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We present City of Titans, a spiritual successor for the superhero MMORPG City of Heroes, being developed by Missing Worlds Media.
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Launch Day - Districts (Part Two)

Posted by Missing Worlds Media (Creator)

Once again, allow me to take you forward in time and up in the air, to give you a taste of what it is going to feel like to step out of the (probably skippable) tutorial instance and onto the streets of Titan City for the first time. Of course, we are years from launch. Everything I am about to say is projected, intended, and subject to change.  Regardless, enjoy:

Ironport:  We leave the smog-choked skies above Charleston and continue south, where we find ourselves above the busy streets and ships of Ironport. This is a place of rolled-up sleeves and work boots, where the day to day business of shipping and industry takes place far away from boardrooms and pie charts. Directly below is the relatively nice Harborside District and the fire station that handles much of the city fireworks, but even from up here, we can see and hear fireworks of a different kind.

A hundred feet below, a long black limousine careens through the streets, sparks blasting from its armored windows and even tires as a half dozen smaller vehicles close in hot pursuit. The Black Rose is at it again, battling against their deadly rivals, the Asian-American mob known as the Five Dragons. When the chase inevitably ends in a crash, true heroes arrive: volunteers from the local fire station, battling to save the men who endangered them moments ago.

Highpoint: The excitement in Ironport was wearying; it’s time for a bit of a recharge.  The best place for that is due west, in the Savoy, a bustling urban middle class neighborhood in Highpoint. Known for its Hispanic population and lively nightlife, the clubs and diners of this area are currently popular among hipsters and artists. Here, the streets are cleaner than in Ironport. Things seem less rugged and, overall, healthier here.

We touch down to walk through the welcoming open doors of Carla’s, a vintage jazz club that has been open since the Roaring Twenties. Along the way, we pass among buildings covered in elaborate and beautiful graffiti art and fire hydrants that have been painted a bright neon. We pass a confused citizen gazing at the gutted remains of his car: the mysterious, mechanical Motorheads have struck again. After refreshing ourselves with a succulent and hearty meal, we take to the streets once more.

Further West, we find ourselves in Clarkstown. This district is neither as seedy as Ironport nor as prosperous and trendy as Highpoint. Many of the blocky, industrial buildings show sign of old wear and tear. In the alleys, one can see the occasional homeless person squatting in an otherwise abandoned building. Strangely, some of these homeless people exhibit a tendency to vaguely...glow? As we watch, one of them reaches furtively into a pocket and retrieves a pouch of sparkling Dust, a drug that is deadly and addictive by mere proximity, according to urban legend. The man sprinkles some of it over himself, sighing in sudden relaxation...just before he vanishes utterly in a glittering, rainbow colored poof.

Unable to do anything regarding him now, we continue on. In a moment, the more dingy buildings are not yet in evidence, having given way to others that have been recently renovated and restored. The buildings get even newer and friendlier as you approach the Garvison Square Mall. A godsend to this once-declining district, the Garvison Square Mall is at the center of a wave of gentrification sweeping through the area. To symbolize this, the mall boasts its’ own phoenix statue, albeit one of vastly different design than the one in Alexandria.

...and that is all that we have time for today.  

Welcome to three more, for a total of six out of twelve districts currently planned for launch, averaging five distinct neighborhoods per district, each with its own feel, purpose and threats. However, there is a lot more than this to see.

How much actually makes it in at launch is up to you. We are literally working day and night to make preparations and plans, but how much we can do quickly will depend on tools, which will depend on money.  We have the talent; we have the drive. Most importantly, we have you, our community. Of course, at this point we are pre- pre- pre-Alpha, so anything I have said may change, grow or shrink. But we will strive to have as much as we can for you ready on launch day, and a thriving, living city for you to explore.

Hope to see you here soon!


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    1. Missing avatar

      freewaydog on

      Well, when will the Beta be?

    2. David Guillot on

      another cool set Of neighborhoods, I can't wait to travel through them

    3. Missing avatar

      Anna Simpson on

      I just did the biggest WTF double-take in the middle of that, and then realised, oh, right, of course, UK/US English usage. Carry on.

    4. Missing avatar

      MrCaptainMan - Phoenix Rising on

      Upped my pledge! Creating a badge was too tempting. :D Only 20k to go and we've got half a mil! Woohoo!

    5. Robin Harvey on

      Just plain wonderful... *happy sigh

    6. Missing avatar

      Sacha Hartmann on

      Oh em gee! Em el pee drug! Ebil!

    7. Fulcrum on

      And I get images of raiding "EnSee Corp's" headquarters to punish goons day after day in my head when I read them. :D

    8. Michael O. on

      I am so happy every night when I get to read these updates. I hope someone keeps putting them up after the Kickstarter ends. This one comes after a 10-minute flight around Atlas, so not only was I enjoying the descriptions, but I was comparatively imagining what they might look like, knowing they'll probably look 100-times better than the images my CoH-influenced imagination is teasing me with.