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We present City of Titans, a spiritual successor for the superhero MMORPG City of Heroes, being developed by Missing Worlds Media.
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Getting The Feel Of A District - Northeastern Research District

Posted by Missing Worlds Media (Creator)

Hey everyone! Austin “Cube” Lang here, to tell you a bit more about what our aspirations are for City of Titans! 

Titan City is an eclectic place. As Jack Snyder mentioned back in Update #11, we’re trying to make our city feel as dynamic and alive as possible. We want each and every district you visit in City of Titans to have its own distinctive feel, something that is obvious to you the minute you set foot inside. The ultimate goal is a city where even someone who has never even played the game before gets a sense of what they can find in a given district.

 A district starts with a theme: something like urban fantasy, gritty industry, or high-tech science. These aren’t the only types of things you’ll find in a given district --we’re making an effort to ensure that you have a range of genres to choose from. But the theme still colors the general atmosphere and motif of a district.

Take, for instance, the Northeastern Research District, one of the more heavily themed areas of Titan City. This district is our go-to place for science and technology stories. It’s home to one of our universities, a plethora of research centers, and a few scientific surprises. You’ll have to wait until we’re closer to launch to hear about those, of course.

One of the keywords for the Northeastern Research District is “futuristic”. This district has a reputation in the lore as the “Birthplace of Tomorrow”, and its landscape covers visions of the future from across the decades. Progress Park, for instance, has a sort of World’s Fair type feel. Very retro-futuristic: shiny, hopeful, but also a bit dated in an innocent way. Lots of Zeerust, if you’ll forgive the term. It was built during the 1950s and 60s, where “the Future” was made up of things like plastics, elevated freeways, and glass domes.

Innovation Center is a more modern conception of the future. Fanciful glass skyscrapers and holographic displays dominate this area. They’re a lot like the fancier buildings you might see on architecture blogs today, but just a little more out there.

The EdenTech BioCampus offers a greener vision of the future, with its glass biodomes and ultra eco-friendly design. We spent a lot of time researching green architecture when designing it.

Finally, Pioneer Point features a lot of unique architecture reminiscent of the aerospace industry that dominates the neighborhood. It’s a little out of this world, but it has its charm.   

Of course, a district’s theme isn’t limited to aesthetics. We’ve been carefully designing each district for optimal immersion. In the Northeastern Research District, you’ll face high tech foes like the nefarious ePunks; cybernetically enhanced hackers with a surprising amount of cunning. You can explore stories involving high tech holograms, escaped experiments, and the prices we pay when science goes too far.  

Each district, and each neighborhood, is designed to give off a very specific atmosphere. No matter where you are in the Northeastern Research District, you know that there is going to be some sort of science afoot. It carries over to other places as well. Every district is designed to be as immersive and interesting as possible, and we hope you take the time to explore them all.

The Northeastern Research District is still in the early developmental stages, and everything mentioned here is subject to change, but we hope this little sneak peek is enough to get you excited. Stay tuned, everyone!

Scientifically yours,

Austin “Cube” Lang - MWM Composition


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    1. John Barefield on

      I agree that there should eventually be zones in other cities, other countries, even one in a wilderness or desert, or Atlantis! I always wished that the was a zone set on top secret alien starship orbiting Saturn! It could easily be the size of a whole district, and just full of surprises.

      ...And back on earth a doughnut sign to fly through, somewhere..... :-)

    2. Michael O. on

      /signs doughnut sign to fly through ^_^

    3. Tessachan of Phoenix Rising on

      Wow, that trailer re: True Skin honestly had me jonesing for the character creation screen we're gonna get (soon... Soooon... SOON, please I beg of you! SOON!!) I promise I'm upping as soon as my pay gets here 11/1!

    4. DeathSentry on

      @michael zupon, I totally agree. I would like to see that level of immersion including including different activity at day vs night. Also maybe more moving cars on the streets.
      All n all, Im so excited to see this world; our home come back to life

    5. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Kestner on

      Having distinct feels for each zone - very nice.

      One thing I hope they do, as the game matures,is to expand out to other cities. Paragon had a distinct east coast feel to it. I'd like a western city, like Las Vegas or Dallas, for example. Perhaps even foreign cities, like London or Tokyo. Just access high speed transit, and voila, you're in a different city.

    6. Missing avatar

      Harry Noell on

      No, make them the iPunks.

    7. Edward Williams on

      Anyone remember City of Heroes pre-Beta days? We'd wait for months on end for a nugget of information. These updates are a 5-course meal. Very fulfilling and gets me even more excited. Kudos to the team all around. Great copywriter you have on board, too. These have been flowing pleasantly.

    8. Brian Jarman on

      @Al Lucard, dude that trailer for True Skin looks awesome!

      In regards to this update, again this sounds very nice! One thing that I've always wanted, and I know it's probably unreasonable, is for buildings to have working doors so I can actually go inside and explore. Most of the time the buildings are more of a 3d façade. But what a pleasant surprise for those few buildings that actually allow me inside when I click the door. There were a few of them in CoH. It's just always been a dream of mine for the ENTIRE city to be accessible and "real". However I understand that the time required to code all of that would be outrageous. I still dream though (-:

    9. Missing avatar

      Anna Simpson on

      Very interesting update. Nice to see a zone with a theme, but that also acknowledges that a city grows and changes over time.

    10. Catherine America on

      BTW - Much appreciated on the timing Austin. I was just obsessively commenting on zone architecture, themes and design yesterday : )

    11. Catherine America on

      Well done, Mr. Ruessink! "NERDS"!
      Launch Day task list now includes one more item...Establish the Tri-Lam SG with the sole purpose of street sweeping this zone.

    12. Missing avatar

      Eric Gama Müller on

      The more variety the better!
      The first step to bring alive a city is going for architecture and urbanism!
      My main spectations relay on the moving and light effects, such as cars, traffic lights, people, fire, fountains... much much to do for a living city!
      But you are getting there, I can feel it!

    13. Eric J D Ruessink on

      I love it.. TF in NERDs, meet you there!

    14. David Guillot on

      cool sounding place I love all the different styles of "The Future" It will be definitely fun to run around that area

    15. Clinton Cowen on

      I really look forward to seeing districts like this from a villainous viewpoint. Who has a hidden base of operations here? Do the ePunks run a brisk business in infowar software and identity erasure? And EdenTech?! I hope that turns out to be what I think it is :)

    16. Michael J Zupon on

      Something atmospheric that I've always thought came up short in CoH was a dynamic sense of day/night. No matter the time of day, there was always the same number of civilians walking around, the same three Clockwork working the rubble in Atlas Park, etc. It would be cool to see that, when the sun came up, the streets started filling with people and cars commuting to work. To see students walking around the university district, kids running in the park, etc. Then, at night, the business districts clear out, stores close, the residential and entertainment districts light up, and the criminals stake a claim to the alleys and dark places for a while. Batman doesnt' work at night to be scary, he works at night because that's when the thugs and crooks are out and about.

    17. Missing avatar

      samuel carruthers on

      way to go mwm and keep up the good work, soon we'll be flying the skies of titan city wooooohooooo!

    18. Al Lucard on

      I have to say... with each update I read I get more and more excited!

      I do get the feeling that ePunks are going to be the Freakshow of CoT, but I don't think they're going to have that old look.. I see something more along the lines of this:

    19. Missing avatar

      Rob Hamilton on

      Love it!!!! Can't wait to fly through there and bust an ePunk in his eJunk! ahhhuuuuuwwwaaaa! Keep up the great work guys!!!

    20. Angelo Pampalone on


      Progress Park does sound really fun!

      (I hope there is at least one 1950's giant doughnut on top of a doughnut shop to fly through :)

    21. Red Warlock - Phoenix Rising Ranger on

      Progress Park does sound really fun!

      (I hope there is at least one 1950's giant doughnut on top of a doughnut shop to fly through :)

    22. Magnus Mercury on

      Progress Park in particular sounds awesome! :-D

    23. Takaholic on

      Could be worse.. could be a Group of BlauPunks. But seriously, just looking at the various screenshots of the areas that have been shown so far, I can visualize it's equivalent in CoH... For example, the shot leading this update reminds me (in spirit) of the street/area just to the right when exiting the Talos Island train station. I'm sure there will be a lot of mental flashbacks of that sort in this game, and I plan on enjoying each one I find in CoT.

    24. Missing avatar

      Jameson Johnson on

      Oh snap... smart Freakshow.. I LIKE IT!

    25. Fulcrum on

      ePunks? Sounds like a bunch of freakshow to me. *ducks* :D

    26. Fenikas - Gatherer of Phoenix Rising on

      I can already see myself flying through there

    27. Unjust on

      I can't wait to see a map of the city to figure out where my hero is gonna hang