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We present City of Titans, a spiritual successor for the superhero MMORPG City of Heroes, being developed by Missing Worlds Media.
5,003 backers pledged $678,189 to help bring this project to life.

Everyone Can Use A Hand, Er, A Hoof

Posted by Missing Worlds Media (Creator)

Baaa! Our Swiss Army Sheep, er, DeathSheepFromHell has been impressed by our first $10k pledge. So impressed that he's decided on sharing his handy-dandy utility backpack with the rest of you!

 Don't leave home without your own Muttonpack!

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    1. Steve Frable on

      No, Sad Flute. The game won't be available for ~15-24 months according to the timelines on the kickstarter levels.

    2. Sad Flute on

      Can i play the game on Monday Nov 4th?

    3. Michael O. on

      I love you guys!

    4. Missing avatar

      Lynette Treanor on

      okay, so my eyes are NOT playing tricks on me...I really do see "2" under the $10k? Huge thank you!!! :-)

    5. peter burczyk on

      and now there's 2 $10,000 backers... which is awesome....

    6. SunHawk on

      Come on folks, just $3,700 more and we hit $550,000 !

    7. SunHawk on

      Gratz and all Hail the 10K pledger !
      I wish I could match it.
      I hope we make it to $550K !

    8. Unjust on

      Heh, I see a possible new travel power. Just hop on your back and let pack do the walking. MUTTON POWER!!!

    9. DmacD - Phoenix Rising Rules Lawyer on

      Can I have this as my Instant Sidekick floating around behind me??

    10. Diane Miller on

      @Kobold Prime - Silly is almost never "needless".

    11. Missing Worlds Media Creator on

      @Jamison Banks - each of us as devs put up something notable about our icons in saying "I believe we will do this!" Mine was the first one to be reached, because I said "I believe we will reach our goal within a week." We did, so my beard was thrown out there as a costume part. It is, honestly, a way for each of us to say what we believe will happen with the Kickstarter, to hang our names on something for in-game for all of you. From Rae's sword to Petalstorm's paintbrush. The remarkable thing is not that we have done this, it is that we have so few left.

    12. Erica Schmitt

      The puns in the update are making me feel sheepish. :-)

    13. Missing Worlds Media Creator on

      @Jamison Banks - we've actually got a pile of throw-on items which we've set to various possible goals, from "getting 5,000 pledges" to "reaching 15,000 comments" all lined up. We've already given away a sizable portion, but still have several more possible ones ready.

    14. Triplash on

      @MWM: That sounds *really* cool! I'll be making good use of that, I expect.

      I wasn't even asking seriously either, so extra thanks for the answer! XD

    15. Missing avatar

      Jamison Banks on

      Someone leaves a $10k donation and you guys decide to make a 'mutton pack'?

      Really? Um. Right. Did this person request this item? Or did the devs come up with it?

    16. Ryv on



    17. KoboldPrime on

      @Missing Worlds Media - That sounds like it could be complicated to implement. Six different independent customization options, with a ton of possible clipping issues. And most of the time, it would just look needlessly silly.

    18. Missing Worlds Media Creator on

      @Triplash - the plan is for each arm to be a place to hold a socketable item, like a weapon or such. Notice how the items change from one picture to the next.

    19. Rae 'Tonwen' Hadley, Phoenix Rising on

      Thanks to the generous benefactor! This is a completely FABULOUS piece of gear! Muttonpack! LOL! I love it!

    20. Missing avatar

      zmonkey on

      To whoever donated that 10k: THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!

    21. peter burczyk on

      yes....all of the yes....... definantly a yes.....

    22. Missing Worlds Media Creator on

      Not quite sure how you'd attack with a sextant myself.....

    23. Craig E Ransom on

      Any chance of a small Swiss Army Sheep as a companion pet?

    24. Triplash on

      It looks fantastic! Could you A a couple Qs for me though, please? I'm curious.
      1) Can you swap out the arm attachments for custom pieces?
      2) Do they have to be attacky bits? Could I have, like, a flashlight and a leafblower and stuff?
      3) Does it have Bluetooth?
      4) How many AAAs does it take?
      5) Can I pick up satellite radio with it?
      6) Is it true that chicks dig muttonchops?
      7) Why isn't anybody stopping me? These are terrible questions!
      8) Where's the cupholder?
      9) What is the airspeed velocity of - ahh, never mind. I'm gonna go think up a backstory for "Doc Flock: Renegade Shepherd" instead! :D

    25. Craig E Ransom on

      Should come with a bath towel embroidered with the slogan: "Don't Panic!"

      Our first tutorial mobs: "Wandering Bands of Pillaging Scotsmen"

    26. TNT on

      Oh My Goodness. Congrats to whomever gave that 10k pledge. I just wish I could have done as much.

    27. Fulcrum on

      It's got a powerful 'Anti-Scotsman' spray as well. However, I won't reveal the scent of said spray because I do not desire to be attacked by the roving horde of Scots known to pillage the countryside around here.

    28. Stephen Dannell on

      Tripthicket: just so long as it doesn't attract lonely goatherds as well complete with yodelling.

    29. Ariad - Arch of Phoenix Rising on

      'Don't leave home without your own muttonpack'

      Words for life!

    30. tripthicket: Phoenix Rising Head Monkey on

      Ability to attract 'lonely sheepherders' within 10 square miles?

    31. tripthicket: Phoenix Rising Head Monkey on

      Erh, what does the utility pack entail? Glad to have it, but don't want to accidentally wipe out several city blocks with it!