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We present City of Titans, a spiritual successor for the superhero MMORPG City of Heroes, being developed by Missing Worlds Media.
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Interview with Shannon Wharton

Posted by Missing Worlds Media (Creator)

Excerpt from a video interview with Shannon Wharton, CEO of Wharton Steel, for the Titan City Herald web site:

Herald: "What our readers would really like to know is what lead you to make such...unusual security arrangements."

Wharton: "Take a look out that window. That's Ironport. You can see dockyards, warehouses, and industrial plants. What you can't see is the organized crime that controls it. Mostly the Black Rose and Five Dragons, with other gangs and even a few master villain groups here and there. When the economy tanked a few years ago, that was just when we came up with the specs for Harty-Plate, but we didn't have the equipment to make it. My predecessor- my father- took out a loan. From the Black Rose."

Herald: "Those loans were reported as having been from the Bank of-"

Wharton: "I don't give a DAMN what the reports were. Dad LIED. That's why I asked for this interview. To set the record straight- about that, and a few other things. I found out about it when I took over, after his 'accident.' Paid those mobsters back, every penny. But they had sunk their filthy roots into the mill. They controlled members of the board. The union bosses who wouldn't put in with them started getting threats, to their FAMILIES. Little 'mishaps' started happening. Then they got bigger. Six months ago, the electric-arc furnace went berserk. We would have lost people that day if not for a group of local heroes that arrived just in time."

Herald: "Yes, I remember that mishap well. It was ruled accidental."

Wharton: "That was no accident. It was sabotage, by the Black Rose, as a message. ‘Sell the mill.’ I've got nothing but admiration for all of this city's heroes, but they can't be here all the time. The crime bosses aren't afraid of the police. So I went and found someone they WERE afraid of."

Herald: "You hired what some have called a team of super-powered villains. Those Pyromaniacs."

Wharton: "IFRIT. Their name is IFRIT. International Fire Response/Ignition Team. And I prefer to think of them as highly capable mercenaries, with unusual talents."

Herald: "So talented, they claim dominion over a South American country, the, uh … Free People’s Democratic Republic of Surguery?"

Wharton: "I traveled to Santo Grosso to negotiate our arrangement with them. Talked to the locals. IFRIT are practically national heroes down there. The Chaser drug cartels and rebels are tearing the country apart, and IFRIT are the only ones actually keeping order, protecting the people. I offered IFRIT the opportunity to take their fight with the Chaser trade to a major U.S. city. They jumped at the chance."

Herald: "But still, you have allowed what may be a major international terrorist organization to use your facility as a base of operations, in exchange for-"

Wharton: "For security. For myself, my family, my employees, and their families. Talk to the other business owners around here; they'll tell you safe lies about how great everything is. I'm telling you the truth. Because the mobsters know that if they touch me, or anyone associated with this mill, they'll need skin grafts."

Herald: "So, besides their fees, what is it like having the Pyro-- IFRIT operating here?"

Wharton: "We have provided their leader with a fully equipped combustion laboratory, and complete access to the mill's equipment, for his research."

Herald: "You mean Dr. Torch, the mad scientist with the flamethrower?"

Wharton: "Dr. Alegra is brilliant. So far he has developed sufficient improvements in our combustion processes that we expect to increase output by ten percent within the next month."

Herald: "While he finds new ways to set whole city blocks on fire, no doubt. And that grey metal man I saw on the way here?"

Wharton: "That would be the younger Mr.Johannesen, Thermight. Despite the titanium body, he's actually quite mellow when you get to know him. Much more so than the others, especially his brother."

Herald: "He was BATHING in a cauldron of molten steel!"

Wharton: "He does that."

Herald: "So, you are actually becoming friends with them?"

Wharton: "I would not say that, exactly. I talk with some of them. Many of them have... issues. They may well be better behaved here at the mill then they are in normal society. They can satisfy their, uh … love of combustion by just looking around, after all."

Herald: "You're not worried that you, or this city, will come to regret that you've invited them here?"

Wharton: “It is a valid concern. But when, and IF, that day comes, it will be on my head.”

- Eric "Beamrider" Pawtowski, MWM Writer

Testing out an aura model
Testing out an aura model
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    1. Missing avatar

      Shinard on

      I love it! Nice, involving story, good sense of humour and some nice potential for more grey morality choices in game. Plus, the aura looks great.

    2. Shane Schrupp on

      Awesome looking aura effect! (And good read too!)

    3. Missing avatar

      Winston on

      Solid story setting and I'm looking forward to the development therein. But what drove me to comment was the picture and in particular the textures and lighting. I know this may not make it to the final game but , the photo composition speaks volumes to me.
      One of the best things about City was the fact that it created a 'real' looking world without being photorealistic. No other game , TSW comes close to it, but they lose it in the character creation, there's that plastic feeling that shows up. But I love the textures of the environment illustrated here and the way the aura 'feels' in the space is lovely. I dearly hope we get to play this game in time.
      Keep up the great work.

    4. SunHawk on

      One of the things I loved about CoH was the deep storylines. Thank you for giving us Heroes a head start on the going-ons in the new city.

    5. Jayleia on

      I like the somewhat gray nature of the businesses we've seen, you still have badguys and goodguys, but its not like Crey or LexCorp where its all evil all the time, or Wayne Industries where everyone is a good guy.

    6. Pat Reitz on

      Nice update! I can see how that plays into the alignment system that will be in play too. I'm guessing the IFRIT have a decent but not awesome Honor rating (in that they're trustworthy enough to be hired), possibly a middling Lawful rating (not overly concerned with the law but not dedicated to breaking it either) and an extreme Violence rating (to explain why folks are generally afraid of them)?

      Also, yay for another Worm commenter! I'm looking forward to using the costume creator to see how close I can make Skitter, Grue, Tattletale and the rest. I'm not expecting it'd be able to handle things like Crawler or the Simurgh out of the box but maybe someday right?

    7. Missing avatar

      Eric Gama Müller on

      Best update!
      ... uh ...
      BEST UPDATE!!!!!!

    8. Missing avatar

      Jason King on

      Awesome update! Nearly as good as the Gabby Cabby! IFRIT sounds interesting; and yes, often the regular heroes can't quite handle things as they need to be (at a certain point, Batman has to accept a certain amount of responsibility for the Joker's murders). Hence the fact that I like both Captain America AND the Punisher.

    9. Brook Monroe - Phoenix Rising Announcer on

      "They may well be better behaved here at the mill then they are in normal society."


      That's why I'm offering my services as copy editor for the project--City of Correctly Spelled, Gramatically Correct Content! :)

    10. Christopher Hooker on

      Brilliant writing. Sets the stage for villains as more than just evil aggressors. Well done. Okay, game now please!

    11. Izzy on

      I like to play Dirt 3 (…)
      They used floating menus, which is nice, but not too many textures on them.
      And the Dirt thats kicked up, i believe, uses a Soft-Edge Particles. I think.

    12. peter burczyk on

      I really like this idea, it's not all black and white with them and you can see why they think they're doing the right thing while still making a totalitarian government. Reminds me of that venture brothers episode where venturestein is shown to be apart of a militia to free science experients from their creators. It feels really realistic.

    13. Izzy on

      in that video at 1:30, that back cloud.. might be nice to have in a burning building. :)

    14. Izzy on

      When i saw this (…) i thought, Sky Pirates HEre We Come! ;)

    15. Missing Worlds Media Creator on

      Izzy - Good eye. It's several different systems running at once. The test was of layering effects in the prototype aura system. This was done before we put the rotating aura code in else it would have had glowing orbs flying about as well.

    16. Izzy on

      Soft-Edge Partices? :(

    17. Sam Garamy

      Sometimes you need to rely on the villains for order when the heroes can't step up to the plate. I'm getting some slight Worm vibes there, and I'm looking forward to seeing an update here about some less than heroic heroes.

    18. Missing avatar

      Eric Pawtowski on

      Thermight indeed glows white-hot when fully powered up, so the image is appropriate.

    19. Triplash on

      Blurring the line between the good guys and the bad guys. I love it. *two thumbs up*

    20. Missing Worlds Media Creator on

      Technically that is a picture of an aura test which lent itself to the subject matter. But it was so good we had to use it somewhere.

    21. Unjust on

      I'd love to see more pics for the IFRIT in action. It sounds like an interesting group to investigate.