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We present City of Titans, a spiritual successor for the superhero MMORPG City of Heroes, being developed by Missing Worlds Media.
5,003 backers pledged $678,189 to help bring this project to life.

How The Plaza Comes To Life

Posted by Missing Worlds Media (Creator)

Bringing a notable area of the game to life takes time, and a lot of thought. But, in this case pictures are, indeed, worth 1000 words. First, the job. We began with a need for a Plaza. We had made one right away:

 But over time, we wondered, could we do better. So, this was the assignment:

First, the statue. Our artists began throwing around ideas, until a finished design came to life:

And the finished design:

 And City Hall got a similar go-over:

 Which resulted in the finished design:

 Giving us a new plaza design:

 The team is now working hard on the plaza itself. A lot of work by a lot of people to bring it together.


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    1. Heather L Downey on

      I absolutely love the final designs and I think that this City will look amazing especially when combined on graphics engine that is a decade more advanced than City of Heroes.

      I Can't wait to participate in Beta testing!

    2. Missing avatar

      Jennifer on

      You know, sometimes your first design is your best design. If you want to update it. Do it in minor patches, like the bridge from Mercy Island Ferry to Cap Au Diable Ferry in Port Oakes. It adds a nice progression touch.

    3. Cybin Monde on

      I love the final designs! I've been a fan of the City Hall design since you guys posted it a while back and am really glad to see this grand design make it in as the final design. Then there's the phoenix statue, which is perfect! I think the design of the phoenix itself is a piece of art unto itself. The globe on top is a great homage to the Atlas statue in CoH and an excellent balance of knowing where we came from while moving forward with our new identity.

    4. Missing avatar

      Joel Aelwyn on

      @Everyone: we're bearing in mind the costume contest effect and the "Wait, there's an exploration badge up here?" effect, promise.

    5. JMadden_Phoenix Rising Initiative on

      The main reason I backed this project over some of the other projects in development was the fact that MWM seemed to have a very strong and unique vision. In a way you(MWM) are reverse engineering Titan city by having to imagine what came first, then building off of that idea and adding layer after layer of history and progresson on top of that. Early on there were some nay sayers complaining that after a year there was not enough progress. I don't share that opinion. For a group of individuals to come together and try to translate what they all want to see in this game and then have to collectively come together to create a singular vision is very hard to do. There's been a lot of planning and streamlining which is evident in your design progressions not to mention your power set planning. IMO the time MWM spent ironing out the details will pay dividends down the line( Literally and figuratively). Anything worth doing is worth doing well. Keep it up.

    6. Richard&Stephon French-Steinman -Phoenix on

      I love the final Phoenix look! I love the nod to the hall of justice from the super friend in the look of city hall too! ; p

    7. Sam Midwood on

      I am both in awe and in love with this new design. It fully embraces the idea that Titan City is not a brick for brick re-creation of Paragon, but merely its spiritual successor. This gives Titan City its own soul, its own history, and its own vision for the future.

      In short, this design signals the potential for City of Titans to be something new, something wonderfully unexpected -- respectful of its predecessor while honoring its own imagination.

    8. Chris on

      I actually really liked the idea of the memorial wall for the Pheonix. You could really put some back story behind it then. Some tragic event where Super Heroes/Soldiers died, or went missing valiantly.

      And a great perk for backers, as you could put their names on the memorial wall.

    9. David Gable - Janitor of Phoenix Rising on

      TNN, Titan City -- People in Titan City awoke this morning to find that several houses, places of work, official buildings, schools and houses of worship had been colored red overnight. Authorities caution everyone to remain calm and stay out of such buildings until they turn back to their original color or are otherwise altered. Residents of houses and apartment buildings that have turned red are advised to leave their homes and not return until authorities say the crisis has passed.

      Tina Moomaw of Alexandria, whose house on Miller Avenue turned red overnight, was noticeably distraught. "We've spent a lifetime in our home. All those memories! And we'd just added onto the house. Now this! I can't even go back in to get our photo albums. Soon it will all be gone, just like that."

      Mike Steiner, a parishioner at the Bianco Street United Church, which had also turned red overnight, was more circumspect. "The important thing to remember in times like this is that they are just buildings. Our church is a body of believers, people, not bricks and mortar. Families are made up of parents and brothers and sisters and children, not houses. And usually it turns out that what we end up with is more beautiful and useful than what we had before. The Creator works in amazing ways."

    10. Dreamcatcher of Phoenix Rising on

      On the other hand, I have a completely different viewpoint on the main building, so they can't keep everyone happy. I think as long as they're sticking to their design principles, and have a clear vision of what they're trying to say with the zone and the plaza, then it will work. Atlas was homey because the statue was what it was all about, and Atlas the hero was a down-to-earth hero, and imposing would not have suited his memorial; the only reason the statue was so immense was because it spoke for how the people of the city saw him; a man whose deeds were larger than life; a man who supported the city and it's people, so it worked as it was.

    11. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Kestner on

      Of the statue designs, I think I like the one with the man holding the phoenix in his hand ... more reminiscent of Atlas in AP....

      While the building designs are beautiful, I'm hoping you can pare them down a bit. The new designs are huge and imposing - much like the buildings in Grandville or Praetoria. I didnt feel the least bit comfortable in either of those main zones.

      The plaza in AP was more home like and the govt building didnt feel like it was looming over you. Needs to feel more "cozy" to be the central social site for things like costume contests and the like.

    12. Pleonast, Falling Star of Phoenix Rising on

      I love the design work. I hope the game engine allows the plaza to have as much pedestrian and vehicular traffic as some of the art show.

    13. Eric A. Carr on

      The entrance of the building looks a bit like the Hall of Justice from Super Friends. I guess we need something that inspired the superhero MMO genre.

      It's all good.

    14. Missing avatar

      ScRyiER - PhOeNiX RiSiNG on

      Speechless.... Beautiful... Aww Inspiring... Just flat out AWESOME!!!!!!! Can't wait! Thanks for all the hard work in getting us a new home MWM is very much appreciated!

    15. Missing avatar

      Jason King on

      Nice work. My favorite Phoenix design was the one with the guy releasing the phoenix from his hand like a falconer-- EPIC! The final design is really good, too. Not a huge fan of the Egyptian designs. The Plaza itself looks great!

    16. Cinnder on

      Yep, this is gonna be a loooonnng 2 years.... As others have said, the look and feel is a great combination of nods to CoH and new spirit. Phoenix + globe = win.

      I was just thinking, what if there were a way for player characters to reverse the rotation of the globe to set off a zone event? Doing so would summon a GM version of Neil deGrasse Tyson. :-)

    17. Missing avatar

      Darren on

      While most of the designs look amazing the final choice for the statue is perfect. It's a very wonderful nod to the CoX community and world while completely retaining the style of Titans.
      Really fantastic work. Proud to be a backer!

    18. Joel McCrea on

      However you do the main sure to leave room for Costume Contests. I mean...those were soooooooo popular and fun and having them under Atlas in CoH, was awesome!

    19. Missing avatar

      Ken from Chicago on

      That steppe circular design is fantastic. It's like a blend of the Hall of Justice and the Star Trek TNG's Enterprise bridge and several Chicago buildings that look like thrones, such as the Civic Opera House and Chicago Board & Trade (which dead-ends LaSalle street at Jackson in the Loop like it has it's own walkway).

    20. Izzy on

      No Hospital?
      But this time, Missions in the new Hospital. :D

    21. Michael O. on

      That's just a whole bunch of beautiful art ... and yea, the evolution is facinating ...

    22. Missing avatar

      Ross ONeill on

      Very nice . It is fascinating seeing the evolution of parts of the city, and the other updates are very interesting also .

    23. pud on

      My villain likes it

    24. Craig E Ransom on

      We have ... a CITY!

      @John Lenart - no reason I can think of why each zone couldn't have a mini-plaza with one of the alternative statues in it.

    25. Unjust on

      Looks like you used sketch up in your building design. I love sketchup.

    26. Milan Dare on

      I'm hoping the globe will move "very slowly" in a complex direction, so the southern land masses will get some face time. "Up" is an arbitrary concept in space.

    27. Dustin Hardt on

      That Phoenix Statue....just wow. I do love how there is a globe surrounded by the phoenix's wings, reminiscent of the Atlas Park statue. I cannot wait to stand in game in this plaza!

    28. Missing avatar

      Ken Shaw on

      For the plaza design please keep it simple. We'll need a wide open space around the statue for costume contests, mass demonstrations and all the rest of the things we used to do under the statue in Atlas.

      And don't forget we'll want to do various silly things from the top of the globe.

    29. Ben R on

      I LOVE the phoenix with the globe in it's wings! One can only imagine the glow of the lava illuminating whilst simultaneously spinning the globe. I REALLY hope this it the final design, seriously, I would sacrifice myself in those glorious fires myself!

    30. Aaron Delain on

      Fantastic work from all of you! I can't wait to be doing fly-bys on all the beautiful architecture you've all designed. I'm definitely looking forward to restarting the tradition of the player-run "costume contests" in the main plaza! ;D

    31. Missing Worlds Media Creator on

      @Stephen - We pulled inspiration from a lot of buildings, and yes, Toronto City Hall was included in the source list.

    32. Edward Williams on

      Really impressive. Great work guys.

    33. Missing avatar

      Brian Devour on

      So, those mousepads - are they going to have the old phoenix plaza concept art on them or the new art? Because the old one was good, but the new one - holy moly. If we can get mousepads with concept art based off this new design, I think I want one.

    34. Missing avatar

      Stephen Cardie on

      Was Toronto City Hall an inspiration for a lot of these redesigns of Titan City's? There was on that has our distinctive UFO shaped council chamber in the centre.

    35. Chris S. aka Pepsiman

      I'm guessing the Flaming Wang is not being considered for the statue? o_O

    36. The Bran - Peon of Phoenix Rising on

      k... ya just don't wanna make the phoenix look like a pompus ass staring down at everone, aaand ya don't want her to look like a weak chicken thing... soooooooo I'm thinkin a dignified stance with a humbled athority... or something

    37. John Lenart on

      Wow. Just wow. Everything in this update just blew my mind and made my mouth water... which is hard to do without food. I'm in awe, and I cannot wait to see this. The statues, every design, is remarkable, and I'd love to see them all in someway - even if its not in the plaza itself. Kudos. And thank you. I'm in love.

    38. Lady of Ysgard, Voldine. on

      Awesome...and I mean that in the traditional way. The visible hard work and repeated iterations on a concept to come up with a final piece that goes above and beyond our predecessor is utterly awe inspiring.