The opposite line in Alexandria, however, did not have such a good opinion of the change in the wind patterns. The fire was suddenly coming directly at them, hungry for more fuel.

A few firefighters left the line by the university to run into the nearby dormitories to ensure that they were evacuated, and then to start evacuating the people that were taking refuge inside the library to escape the unseasonably cold air. Before the only remaining exit from the library was blocked off by the fire as it engulfed the plants and grasses around it, the firefighters were only able to evacuate about half of the people that had taken shelter there. Knowing that not everyone had gotten out, the fire fighters believed that they could do no more for those trapped inside, and turned their efforts towards preventing the fire from going any further up the peninsula.

At some point, no one was sure just when, the library began to shimmer. Not the kind of shimmer you get when light is reflected off of the roof, but the kind of shimmer when light is reflected off of the moisture in the air, such as on a really humid day. Suddenly having a solid point that the fire appeared to be unable to touch, the firefighters began to reclaim the hope that they would yet be able to stop their nemesis. As the storm increased its power, the rain came down heavier and heavier, taking much of the power from the flames as it lost its heat. Regaining their hope as well as some of the ground they had lost, the fire was finally brought to a stop just beyond the library to the northeast.

Firefighters believe that the shimmering, whatever its cause,was the main reason that the fire did not touch the library itself. There was substantial damage to the grounds all around, but not a single piece of paper contained within the library was so much as singed. The people that remained within its walls after the fire had spread around it were unharmed, and no one claimed to know anything about the shimmering that the fire fighters had seen.

At the height of the fire in Bradford, after the entire firefighting force of Clarkston had crossed the bay to help, of course, is when the fire began on the edge of Ironport.

Study question:

How did the fire in Bradford start:
a) Cow kicking over a lantern
b) Kids setting fires for fun
c) An unattended hearth
d) That annoying kid who sat next to you in class


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    1. Missing avatar

      Jennifer on

      A) Cow Kicking over a lantern. A mutant or pet cow bent on revenge >:) Muahahaha...ha

    2. Violet Barfield on

      b) Kids setting fires for fun

    3. Missing avatar

      Eric Gama Müller on

      I think it wasn't just 1 reason for the fire, but a sum of reasons.

      At first I think the fire was started by BBQ BEEF in his attempt to show his power, but that "inocent citizen" who were trying to help contain the fire by exploding houses were not actually inocents. Those were actually apocalyptcult followers trying to bring out and control the phoenix to they could take the city. Nothing to be mentioned in newspapers since nothing could be proved, but I just know it.
      About the shimmering effect on the library, just don't worry about it. I know it was just a super human using his powers to keep the citizen alive inside the library. He/She was not yet know as super hero, some of the super powered from that time was considered strange people because of their powers, so hidding in the crowd was the best for them.
      As you can imagine. The library was one of the needed targets to get the phoenix reborn and controled. So apocalyptcult followers weren't able to succeed. And peace was restored by the great triple wall strategy.
      After that I can only answer the main question here. How did the fire started?
      Cow kicking over a lantern is the main reason, but we have to count the annoying kid who is know an apocalyptcult follower. And if you feel that bringing phoenix out and controling it is fun, why not consider the apocalytcult followers some "kids setting fires for fun"?

    4. Missing avatar

      Ken from Chicago on

      Robert, no, BBQ BEEF, your arch-nemesis, RED THE BUTCHER, wishes to challenge your reign!

    5. Missing avatar

      Harry Noell on

      E: Time-traveling vigilante with precognition returns from a future which has recently been obliterated due to a lack of concentrated heroes and starts the fire, predicting the heroism that will arise from its defeat will energize the populace and create the concentration of heroism and villainy needed to stave off the apocalypse in his day and age. No-one knows what happened to him. He certainly didn't return to his time; his device only worked one way, and his future was too bleak to return to. ((Possible answer to the library's survival: his enemy, a loftier hero with weather control powers and a penchant for books, contains the blaze once he arrives, and harbors the library from doom. He cannot stop his adversary, and is a boy scout, who cannot bear to harm civilians, even if it is for a greater cause.))

    6. Dreamcatcher of Phoenix Rising on

      e) A supers powers; either deliberate or accidental; wouldn't matter. If there are really only options a-d, then b) Kids playing with something they don't really understand but seems cool. It's common enough and there were families with young children in the area; children who'd be poor and bored, given the zone make-up. Shipworks have lots of interesting things going on, to an adventurous mind, such as that of most children, and it's easy enough to come by fire-making tools, even without thinking of the possibilities of supers.

    7. James Ingram Cab Driver Phoenix Rising on

      It was option D. I saw him do

    8. Michael O. on

      If it was A, who says the cow didn't escape ^_^

    9. Mina Kitsune - Kitsune of Phoenix Rising on

      Logic says C. Given the nature of bigger businesses and prioritizing profit over safety.

    10. SunHawk on

      It was That annoying kid who sat next to me in class, he was always such a hot-head, lol

    11. James Gorman on

      I would have to say it was a cow tipping over that lantern so A. Ergo the first true beef Barbee-q.

    12. Missing avatar

      TimLehnerer on

      I had a fire-armored minotaur named Weldon LaBeouf before City shut down. Not one of my absolute favorites, but still a kick.

    13. Nos482 on

      So your first toon will be a bovine fire blaster then?

    14. Robert McNamee on

      My disguise is now perfect... let the World Tremble at the Terrible Power of "BBQ BEEF"

    15. Missing avatar

      Christiaan Hile on

      D: I knew that annoying pyro kid who sat next to me in class was trouble. Every chance he had he played with fire. I never knew how he could hold a flame in his hand and not get burnt. Sooner or later he wasn't going to be able to control it and he would burn something down. And they blamed the cow. Ha!

    16. Nos482 on

      I'd say it was answer d... that little bugger always creeped me out.