The Phoenix Project - City of Titans

by Missing Worlds Media

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    1. Pat Reitz on

      Oh sure, give me even more creative fuel to come up with alts...before I can even make them!

    2. Caemgen - Wet Blanket of Phoenix Rising on

      Perfect magic wand for an illusionist!

    3. Flimflamberge on

      That is wondrous. :D

    4. Missing avatar

      Christopher B. Carlisle on

      Thank you all so much for the gift of hope!

    5. Jill Joseph on

      To quote Henry Thoreau: 'You cannot dream yourself into a character, you must hammer and forge yourself one.' I accept your magic wand and can't wait to use it to hammer out avatars! Keep it up guys!

    6. BruceP - Chameleon Prime

      Cool! Thanks, MWM!

    7. Judi E Snyder on

      Sweet! Just what I always wanted! More means to create characters! Now. Give. It. To. Me!!! Btw...gratz on 3000+ backers! Keep it up! We believe in you, MWM!

    8. Lord Nightmare on

      Everyone wants a wand! You're gonna love it, wand!
      Come on and get your wand! Everyone needs a wand!

    9. Eric J D Ruessink on

      kickstarter perks are great, keep them coming, but remember when you create your main npc's ingame, that I assume will be the foundation and mainstays of much of the lore, its always nice for each game npc to have some power or costume parts unique to them and not available to anyone else. (maybe only I feel this way) :-)

    10. Unjust on

      Man. I was hoping for my Own mind controlling beard!!! I am sure to find a use for this wand with a bunch of ideas. Thanks petalstorm.

    11. Cinnder on

      You're not the only one, Eric. I do remember a lot of folks on the old forums asking to have access to all the unique NPC parts, but I agree with you that some parts should be unique to only those signature characters. Not because, as some suggested, players could somehow fool people into thinking their characters were the signature characters, but because sig chars need something to make them "signature" visually.

    12. Missing avatar

      ScRyiER - PhOeNiX RiSiNG on

      ***takes wand waves it in the air*** *POOF* I just created an army of backers hope some of them back this project cause y'all are WANDerful.

    13. Christopher Hooker on

      You folks are genius at rewarding the love you're shown. There is one stretch goal I would like to suggest: an Exit Strategy. A way to make the game playable for one person once something changes or interest dies down, or a means to let people have their own private servers by selling a server software. Something NCSoft could have done, if they cared nearly as much as you all do.

    14. Cinnder on

      Chris, watch Quinn's video in Update #1. It sounds like they have taken eventual shutdown into account from the start.

    15. Missing Worlds Media Creator on

      Nate here, violating his vacation a moment:

      I discussed the "exit strategy" in SaveCoH last Friday. In short, the failsafe is already in place.