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We present City of Titans, a spiritual successor for the superhero MMORPG City of Heroes, being developed by Missing Worlds Media.
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How To Design A Memorable Enemy Group

Posted by Missing Worlds Media (Creator)

*Please keep in mind that everything seen here is subject to change before the game launches*

One of the key ingredients in creating good stories is creating good characters to have roles in them!

While working on the various villainous factions that will be found in City of Titans, we wanted to abide by three main guidelines; they had to be memorable, they had to be menacing, and most importantly, they had to fit with the overall style we were going for.

When you think about the comic book world and the many different themes its inhabitants have, one that often comes to mind is organized crime. This leads us to one of our primary villain factions: the Black Rose.

Inspired by the classic Italian organized crime syndicates of the 1950s, the Black Rose was founded in Titan City. They have their hands in organized crime across the United States, dealing in everything from theft to terrorism. Even though they are considered criminals, they view themselves as men of honor and follow a strict code. When seen on the streets, they can easily be identified by the sharp and stylish business suits they all wear.

However, how would standard gangsters thrive in a world populated by superhumans? Having your average mobster participating in fisticuffs with a super being capable of bench pressing a car seems unlikely. Not to mention that attempting to control crime in an entire city would undoubtedly make them the target of both law enforcing heroes and rival villains.

The answer was simple; this old school mob needed to adapt to the times! The Black Rose began using their influence, connections and resources to gain power and seek an advantage over their super powered competition. They accomplished this by purchasing advanced weapons and technology specifically designed to fight superbeings. They enhance their enforcers and hit men with illegally obtained cybernetics. They provide funding for new research in various scientific fields, allowing them to create anything from designer drugs to power inducing serums.

Of course, no organization is complete without people to lead them. The Black Rose is no exception and has different mob bosses leading its various departments. People such as Baldassarre Montalcini, head of the enforcers, also known as “Red, the Butcher.” With his cybernetic arms, legs and spine, he is more than capable of handling “capes” in a bare knuckle brawl. There is also Professor Federico Semezin, nicknamed “Professor Headrush,” who is in charge of drug manufacturing. Federico’s fierce determination has pushed him to conduct testing on himself, which explains his mutated and slightly reptilian appearance.

The end result is a criminal element capable of standing toe-to-toe with today's superhuman population.

Hope you enjoyed this small peek at one of our factions! Watch our official website, as we will have many more to share in the coming months!

- Patrick “Ozmosis” Osborne, Staff Writer MWM Composition.

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    1. Missing Worlds Media Creator on

      @Al Lucard - we were as frustrated by the CoX limitation as you are.

    2. Al Lucard on

      One of my all-time pet peeves with CoX was that they *did* make really cool villain groups... that if you liked their look, you were SOL for your own personal costuming choices. *PLEASE* give us the ability to kit out our characters in the same costume pieces of the villain groups we fight. Either a DLC purchase... or even better, mission completion rewards. One of the major ones, being the Cimerora Sybil costumes... I know many, many people *loved* that look, but the players were not allowed access.

      (Not a Sybil, but still a look we, as players, were kind of denied...)

    3. Izzy on

      Do you want a vilaness like Poison Ivy.. that has sex appeal, but never relies on it and is compelled by her compulsion to achieve her own desires?

    4. Proud Citizen on

      You will have Third Reich themed villains?? Awesome! I LOVE kicking fascist butts!

    5. ParilliCo on

      Here's hoping the ladies get their own place to shine in City of Titans mythos. Men always seem to be the top echelon and women get to pose and look pretty at their sides. I'd say being treated second class characters is reason enough for them want their own influence. Here's hoping Anthem has some ambitious competition.

    6. Joel McCrea on

      There is so much they can do and I wonder if they have any plans to have something like in Champions Online where you can make your own nemesis or even your own Villian/Hero groups to battle. Was alot of fun running into others nemesis while playing that game and could even add more to CoT if you liked what people made.

    7. Lion of Albion on

      Great job. I love the transparency you show in sharing your ideas and so far most of the ideas seem pretty awesome.

    8. DeathSentry on

      I've always liked a villain like Apocalypse. He's arrogant powerful and totally disdainful of others not measuring up to his lofty egomaniac standards. Would love to see see someone like that n the game. CO has a weak imitation in dr Dr destroyer but would love to face s villaingroup patterned that line of thinking but with a boss as powerful and arrogant as Apocalypse

    9. SunHawk on

      I look forward to my "encounters" with the Black Rose.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jason King on

      I hope you will have a villain group similar to the Maltas (and maybe even their splinter group, the Knives of Artemis)-- they were (to me) the most interesting of CoH's groups-- regular soldiers (mostly) who, with technology and training, not only held their own, but excelled against Metahumans! Though I don't hope to see Sappers (shudder). Minions who could take you out faster than the Bosses could...

    11. Missing Worlds Media Creator on

      @Kenneth - you mean like Tyche?

    12. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Kestner on

      One thing I hope you do is to have factions centered around a memorable named villain, like Nemesis or Countess Crey. Factions like the Freakshow or Sky Raiders, which didnt really have any central boss just didnt appeal to me as much.

    13. Joel McCrea on

      LOL easter in previous updates which may depict??? Have my reading skills dropped so bad that i missed that?? Gutt God!! Mein Leben!! I wonder which one it might have been...not that im sure you could say, but if you didnt say which, which one wouldnt it be(Im not even sure that sentence makes any sense, but it was fun to write it!)

    14. Missing Worlds Media Creator on

      @Joel - I cannot comment on any easter eggs in previous updates which may depict any WWII German villain group entities.

      @Kobold - Why would we want to limit ourselves to just what City of Heroes did?

      @Craig - Almost like a potential plot idea for PC villains.....

    15. Joel McCrea on

      They sound interesting and Im really hoping you put in some others we can really hate! I loved fighting the 5th Column and bashing some Nazi butt!! I still remember when they were taken out and i was like, "How is beating up and arresting Nazi's suddenly bad?" Well here in the States it wasnt, but in Europe it was for some strange reason. Im not saying you have to put them in, but taking out baddies like that always made me feel righteous!! Course that brings up too, what are you going to do when you get Nazi type villains/heroes being made? Are you going to not allow that, or does anything go for our characters? Im guessing you will have to curb stuff somewhat, but I would be interested to hear what ideas you have on that.

    16. KoboldPrime on

      "However, how would standard gangsters thrive in a world populated by superhumans?"

      Same way the Family survived in CoH: by avoiding high-level tough heroes, and ganging up on low-level weaklings until said weaklings run home crying about how superheroes aren't supposed to lose to normal humans. You don't need a long list of lore excuses for why these guys should be a challenge, this is a action video game not a comic book.

      That said, in what ways will this group be a challenge to the player character? Debuffs? Heavy damage? Sheer numbers? Something else?

    17. Fulcrum on

      Oh, I don't think that the destruction of a single multiverse could halt Nemesis. *wink*

    18. Craig E Ransom on

      One thing I don't see is the obvious: supervillains taking over criminal enterprises. The top of the mob hierarchy could have a number of supervillains that run lower non-super gangs and mobs.

      That Could be a tough nut to crack.

    19. Chris on

      RIP Arachnos, Freakshow, The Lost, and last but most definitely not least, Nemesis.

      Circle of Thorns can burn in the hell they try and control.