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Ideology of the Arcane Sentinel - Book 1, Chapter 3

Posted by Missing Worlds Media (Creator)

"The Three Virtues"   

The system of ideology that is the Order of the Arcane Sentinel is based on a trinity of virtues. Three were our founding saints, and each left us with an individual piece of wisdom. Three conflicting ideas; three concepts that are always at odds with one another. Yet, they are always acting together to deliver our world from the threat of evil magic. This trinity of virtues forever reminds us that there is never one ultimate solution superior to all others, never one system of belief that can supersede all other beliefs. It reminds us that righteousness can exist only when disparate souls work together in harmony towards a common goal.  

Jacques Blanc, "The Scholar," is our founding father of Education. He teaches us that magic is not a dark force to be feared and hated. It is, if handled with care, a source of art and self-expression, a means of empowering a person's own self-determination. It is, however, also dangerous and sinister when mishandled and a source of great peril for the world. Our goal, therefore, is to educate the next generation of budding young mystics. We must show them how to find the beauty and utility in magic while warning them of the pitfalls that it presents. We steel their minds for the road to magical understanding. This road is paved with both danger and opportunity, and we must teach the difference between the two.  

Suleiman Hatar, "The Lorekeeper," is our founding father of Secrets. He teaches us of the dangers magic can pose in evil or unprepared hands. While magic itself is not inherently evil, sorcerers throughout time have crafted many ways and many tools to pervert it to evil ends. Casual distribution of the knowledge of magic is forbidden, for it is too dangerous to be allowed to exist in the hands of the unwise or the wicked. It is our goal, therefore, to hide dangerous magic such that none may abuse it or be tempted by it ever again. The legacy of evil magic and the corruption of cursed artefacts must never blight the world again.  

Edith Buck, "The Sorceress," is our founding mother of Warfare. She teaches us that foul, unholy creatures lurk in depths of the Abyss and in the hearts of evil men. Demons and devils lie in constant wait to pounce on our innocent world and devour it, while foul sorcerers always look for new ways to allow them inside. While perpetuating education and hiding dark secrets can keep us safe to a point, a time will always come when the forces of evil march unbound upon the face of our world. When that time comes, we must be ready for war. We must be ready to fight for the sanctity of our lives and the salvation of our souls, for evil will give us no quarter. At the best of times, magic is a beautiful tool for creation and enlightenment. At the worst of times, it is a terrible and frightening weapon which we must wield with resolve in order to safeguard all we hold dear.  

We wear the three virtues on our coat of arms - the sword, the book and the padlock, a trinity bound together by both conflict and unity. We do so to remind ourselves that we must be vigililant of all three at all times, rather than only one at any time. We must always seek to protect others from the folly of ignorance, from the corruption of evil magic and from the demon hordes which constantly threaten us all. We are the sentinels of the arcane world, and it is our duty-- our mission-- to teach, protect, and to fight for what is right. May the light of reason guide our path.  

-Arcanist Duncan, Scholar of Ideology

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    1. Cinnder on

      Interesting... A bunch of words so positively stressed that the sum total makes me suspicious... Sounds to me like a group so convinced it's right that it brooks no dissent, whether from villains, citizens, government, police, heroes...

    2. Federico Ariño on

      Awesome! This could be incredibly help for my magician!

    3. Missing avatar

      Tom Foxx on

      I want a patch to put on my jacket of that sword book and padlock now. before there's a game. ...HMM. there's an idea. how about some more pre-game merchandising? :D

    4. SunHawk on

      The Arcane Sentinel Lives !

    5. SunHawk on

      I'm hooked already, LOVE IT !
      Can't wait for more.

    6. Missing avatar

      Sacha Hartmann on

      Nothing on the heretics who revere Heinrich Wolf, "The Joker", the founding father of Partying? Toga! Toga! Toga! He whose wisdom only becomes clear when sloshed. Nothing? Really? In vino veritas? No?

      I am willing to concede that they're less a part of the Arcane Sentinel and more with Wishful Thinking, but maybe someone is willing to meet me halfway. >.>

    7. Missing avatar

      freewaydog on

      Ok, I am ready to unleash my dark wicked magic on innocent npc's lol! >:)

    8. Michael O. on

      I want to join AS now ^_^

    9. Missing avatar

      Jason King on

      Awesome! It's like the Catholic Church at its best.

    10. Triplash on

      My sorceress finds your ideas intriguing, and wishes to subscribe to your newsletter.

    11. Missing Worlds Media Creator on

      @Stefan - We have done several updates on the under-the-hood areas already, areas people asked about. Which areas are you curious about?

    12. Stefan Gagne on

      World building and concept art is great and all, but I'd like to see more updates about the plans to actually craft and maintain an MMORPG. I know it's VERY early into development, not even into development at all, but it'd help my confidence in the implementation skill of the team if we knew more about how these sky-the-limit bits of lore are actually going to end up happening in the real world.

    13. Rae 'Tonwen' Hadley, Phoenix Rising on

      Nice! I really am enjoying these updates, yet they do make waiting HARD.

    14. James Gorman on

      Well Written. Hope to see the story lines and adventures associated with this.

    15. Jason Wright on

      Great stuff - it is REALLY going to be hard to wiait! :)