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We present City of Titans, a spiritual successor for the superhero MMORPG City of Heroes, being developed by Missing Worlds Media.
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A Tour Of Clarkstown

Posted by Missing Worlds Media (Creator)

All information contained below is conceptual. The ideas expressed below may or may not make it in the game at launch, and may or may not change to accommodate additional information.

Clarkstown is one of the districts on the southern side of Steward’s Bay; its history is as varied as its population is diverse. Though it was founded in 1763, very little remains from before 1908, when the area suffered through a devastating fire.

We begin with Garvison Square. Once the site of a massive textile mill, this little area features a shiny, glass-covered, state-of-the-art shopping mall with all the amenities that the modern shopper needs. The Defiant Energy Corporation Convention Center, which hosts a variety of events every year, sits across Garvison Square Plaza, and is home to a massive monument erected to symbolize the recovery of Clarkstown from the tragedy that forced the destruction of the old H.M. Garvison Textile Mill.

Moving towards the northeast, we come to the cliff face of High Point’s Turell Hill, one of the higher points in Titan City. At the base of the cliff is the neighborhood of Briggstone, which was once rather run down, but has received new life since the arrival of the mall. Briggstone is full of flavor, featuring Sinclair Ship Works, the city’s oldest operating business, and Main Street, which brings the feel of small-town America right to the heart of the big city.

It even has big city superpowered problems!

Along the western coastline lies the Port of Clarkstown. Once a bustling industrial shipping port, this neighborhood is full of abandoned warehouses and illegal activities. Vestigial reminders of the life this neighborhood once had are still visible, if only for now. The old CCN Rail Yard sits abandoned; just an old rail car or two still litter the old tracks. The old South Titan Coal Refinery is supposedly empty and simply awaits demolition before more apartments are built. A popular restaurant, the Beenie Weenie, still stands its ground, refusing to close or move after serving the folks down on the docks and in the factories for more than 50 years.

The largest neighborhood in Clarkstown is Southside, lying between Cowtown, Garvison Square, Port of Clarkstown, and the borders with neighboring High Point and Muir Park. This neighborhood has the highest population concentration but the lowest income levels. This doesn’t mean it is without a charm all its own. It’s home to the original, and still operational, locations of Phoenix Burger and Titan Taco, which have both gone on to become chains throughout the Titan City metropolitan area, as well as a number of newer eateries which cater to some of the more eclectic palettes in the area. Also in this neighborhood, you will find the local homeless shelter and soup kitchen, and one of the few structures to survive the fire: the bell tower at St. John’s Church.

Now that you know some of what’s here, why don’t you come on by and stay a spell? We’d be happy to have you!

--Stephanie “Conundrum of Furballs” Smith, Staff Writer

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    1. Missing avatar

      Stephanie Smith on

      Well, @Edwin, it's complicated. Suffice it to say that there were 6 cats, 5-10 dogs (depending on overnight dog sitting for friends), and 2 people living in one house for a couple years. A series of events that we will not get into occurred, and now that's who I am.

      *sets out tray of cookies for @Pepsiman and any other lurking Guardianites*

      *sets out more cookies for everyone else)

    2. Missing avatar

      Edwin Stagmer on

      I really want to know, how did Ms. Smith's nickname come about?
      What /is/ a conundrum of furballs?

    3. Missing Worlds Media Creator on

      @Catherine - almost like we have a few people in Texas.....

    4. Catherine America on

      I'm not from there, but I see some relationships to the metro area of Houston, Texas.

      Garvison = Galveston
      Defiant Energy Corporation = Reliant Energy Corporation
      Great Fire = Great hurricane...Great explosion

    5. Eric A. Carr on

      For some reason, I got a ditty by the Monkees running in my head after reading the title... ;)

    6. Missing avatar

      Leonard Yourth on

      Wake the Abbott. The bells of Saint John are ringing.

    7. Brook Monroe - Phoenix Rising Announcer on

      Based on something @Unjust wrote, now I'm thinking Titan Taco should be "Taco Titan."

      "Welcome to Taco Titan, home of the Titan Taco. May I take your order?"

      Opinion, Steph?

    8. Cinnder on

      Cowtown? Did you say Cowtown? As in "Cow's a friend to me/Lives beneath the ocean/That's where I will be/Beneath the waves, the waves/That's where I will be/I'm gonna see the cow beneath the sea"?

    9. Craig E Ransom on

      Thanks for all the info, Izzy! =^.^=m

    10. JMadden_Phoenix Rising Initiative on

      I really need this game to be finished pressure guys.

      Seriously, sounds very interesting and worth exploring. 2015 can't come fast enough,

    11. Izzy on

      Aha.. Most powerplants were grimy, but this place was build to Inspire Greatness.. a technological cathedral:…

    12. Izzy on

      Tital Memorial Cemetery?
      Phoenix Gates Bridge? not too far from the Aqueducts that sit at the base of the Hydroelectri powerplant, whic is at the top of the rivers mouth. (Yes, i want the villains to get the chnace to destroy it and the city to be potentially flodded.. think Superman 1 movie, Niagara Falls)

    13. Corona Berenices on

      "UFO cleanup at 34th and J... UFO cleanup at 34th and J..."
      Every update makes me happier and happier! The devs are clearly having fun and that means it's pretty likely the players are going to, too!
      Is it 2015 yet?
      Is it 2015 yet?
      Is it 2015 yet?

    14. Unjust on

      "Hello welcome to Titan Taco home of the Titan Taco. May I take your order?"

    15. Chris S. aka Pepsiman


      *give Conundum a cookie and juice box*

    16. Rick Tacular, Meathead of Phoenix Rising on

      Take the last train to Clarkstown and I'll meet you at the station...

      Also, will there be a Dianasburg? Perhaps a Wallyville? Halsbury? Brucemont? ;-)

    17. Missing avatar

      zmonkey on

      This much want can't be good for me...

    18. Missing avatar

      Jameson Johnson on

      Woooooo i cant waaait for this gaaame