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We present City of Titans, a spiritual successor for the superhero MMORPG City of Heroes, being developed by Missing Worlds Media.
5,003 backers pledged $678,189 to help bring this project to life.

Costumes And Concepts

Posted by Missing Worlds Media (Creator)

In City of Titans, how you look may not be important to how powerful you are, but fighting crime, or breaking the law, you want to be seen doing it in style. Our artists have been working on concepts and we want to give you a sample of what we are preparing. We developed the basic designs along an androgynous framework, which we have termed "Andy." This allows us to migrate the models we develop from male to female, both normal and huge, with relative ease. Now you can see for yourself some of the hundreds of ideas we have in store for you.

Realizing that each of these consist of multiple pieces, once you begin to mix and match, customizing the colors and patterns, it is easy to see how dynamic character creation is planned to be.

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    1. Joshua A. Dexter on

      Andy huh? If you are using that name, I sincerely hope there is a restaurant in the city named Andy's. Better yet, one that uses concept art from this page for part of the look.

    2. Missing avatar

      Steve Johnston on

      Finally got to read this update. Jack Kirby! I love it! Please keep his influence in the designs. This was one of the things very much missing from City of Heroes.

    3. Ricardo Noel Vital on

      A few suggestions/hopes
      -Give all armors/metal pieces the same tint or a standard tint option for seemless combinations that match color wise this was something COH was sorely lacking in

      -Give all non-tights cloth pieces the same tint or a standard tint option

      -Remember the robotic arms options? I'd like those to return with a sleeveless arm option so that we can have bare arms where appropriate

    4. pud on

      My female lizard-people will!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. Izzy on

      I'm putting together a bunch of Questions for the Avatar Builder Survey at: :)

    6. Missing avatar

      mrinku on

      Whatever happens, make sure those Kirby designs stay in! :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Joel Aelwyn on

      @Raelina: Too early to go into details, but current plans should make it possible to avoid that issue, by and large.

    8. Missing avatar

      Joel Aelwyn on

      @MrPendent, @Al Lucard, @Tom B: Tom hits it on the nose here. That said, we have access to some advantages and techniques these days that simply didn't exist, not that long ago. Whether those will be enough to properly do a true digitigrade leg? Way too early to tell, unfortunately. But rest assured that if it doesn't appear, it isn't due to a lack of anatomical study.

    9. Missing Worlds Media Creator on

      @Ratstar How could we do a paranormal detective without a trenchcoat?

    10. Zombie Man on

      Just like in City of Heroes, in City of Titans, your clothing is not 'gear'. It will have no affect on abilities or defense. Switch from jungle bikini to space armor and your Defense and Movement and Abilities will not change. Comic book physics are at work here.

    11. Missing avatar

      Wyvern - Phoenix Rising Token Minidragon on

      @Gordon: See question #16 in the FAQ on the main page.
      Q: "I think I know the answer to this, but would like confirmation: will appearance be independent of ability, the way CoH was?"
      A: "Absolutely"
      So, there will almost certainly be "gear" or "enhancements" or something else that you collect because it gives you game-mechanical boosts - but whatever that is, it won't be tied to your character's appearance.

    12. Catherine America on

      @Gordon - I'm not on the team, but everything that I've read says that CoT will in no way be a "gear up to win" game : )

    13. Gordon Williamson on

      One of the things I loved about CoH was the fact that your the costume/gear was strictly cosmetic. You could have any look you wanted without sacrificing your effectiveness in combat. A number of the newer superhero MMOs currently out have moved away from this, meaning you have to have the latest gear to be competitive. Yes, some still allow you to use any look you have "collected" to maintain the appearance you like, but it just doesn't feel the same. With CoH I had access to practically the entire range of costumes to create any look I desired, with new pieces being added... in these new games, the initial selection is fairly limited and only increases as you get new gear on a per character basis (with only item bought from the game-store being account-wide).

      I guess I am hoping that CoT will be following the CoH model and keeping the costumes/gear strictly cosmetic and not using it to enhance ones abilities like most other games do.

    14. John Mackay on



    15. Rodney Cox on

      These are great! I hope you can incorporate some of this stuff here that has been floating around back when CoX was still around.

    16. Missing Worlds Media Creator on

      @James - That is the plan.

    17. Missing avatar

      Daniel de Vincenzo on

      I just LOVE those Kirby-style designs! Great stuff for the cosmic hero/villain concept and can also go well with a mystic or technological + ancient mesoamerican concepts (Aztec Mummy from Outer Space or other such campy, fun stuff like that)

    18. Missing avatar

      Michael Richter on

      Bears! A bear head (or more) option and I am a happy camper.

    19. Tom B.

      @MrPendent, @Al Lucard, Easy answer for why they make digitigrade legs the way they do. Not because of ignorance of a anatomy but because of lack of resources. In order to move the ankle, they have to change the entire animation frame, which means they have to do completely different animations for all the powers and emotes for that frame. The changes to the costumes they would have to do to fit those new frames would be miniscule in comparison. And they would have to make the changes and new animations for all four versions of the frame, since males and females have different centers of gravity. IOW, it doubles the amount of animation work that needs to be done.

      Or they can make a cosmetic change that looks pretty good, doesn't take nearly the time or money, and is every so much faster. Yes it annoys those people that notice it is off, but that is really a very small minority.

    20. Missing avatar

      Edwin Stagmer on

      Well I can say that I haven't been more excited for this game than I am right now, excepting when the funding goal was hit within three days of the Kickstarter going up :)

      @James Kerr
      Costume Creator for mobile devices (Android and IOS) has already been hit in the Stretch Goals, so that's something :p

      @Angel Daddy
      Yeah, I read that as Huge options for both Male &'s hoping! :D

    21. Missing avatar

      Jennifer on

      Awesome, so were's the icon of our hero gunna go? On the belt, then fore arm, the shoulder, the head, the chest: center, top right, top left, stomach, somewhere on the pants?

    22. Angel Daddy divine sinner of the P.R.I. on

      Floored.... I am thoroughly and completely floored with the costume concepts shown, Thank you for making my day.

      I do have a few questions and comments... Did you mean to imply that there would be both a huge Male and Female option?... if so.. Woohoo!

      I noticed there were no Horns, well other than the Kirby-esque New Gods inspired ones. I do hope we'll see more horns and antlers, Claws and Hooves.

      Again I know this was meant to wet our appetite and not all ideas/concepts can be shown however I would like to know if we will see some period pieces like Roman, Egyptian or Japanese costume styles.

      Will some costume parts truelly be androgynous such as skirts and floor length costume for Males maybe a Kimono's, Robes and gowns... (Super Pope would not look as good in pants)

      Oh one more thing... the Eyes are freaking amazing... love it!

    23. James Kerr on

      Ok, looking over this article I now know that on launch day my wife will not actually get to play the game. She will be spending the first week just making 1 costume for her first toon.. Which means I won't be able to level very fast (i have to stay within 5 levels of her so we can have couples play time).

      So with that in mind any chance that the avatar creator being release to kickstarter backers early..? (please, please, please, it would help me alot......)

    24. Missing avatar

      Wyvern - Phoenix Rising Token Minidragon on

      That's quite a bit of variety in eyes - could I put in a request for some sliders for further adjustment / distortion? For example, a simple circular or square pupil could, with a couple stretch options and a rotate, be turned into anything from goat eyes to snake eyes to cat eyes. And where are the cuttlefish?!?
      ...Yes, okay, I'm probably being unreasonable. But having this sort of variety would still be awesome.

    25. Tarek Okail on

      Watch the hand size, watch the arm length, and keep a close eye on maintaining proportions for the base model. You don't want the defaults to be too freakish. Champions Online is terrible for that. City of Heros wasn't that great either, but at least most of the disproportionate limb length could be mitigated by bringing the leg slider to 0.

    26. Erica Schmitt

      I'm seriously hoping that "Andy" sticks around - having an androgynous base model with sliders to make it appear more traditionally "masculine" or "feminine" would be glorious. My ideal (not sure if you are doing this or not) would be:
      "Andy" base model
      Sliders for as many things as feasible (STO has a relatively good slider suite but it could be better).
      Some preset slider positions to get to a ballpark male, female, male huge, and female huge for those who want to get in their ballpark quickly to dive into the game while I'm still puttering around in the costume designer. ;-)

    27. Sean Malloy of Phoenix Rising

      MrPendent, just because someone is covered in scales, has a tail, and a head resembling a lizard, it does not mean that the females _don't_ nurse their offspring. It would be better to have any 'boob slider' be able to reduce breast size to zero in order to accomodate both flat-chested human females and non-mammalian females.

      Although if there will be provision for androform animals, being strictly correct about the location of breasts for the source creature would locate their breasts at waist level; primates have mammaries located unusually high on the torso among mammals; depending on whether the character was evolved from, say, a leopard-like ancestor or was genegineered with a mix of human and leopard DNA, they could have no overtly-visible mammaries, have them located on the chest, or have them located on the abdomen. However, some things have to be sacrificed to genre convention; a breast _position_ toggle is probably too nitpicking a detail to add to character design, and having breasts at waist level would complicate costume set design too much.

    28. Melody on

      OMG yay! These look amazing! *does a happy dance*

    29. Diane Miller on

      Might it be possible to "blank out" portions of a character's face, a la The Question? I can see situations where a character without eyes or without a nose might be appropriate.

    30. Missing avatar

      TJ on

      Also, please no hair sexism. All the hairstyles should be available for both sexes, let us decide what looks good.

    31. Missing avatar

      TJ on

      Looking awesome! Floor length robes! Really long hair! EYE OPTIONS GALORE! I need these things in my life.

    32. Jaryd Weiss on

      Loving all of these so far! I particularly love the glowing weapons. Can we get some hi-res versions of these images? Or are these the max?

      Also, I hope we'll see the return of a circuitry-themed texture :)

    33. Eric A. Carr on

      One of the character concepts I created years ago was this heroine's outfit which was a simple light blue leotard type suit with a red stripe from the left shoulder down the leg.

      Would this be possible in your system?

    34. Missing avatar

      David on

      Is that the triumphant return of Armored Pad shoulders I see?! Rejoice, our lord and master returneth! And are those full-length robes I see?! Do you know how long I have been waiting?

      Definitely digging these - when you refer to 'male and female, both normal and huge', does that imply that there will be a Female Huge bodytype? I know some people that would be overjoyed to hear that.

      Definitely seconding (or, more like tenthing) the desire for sheathed weapons and hopefully asymmetrical pieces, though anything more than that I won't really ask for - all of this must be mighty resource intensive.

      (and with the help of those insect pieces, perhaps I will finally be able to make MC Chitinous - keep an eye out for his debut album: Carapace)

    35. Missing avatar

      Darin Calhoun on

      These look very, Champions Online, in style.

    36. Mr Pendent on

      Oh, while we're at it--please remember that female lizard-people don't have mammary glands. Thanks.

    37. Mr Pendent on

      I would like to add my voice to Al's pleas. The structure of digitigrade legs is very simple and well understood, so I haven't figured why so many games get it wrong.

      Otherwise, I love what I see!

    38. Al Lucard on

      First... OMG.. I LOVELOVELOVE what I'm seeing here so far... with one minor exception...

      Please.. PLEASE don't eff up digitigrade legs the way CoH and CO have done!! A digitigrade leg is NOT a foot added to the weirdly shaped leg!! Please, don't do this:

      This is what I'm hoping for...

    39. Ridgid - Blaster of Phoenix Rising on

      Please have a decent amount of tech amour. Ironman-ish stuff. So sick of all the fantasy themed costumes. I want spandex and tech themed stuff pretty please.

    40. Michael Davenport on

      Also, flowing hair, capes, accessories? Has the issue of that and other "processor intense" features been addressed?

    41. Michael Davenport on

      I sure hope the issue of clipping and scaling (male-to-huge) is addressed. As a matter-of-fact, huge-Andy seemd to be missing from the inked renditions.

    42. Proud Citizen on

      No, jodhpurs aren't "too Nazi". They are an absolute necessity for any 'pulp' character : )

    43. Missing avatar

      Raelina on

      I'm sure ya'll have already thought of this, but I'll bring it up just in case. Please, make sure the pieces really are "mix and match." I can't count the number of times that I had an idea for a hero, went into the creator, and discovered the costume I had in mind wouldn't work because the "seams" in between pieces. You couldn't add sleeves to most of the newer pieces without this happening because of texture/shininess differences. Shoot, even some of the tops/bottoms that were in the *same set* showed a line that had to be covered with a belt. I get that every piece isn't going to work with every other piece, but surely there is a way to at least minimize the problem?

      Loving the idea that all characters will have access to the same pieces regardless of gender!

    44. Catherine America on

      Velvet texture (so alligator and snake skin soon also?).
      Pupil symbology.

      Lots of awesome!!

    45. Jason Wright on

      This is some great work! I am quite excited by many of your concepts. I can actually say I had an addiction associated with creating new toons in CoX and I can see myself becoming addicted to this creator, if it winds up being even better than CoX (thanks a lot...).

      In regards to RWarren's post (glad you mentioned it RWarren) regarding holsters (scabbards and quivers included) - I loved how Champions allowed for holsters, but i HATED that the gun would still show being IN the holster while you actually used it. I know it might sound like I'm just a whiner, but I want a bit of realism in my fantasy - ;).

    46. David Phillips on

      If you're going to have Archery Power Sets please, please, please make sure that there's a quiver to go with it. (Always felt strange on my Archery character in COH pulling arrows from no where.)