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We present City of Titans, a spiritual successor for the superhero MMORPG City of Heroes, being developed by Missing Worlds Media.
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TCPD Alert: The Aether Pirates

Posted by Missing Worlds Media (Creator)

Hi, all. Jack “Olantern” Snyder here again, this time bringing you a dispatch from the world of Titan City. As always, this merely reflects our current design goals and is subject to change ...

Titan City Police Department
“To protect and serve the people of Titan City” 
Division of Tactical Units (SWAT and K-9)
Office of the Deputy Chief
From: Deputy Chief Gherrenfur
To: All SWAT District Commanders
Re: Aether Pirate Activity 

This dispatch serves as a warning to all SWAT Commands to be prepared to respond to Aether Pirate activity. The Aether Pirates have grown bolder in the past several years, under the leadership of “captains” like Ser Morgan, Boilerpunk, and Captain Barbarous. I know the Pirates have the reputation of being “lovable rogues” in some quarters, and I’ve heard rumors that some officers dismiss them as “those goofy steampunks” and “refugees from a theme park ride.” This attitude has to stop. True, the Pirates are usually more concerned with loot than with inflicting bodily harm, but make no mistake. The Aether Pirates are a wily bunch of robbers, killers, and thieves. They have evaded international task forces and even armies set to capture them for several decades now. We underestimate them at our peril. 

You’re most likely to face Aether Pirates in response to a major robbery or a hijacking, though some Pirate crews do mercenary work for other villains. They usually swoop in fast with jetpacks or small, highly maneuverable aircraft, then use their speed and agility to escape before opposition can arrive. Be prepared to call for air support if you’re outdoors. Aether Pirates’ weapons, though they look old-fashioned, easily outgun a beat cop’s. Their “clocklock” rifles fire dangerous bursts of energy, and the steam-powered pressure repeaters carried by the more burly Pirates and their robotic “swab-bots” can punch through vault doors. Be careful when facing a Pirate hand-to-hand! Many wield electrified “lightning sabres” or saw-like “chain-sabres” powered by clockwork mechanisms in the hilts. Some Aether Pirates, such as the soot-enshrouded “boiler-borgs,” have even replaced parts of their bodies with clockwork or steam technology. 

At least five Aether Pirate fleets are believed to operate in the Titan City region. Each includes hundreds of Pirates and dozens of personal aircraft. A fleet centers on a carrier-sized airship under the overall command of a “captain.” The fleets will unite against us or against heroes, but beyond that, each fleet works independently, held together by the captain’s charisma and informal codes of “honor.” Individual captains greatly influence the attitudes and goals of their crews. Don’t assume la Cisna’s wily thieves will behave the same—or strike the same targets—as Boilerpunk’s self-styled revolutionaries. 

Please brief your officers on this information. Updates on specific Aether Pirate activity will follow in the coming weeks. I know the officers of TCPD SWAT will live up to their deserved reputation for courage and face the Aether Pirate threat head-on.


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    1. Missing Worlds Media Creator on

      I suppose we will just have to release a more detailed look, to demonstrate their differences.

    2. Missing avatar

      Joel Aelwyn on

      Let's not forget Skies of Arcadia (in my top 3 video games ever, quite possibly #1, and certainly the only one I ever bought a system just to play the extended version of), Laputa: Castle in the Sky, Nausicaa, Treasure Planet... the list goes on for rather a ways, and I do believe we can rather reliably state that it was not particularly inspired by anything in GW2 given that the most common answer to "What about the GW2 faction?" is "Huh? Never heard of them." Along with the original notion of this *particular* faction, so far as I am aware of, also predating any public information about them.

    3. Beet on

      Considering how big Arenanet have been pushing Aetherblades to be, I think it'd be in your interests to alter the name to avoid people calling out it being stolen or otherwise. Plus with the connection of Aetherblades to NCSoft it may look bad to anyone who wants to dig into it.

      Otherwise I love the concept and look forward to the seeing them in game :D

    4. Missing Worlds Media Creator on

      @Emma - the idea predates even Guild Wars, the original, by a significant period. Steampunk pirates have been a presence since the classic game "Space: 1889" based on the Aether theories popular during the 1800's literary height. The expansion "Cloud Captains of Mars" covered both the Sky Pirates and Privateers of Mars in good detail. There are also the Airship Pirates, a game produced in 2011. The use of the term Aether Pirates is about as generic as you can get, combining terms which are several hundred years old.

      That being said, we were unaware of the Aetherblade Pirates, and will be checking things out. We are two years from release, after all.

    5. DeathSentry on

      Am loving this so much!!

    6. Missing avatar

      Kallandra on

      Just a suggestion, but it might be an idea to change the name from Aether Pirates as it is -very- similar to Aetherblade Pirates from GW2,; who flew around Tyria in their steampunk airships, causing havoc and mayhem during the Queens Jubilee celebrations. They have advanced technology, using holograms to disguise their airship base, and wield electrified whips and swords. As Pink Pummy pointed out, the method of introducing them, via a police report is very similar too (Liongard are one of the peacekeeping forces in GW2, usually around Lions Arch.

      Sorry, but basically this to me is "We liked it in GW2 so much, we decided to put it in our own game."

    7. JMadden_Phoenix Rising Initiative on

      Another tantilzing update. Great concept with good writing to back it up. Can't wait to see this realized. SteamPunk rocks!

    8. Angel Daddy divine sinner of the P.R.I. on

      Love the updates, with every one my anticipation grows... Please keep them coming!

    9. Safehouse - Ranger of the Phoenix Rising on

      @Kathy and Austin I'm SO happy someone had the same idea! I've had Abney park on all morning! Started on Airship Pirates and now I'm on Herr Drosselmeyer's Doll.

      I'm also writing a steam punk novel so the update made me freak out!!

    10. Austin Loomis

      @Kathy, that's what I said.…

      ♪ With a crew of drunken pilots
      We're the only airship pirates
      We're full of hot air and we're startin' to rise
      We're the terror of the skies but a danger to ourselves ♪

    11. Rick Tacular, Meathead of Phoenix Rising on

      Oh yes please! The question is, is this a Nemesis Plot is is it not? ;-)

    12. Kathy Grantham on

      Steampunk is so hot right now and many games have incorporated the aether pirates concept. Think I'll go play a little Crimson Steam Pirates while listening to Abney Park's "Airship Pirates".... ^.^

    13. John Barefield on

      I don't mind if these baddies look a little like the ones in Guild Wars 2, since I don't play that.

    14. Izzy on

      We can call em: Air Marauders. ;)

    15. Pink-Pummy

      Has this been heavily inspired by GW2's aetherblade pirates? :o
      Name and steampunk style with airships are a very close match

    16. Missing avatar

      Luke Johnson on

      This is the new greatest thing about this game.

    17. Grant L. Thompson on

      Skyraiders + Nemesis.

    18. Missing avatar

      Lawrence Friday on

      Steampunk air pirates? If they don't look like this, I will be very disappoint.

    19. Michael O. on

      Every update makes me happier ^_^

    20. Missing avatar

      Joel Johnson on

      Reminds me of the Skyraiders, but Steampunked; which is kinda awesome since I always thought the Skyraiders had great potential but were seriously not given enough face time or love.

    21. Missing avatar

      Kallandra on

      I can't help but think of the recent story lines in Guild Wars 2 regarding the Aetherblade Pirates... they too have airships and steampunk weaponry..

    22. Missing avatar

      Michael Kyuin on

      Wow! This seems like an awesome gang to fight.