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We present City of Titans, a spiritual successor for the superhero MMORPG City of Heroes, being developed by Missing Worlds Media.
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Lets Talk Music

Posted by Missing Worlds Media (Creator)

It is what I do, what I love doing and right now I am doing it for City of Titans. So what exactly are things going to sound like? Well that is both the issue and where the possibilities lie. Lets say we were doing music for a fantasy MMO with dragons... Lots of dragons... Obviously it would be high fantasy with strong orchestral inspiration. I mean, when was the last time you saw a dragon rave away to electronic music in his mountain cave filled with gold and epic loot? Does not happen all that often... Sadly.

Another example, take a MMO situated in space or in a steampunk enviroment. Now we can branch out a bit more. We can add stranger sounds and play around a whole lot more with a wider arrange of possibilites... No need for raving dragons.. Still a shame.

So lets move on to City of Titans. In City of Titans we are probably going to have a mix of it all - Fantasy, Magical, Cyberpunk, Steampunk, Alien and so on and so on. This creates an issue with scoring this game. At the same time, it creates immense possibilities to present all kinds of themes for different situations and areas of the game.

Here is the exciting thing... we can do it, want proof? Here, have these two themes which I produced only a few days ago, one is a cyberpunk inspired theme and the other is a traditional orchestral theme.

You can find them both at the bottom of the page.

Here on the music side of things, we are facing the issues found with creating such a vast universe of pure possibilities. What we can actually do? There are no ends to it and we love it. I love it... No raving dragons however... Silly dragons.

To sum it up, we have the music side of things covered. We are and will be working hard to bring you that epic score to save/harm citizens by.

Crack on!

-Nicolas ”Hellwreckage” Grandell. MWM Music Specialist/Lead

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    1. pud on


      WTH is hill on about?

    2. John Barefield on

      So I will be able to choose which style suits my character, and then always hear that kind of music for him?

    3. Tim Stone on

      Nice work, Hellwreckage.

    4. Missing avatar

      MattZ - Firefly of Phoenix Rising on

      Could Electronic Rave Dragons be a future stretch goal?

    5. Mikey Morris on

      Both amazing tracks! After seeing how vast a 'hero' world could be, I KNOW these can both fit places easily and bring joy to the ears!

    6. James Kolden on

      That first cyberpunk-inspired track is great. Going into my playlist now! And the orchestral track... I feel like my old city is already back. Almost like it's splitting the difference between the early CoH theme and the Going Rouge praetorian theme. Really hit that sweet spot of titlescreen/character-creator BGM or early zone theme. I love them both.

    7. Missing avatar

      Gregory A. Prisinzano on

      Absolutely Brillant!!!
      Sell us the sound track(s) when they are done.

    8. Missing avatar

      Tom Foxx on

      @Fulcrum - So we meet again. Glad to see you around here too!

    9. Bruce T - Yorian of Phoenix Rising on

      Beautiful! I'm glad to see others share my feelings about the CoH music. It's was just right and not in your face. I think the biggest challenge is to get the main theme of the central square right. It's the heroic theme that Atlas Park had. That's the one for me that sets the mood of the entire game. Thanks for all of your work!

    10. Missing avatar

      Sylvain Benoit on

      I love what I heard. I admit I would prefer something more classical too but it might be just me.

      I agree with what Safehouse (and maybe others said) that the music theme shouldn't be constant, always playing. I liked how it was playing the right song at the right moment but for a couple of minutes only.

      And, I hope the theme will be more like the old CoH one. It is what got me into the game when I started it!

      To not get misunderstood, I really enjoyed what I liked so far. But it's still what I think!

    11. Tessachan of Phoenix Rising on

      Ok my browser must have a cold, I can't find the musical track!

    12. RingsOfSaturn-Serenity of Phoenix Rising on

      Wow ...the 2nd one gave me goose bumps! I can just see us heroes and villains rising from a torn city to rebuilt a new one just by listening to it. City of Titans already feels like home. Great job, can't wait to hear more!

    13. Slauterhause - Phoenix Rising Tactician on

      Nick - Those are off the charts awesome, really awesome work there. I'd say you certainly do have the music side of things well under control.

    14. JMadden_Phoenix Rising Initiative on

      Those tracks got me pretty pumped up. you have skills hellwreckage. Whatever your doing, just keep doing it.

    15. KinThalas on

      @ James Kerr:
      You sir, just won the interwebz. I really hope the CoT team will pick up the idea.

      (sorry, I've seen his comment too late to put it into my first one)

    16. KinThalas on

      I love both tracks. I like the classic orchestral a bit more, because I'm into that kind of music, but both are just perfect for a game with so many different zones, sites and situations.
      Great job!

    17. Missing avatar

      Dylan Durrant on

      I was really impressed by both tracks, I even liked the cyberpunk one despite the fact that I don't generally care for that type of electro. I have high hopes for the music in this game as long as Hellwreckage remains at the helm of it. P.S. I understand the desire not to adulterate his own ability to express himself, but spelling and punctuation checks are not adulteration.

    18. Fulcrum on

      Awesome, simply awesome. These clips are perfectly epic.

    19. Thaedrid on

      I loved Cox musics, (as a matter of fact, i got them all on my pc). Sounds CoT's will be as good :-)

    20. Craig Krown on

      Also, if you buy chance happen to make a full soundtrack, i'll be more than happy to buy it. :)

    21. Craig Krown on

      Their both awesome. although I'm more of a fan of the cyberpunk one personally.

    22. James Kerr on

      See, I love this game and all its great ideas.. But I really really do want to see a raving dragon. Heck I'd be happy if it was the name of a night club.. he he

    23. Missing avatar

      Brad Wood on

      Oh, I would also take a look at the music for Bastion. It was exceedingly well done and I think you could pull some good inspiration from some of those songs. :)

    24. Missing avatar

      Adrian Hamilton on

      I love the percussion work in both and the over all feel, but if its going to be used as the intro theme I feel like it really needs a defining melody. For example, when I logged in to CoH I didn't need to see the screen it to know thats what it was. I could hear that familiar melody and know exactly what it was.

    25. Missing avatar

      Brad Wood on

      Very cool stuff. Music is integral to both games and movies much more than people realize. I also love how modern technology has vastly reduced what is necessary to design stuff like this. Great job, keep it up!

    26. Eric A. Carr on

      I like the idea of different thematic musics for different environments. Background scores traditionally set the moods for situations. Hopefully there will be a vast versatility of scores in this game.

    27. Catharina Onrust on

      I'm really impressed by these samples, makes me want to hear more ;-)
      I like they both have a sort of 'grand' feeling without being bombastic.

      Keep up the great work!

    28. Missing avatar

      Charles King on

      I loved how CoH was pan-genre, and I'm glad that you're embracing that aesthetic in your concept of the music.

    29. Safehouse - Ranger of the Phoenix Rising on

      @Brandon Arvesen I 100% agree. I think boss battle themes would be awesome.

      Your example brings to mind the movie "Insidious" in which the villain's theme is "Tiptoe Through the Tulips." It lent and already creepy song sufficient creepiness to give me nightmares.

    30. Missing avatar

      Brandon Arvesen on

      What I hope to see is instances where certain boss fights or relevatory moments are paired with unique songs. One of the greatest memories I have in recent gaming is in 'Red Dead Redemption' after crossing into Mexico. Out of almost nowhere (as I'm sure a lot of other gamers remember) "Far Away" starts playing in the background. I walked on my horse for the entire song appreciating the scenery. What made the moment special was there was nothing like it before or after in the game.

      I hope CoT (I still see that as Circle of Thorns!) has musical moments like these. Where a unique song is paired to a unique moment that the player is there for only for that moment.

    31. Safehouse - Ranger of the Phoenix Rising on

      THIS is the post I've been waiting for. Since the kick starter went live, I've been listening to the CoH soundtrack on loop and it had me thinking about what the music would be like in CoT. What I liked about CoH was that the music wasn't in my face all the time. Neither were the sounds. It was simple and understated - something I think people forget can be a wonderful thing. It played as you entered a zone or an instance, and then backed off.

      Then there's the original theme (pre-Freedom): also simple and understated. It's not over the top and it doesn't try too hard to make itself sound dramatic or important. But I will NEVER forget the first time I logged on and heard that theme. As soon as I heard it I was like "yup. This is it. I'm a hero." And, because it's not overly dramatic or complex, I can hum it!

      Other MMOs have soundtracks that are just too melodramatic (the superhero ones, at least) and are CONSTANTLY playing. In CoH the silence made the moments when we had music that much more pronounced. I loved the theme that came on when I entered Adeva Towers in Eden or Bronze Way in Steel Canyon. It wasn't intense battle music, but a calm them that plays as you run, teleport, fly or leap through that part of the zone.

      What I love about the post here is that you seem to have the same idea as I. With the first theme I could see myself running in Brickstown or Faultline and fighting Freak Show or The Lost. With the second, I was in Croatoa. I'm glad I listened to them because they gave me a good sense that this soundtrack won't overwhelm us. It'll be in the background to do what soundtracks should do: stay in the background, be an integrated part without stifling or overwhelming us, and enrich the game.

      I'm very pleased :D

    32. Robin Harvey on

      Beautiful and inspiring!

    33. Clave Dark 5 - Phoenix Rising Scribbler on

      I feel compelled to use the name "Electronic Rave Dragons" for an SG now.

    34. Missing avatar

      umbralwarrior - Phoenix Rising on

      I like both of these scores. Will be interesting to see how you use the music in the game.

    35. Titanas on

      All I can say after all that is - May we please have an electronic rave dragon in City of Titans?

    36. Missing avatar

      Thunder on

      I really love all the music samples you uploaded so far, also the previous one for a total of 3.

      Just a question, is this the low-quality version, right? I hear disturbance/noise on all high sounds (or maybe it's my personal sound issue on pc? The first sample had many high sounds and I noticed it there already, and I loved that theme anyway^^), I suppose the high version will be in the game only.

      I would really love to hear the samples without noises, put all of these samples in a compilation to hear it again and again until the game release^^, it feels like I'm already playing it.

    37. Jonathan-Chevalier of the Obsidan Order on

      they're both fantastic tracks and i really look forward to more... the great thing about being a hero or villain is that the music can either be orchestral, big band, smooth jazz, electronic, rock/metal, whatever all based on the areas around them, and that characters personality... well, maybe not smooth jazz.

    38. Missing avatar


      Nice so far so too let's get more city of heroes style to it

    39. Mandrake - NameSake Radio on

      +1 on Salamanca theme. I agree that these examples are a great indicator. I wish the music add-on could come out in tracks. Like maybe give us a track every few weeks until the game comes out? lol Man I love this stuff.

    40. Corona Berenices on

      Altos! Usually people go for the sopranos! Hooray for altos! Lends that first piece a lovely, different feel! Both sound terrific. My favorite music in CoH was the Salamanca theme in Croatoa, but I'm really looking forward to all the new things in CoT!

    41. Missing Worlds Media Creator on

      Hellwreckage is not a native english speaker. His english is, however, considerably better than our Norwegian. We made the decision to let him speak from his heart, as best he could, rather than polish the essential spirit of his commentary away.

    42. Brian Jarman on

      Sounds epic. Very nice work!

    43. ***Dave Hill on

      Please, _please_ run a spell checker on these bulletins. Typos and grammar gaffes do not lend an image of professionalism critical to a project such as this.

    44. Missing avatar

      Alexander Creech on

      Both sound pretty good. The music in CoH always seemed a little generic, but the sound effects were decent. Hopefully 'City of Titans' has memorable sound effects as well

    45. Lion of Albion on

      I detect a smidge of or possibly a homage to Bear McCreary in the first one. But that's no bad thing. Our taiko group is working on an arrangement of "Storming New Caprica" :-)

    46. Missing avatar

      Joel Johnson on

      Typically I turn the music off in MMOs... I may not be able to do that with this game. < ._.> Nice.

    47. Mandrake - NameSake Radio on

      I'm thanking myself for opting in on the music add-on! Nice werk ;)

    48. Grey Bradbury on

      Yeah, this is definitely going to be worth picking up the music add-on.