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We present City of Titans, a spiritual successor for the superhero MMORPG City of Heroes, being developed by Missing Worlds Media.
5,003 backers pledged $678,189 to help bring this project to life.

Stretch Goals Explained

Posted by Missing Worlds Media (Creator)

Hello Backers!

This update is both overdue and ahead of schedule. When we set out we had a plan for when we’d get to this and frankly, in our most fevered dreams we did not expect to pass the funding goal before this particular update went out, now on day twelve. Thank You!

Tonight I’m going to put up our full list, try to explain exactly what some of the goals mean (met or not), and hopefully give you a little clearer picture of our general plans. Some of these are pretty clear on first blush -- others, not so much. We hope you’ll use this as a launching pad for all your remaining Stretch Goal questions.

We’ve already blown through these, but I’m going to go ahead and backfill a little. The purpose of these two goals are to expand the initial platform offering for the first public milestone of City of Titans. We tried coming up with a catchy name but the internal shorthand has stuck: Avatar Builder.

The Avatar Builder itself will go through a few iterations after release, but the starting goal is a standalone character builder with full access to the currently released costume components. Over time that will expand to include features such as syncing/linking with your MWM account so that you can build a new costume over lunch, play around with a new character concept, or see what a cash shop costume set looks like without committing to a purchase.

As with all targets, the initial platform is the Windows based PC. We haven’t evaluated how far “back” in the Windows version history we’ll be going, but it’s a safe bet Windows 7 may be the oldest thoroughly tested.

This brings us to the next stretch goal.

First things first, we feel a MacOS port/build of the game is absolutely a must. It will happen. What this stretch goal provides is additional resource allocation so we can provide it at launch with the Windows builds. Without it, we will still get this out, as quickly as possible, but it might be an issue or two behind.

This also means the MacOS of the Avatar Builder will get a prioritization bump.

This is our first “Goodies” package. Please bear in mind that the mounts described above are essentially a platform your character may ride upon in one of a small set of poses. A travel power that allows riding a vehicle (or anything else) which has a complex shape, animation, and/or particle effects is significantly more complicated -- and another story, for another time.

What is a Wing Set? For our purposes, a wing set is a mesh, set of textures, animation cycle, and in some cases a set of auras that combine to make a number of wing costume pieces. The costume piece is an animated back piece that appears when a Flight Power is activated. Wing Set is used loosely as we’re including things from Angel and Butterfly wings to Rocket Packs to Backpack Helicopters. If it is a back-based costume piece and animates once Flight is activated, it’s a wing set.

So what sets does this include? That will be up to the community. We have our list. We know you have yours. We’ll mix and match, do a poll or two and build our priorities list from that.

We’re also going to raise the priority on the number of capes and cape textures for the stylish hero… and villain.

At launch, we’re planning on having a minimum of four power sets per Classification. We expect to roll out more as time goes on as updates occur. If we hit this target we’ll be able to move some of this activity to an earlier release.

This is the first of three “Add more costume sets at launch” stretch goals. We’re defining a costume set to be a group of thematically links costume pieces that typically have one to three pieces per location, and associated textures. For example: A costume set might have three different face masks, an alternate skirt, or two distinctly different cowboy boots.

Will these be free or cash store sets? That’s a good question. The mix should lean towards 50/50 - the business folks are still evaluating this.

This level will also allow us to bump one of the zones slated for later release forward into the launch.

This is the first of two additional texture set stretch goals. When reached, we’ll add an additional set of textures for all to use. This will expand the available pattern choices for most costume pieces, giving you more options to mix and match to your heart’s content.

Our initial release goal will have one Classification specialization with the remaining two being released in later updates. If we make this goal, you’ll have two specializations available on day one, more than doubling your creative options!

This is another first of three. When we make it here we’re going to add a nice pile of miscellaneous costume bits for everyone to use.

This is second of three additional costume sets and is as described at the $650,000 stretch. This adds a total of 4 new costume sets at launch. Also -- another zone!

This is the second of two texture set stretch goals. The description for the $700,000 applies here as well -- for a total of 20 additional texture sets.

When we reach this goal we’re going to add five active (animated!) and five passive tails to the global pool based on *your* input.

I expect you’ll have a multitude of questions here -- most of which we aren’t ready to commit answers to yet. But we’ll try.

This is the second of three accessory additions. The description above applies, bringing the total to 30 new costume pieces for everyone to use.

This is the third of three costume set additions, bringing the total to six.

This is the third of three accessory additions, bringing the total to 45!

This addition to the $550,000 stretch goal doubles the number of flight sets available at launch for a total of 8. PLUS! We’ll add more prettification options to the ones already present

This stretch goal adds an additional zone on startup *AND* an extra power set for each classification.

I think our final three pretty well explain themselves at this point - please ping us if you need more detail


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    1. pud on

      go go magic carpet!

    2. John Barefield on

      Be careful with all these stretch goals...I can see extra money coming in, but then how do you do all this by 2015? You are only human, even if there is more money in the bank account. I see some of them are not really promised by the release date, just "sooner" than otherwise.

    3. Missing avatar

      Eric Gama Müller on

      people... lets get them 1,200,000!!!!! There will be rockets on sky!!!!! Maybe I will be able to bring RocketBoom back to life with a real rocket (not Rocket Boots, but a flying rocket!!!!!)

    4. Missing avatar

      Charles King on

      Fun artwork on these. Good job, guys.

    5. Tessachan of Phoenix Rising on

      First off, yes there is a RANGER class, which is the equivalent of a blaster. In fact, Rangers were the very first blasters in just about all MMOs, (although I do believe some wizards also qualified as ranged DPS.) My Corruptor was a Rad/Poison, which so completely rocked that we had full teams of them in one my guilds (it was a riot, since we all chose different pool powers and different choices for our builds we pretty much had everything we needed!) A lot can be done with a little bit, believe me. Our solid Rad/Poison Corruptors ROCKED, believe me. LOL, we could play around, too, since we were hyper redundant in our skills.

    6. NJGR - Bard of Phoenix Rising

      Danke, makes sense. I forgot about Corruptors... I tried a few Corruptors and Defenders, but they never had enough "oomph" for me. I had a lot of controllers and liked that feeling of power, or any of the more offensive or defensive classes. I appreciate the infos and hope you can keep getting the word out as well.

      And I see I mistakenly said earlier that Ranger's Manipulation is the only guaranteed one at launch for Rangers--it's actually the Support Secondary. Sorry. :(

    7. Missing Worlds Media Creator on

      @NJGR - Manipulation is similar to the Blaster Secondary, yes. Ranged/Support however is closer to a Corrupter. By using an existing option of support, however, we save development time. (Support will be used by other CS's already)

    8. NJGR - Bard of Phoenix Rising

      Gah, I forgot to add this. If any readers or MWM types know anyone at MMO sites (or you just feel like doing this), an update on the Kickstarter progress might be good at those. The Massively article, for instance, still only mentions the first three goals, and I did note some comments there thinking the stretch goals were kind of "meh."

      Not Mids or Avatar maker fans over there, obviously, but an update would be lovely to have from them on some of these things.

    9. NJGR - Bard of Phoenix Rising

      @Thunder, it's a little hard to say how things are going to break down, since this is a slightly different system than CoH. Ranged Damage is broken down into secondaries of Support (buffs and debuffs), Manipulation (which sounds a bit like the Blaster secondaries), and Defense. Manipulation is the only one guaranteed right now to be live with the game's start.

      I could be reading it wrong, but the Ranger Ranged/Support option sounds like a slightly more (to put it in CoX terms) offensive Defender. Whereas the Guardian Support/Ranged option sounds like what the Defender was most of the time. There seem to be a lot more shades of classes with the current setup they are going for.

    10. Missing avatar

      Thunder on

      @Eric Thorman
      "As my main was a blaster, I understand the pain of probably not getting to play your favorite toon at launch (as of now the blaster type is not scheduled to launch)."

      What? For what I read the blaster is scheduled to launch and it's named RANGER.
      > Ranger: Ranged Damage

    11. Missing avatar

      David on

      Hoooo boy.

      I'll be honest with you - if it were me, I wouldn't have had stretch goals beyond the different versions and avatar builder stuff. You already have stretch goals built in - the post-launch Issues. Regardless, you guys have at least organized this well, and I imagine that whatever goals you hit or don't hit won't actually distract you much from the course you've planned.

      I think the most we can expect is 500k, maybe 550k if there is a -massive- surge towards the end of the Kickstarter, and I'm fine with that. I know quite a few people will be disappointed about what can or can't be done at launch, so I give you all a plea - be realistic. When this project was announced I assumed that it would be an action game made as a spiritual successor, and when I found out it was going to be a full MMO I assumed the feature list would be


      But MWM really want to give it all to us, which I think is insanely risky but really admirable. They have already planned to get all the features to us in the form of post-launch content, which isn't the perfect state of affairs, but my priority one is for the game to exist at all, which is far from assured yet. Let's try and get that done, then worry about wings, shall we? : )

    12. Brian Jarman on

      I have realized that I've got to keep this project in perspective of how CoH was developed. It's simply unrealistic to expect a game being developed by volunteers to launch with all of the same features as a game which took 9 years to build by a full time staff. Quite frankly I'll be surprised if all of the current "funded" features are ready by launch. Seeing this project through is going to require a ton of patience from the community. Most likely we are still a year or more away from player beta testing, and 2 years from launch to the public. The only thing that would cause me to up my expectations is if we got a full time, paid staff, which is unlikely. Having said all that, I am still extremely excited about this project and what it represents, and I believe it's going to evolve into a masterpiece of a game. It's just going to take time and patience.

    13. David Bolack on

      @Micah I'd hate to have Quinn Rickroll the fanbase...

    14. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    15. Eric J D Ruessink on

      I look at it as 'getting things sooner' but ultimately many of these things will be delivered some day. If you did reach the higher stretch, I think you would get some of these items through a full time paid employee or two. I would like to see budget for a high end promotional ad when you are ready to launch. I know that would be costly.

    16. Eric J D Ruessink on

      I love those little guys!

    17. David Bolack on

      Let me see if I can help here. And this is something I want to emphasize VERY strongly. Everything on the stretch goals list is on our milestones list. The question is when. The additional resources in the stretch goals should allow us to ( in various ways ) acquire necessary assets sooner. Naturally, the more we are able to provide at launch the more options you and your fellow players will have and that leads to a more well rounded experience for all players.

      @Christopher Milner: The current zone target is 12. I don't have the costume/pieces number handy. I'll try to get that rounded up and in a later update.

      @Tim Compton The reason for the "distance" to the pets classification is quite simple. It's the single most involved stretch goal. It took CoH until CoV to get controllable pets out. We'd rather not rush it out. This is much earlier than we originally planned this goal originally due to some significant progress made in the last month - but it still has a long way to go. We'll get a Pet Classification specific update out at some point and that should better illustrate why this is a longer term milestone.

      #ET3D It is expected that the Windows Avatar Builder should work as is on the tablets, or with minimal modification. For that reason we're considering the same edition. Should that prove vastly wrong we'll adjust. As to Linux as a target platform - a lot of that will have to do with Epic. Unreal used to have Linux client ports and we similarly hope/expect that SteamOS will reinvigorate their excitement that direction but that might not be the case or they may only focus that effort on UDK4. Linux is a priority on the CodeDev side of the house - but we also recognize we are not the majority and try to.. temper our enthusiasm.

      @Graham Lewry We're going to try to avoid that as much as possible, but we have to also be cognizant that it's not particularly fun or fair if you can't use your travel power in a zone because all the buildings are just one story.

      @Pepsiman: I don't have a list intended minions for the Pets Classification - furry or otherwise. That said, I'm horribly amused by the notion of someone being swarmed into submission at a bank robbery by the Prairie Dog Master!

    18. Eric A. Carr on

      Personally, I think this is overly ambitious, but if all those goals are met, more powah to ya!

    19. Missing avatar

      Eric Thorman on

      @Tim Compton

      I don't think they've prioritized the pets archetype below other things exactly, I think its just the way that their capabilities work out. What I mean is that it seems their development team is broken up into teams with specific goals. The people developing power sets and things like that have their hands full already with things like getting the first 5 classification/specifications up. The reason the masterminds aren't coming out right away is due to the complexity of adding them in. As my main was a blaster, I understand the pain of probably not getting to play your favorite toon at launch (as of now the blaster type is not scheduled to launch). But this again is due to complexity, they are not going to have the manipulation set developed yet, and so the would-be blasters will have to settle with support as secondary. The reason so many of the other goals are before masterminds is because there are separate teams working on costumes and the like, making those goals more easily attainable rather than putting all of the pressure on the people developing power sets all at once.

      Still, I understand your sentiment and I am sorry that your characters won't be available :-( I love masterminds as much as the next guy, but I know that its nothing compared to the feeling of not getting to play your old favorites! I hope you'll still be excited for the launch of a fantastic game and who knows what will happen in two years!

      Still, to everyone else, lets get funding and get Tim and all those other masterminds out there the toons that they are waiting to play! Let's leave nobody's toon lost out in limbo and find every hero a home!

    20. Missing avatar

      TJ on

      This is the first update that's made me distinctly unhappy.

      Inclusion of the MacOS players was made first priority on stretch goals, but the play style of the most unique archetype in City of Heroes was prioritized below... well, almost everything? That's really disappointing. My enthusiasm level is plummeting looking at these priorities. I won't be playing my favorite characters again for years into this development cycle by the look of things, so there's much less point in being excited about launch, let alone Kickstarter, anymore.

    21. Eoin Maloney on

      First, /em salivate.

      Second, you guys should have called the Avatar Builder the POWER TAILOR. (sic)

    22. Missing avatar

      Christopher "Gangrel" Milner on

      How many zones are going to be in the game at the start (assuming no stretch goals are met)?

      How many costume pieces are there going to be (one again, assuming no stretch goals are met), and if so, will there be sets in the game at the start...

    23. Missing avatar

      ScRyiER - PhOeNiX RiSiNG on

      First born up for sale on EBay!!!! reserve set at $200,000,000.. Jk I agree with the guys on here when it comes to quality vs quantity (not that I am doubting anyone) but it's better said then left unsaid.

    24. nico on

      also, with costumes, something that always bothered me was what happened with DCUO, versus CoH. DC had a few nice costumes, but they only really worked with the full set. very rarely could you mix and match the pieces well where it looked like they could fit together seamlessly.

      CoH didn't have that problem. i could make endless costumes from tons of pieces and they all look boss. I hope you guys can achieve that!

    25. nico on

      there's some great stuff here. i admire your ambition, but don't lose your heads. :) sometimes less is more. i'd rather have a few tight and amazing zones than 20 mediocre ones. CoH had a problem with zone redundancy, so let's try to avoid that.

    26. DeteKt on

      I have no idea how I feel about any of these considering the teeny tiny amount of money you initially asked for. I have no idea how a game like this can be funded for under a Million, and then also made entirely by volunteers. I still backed with a massive smile on my face, so don't misjudge my cynicism, but still. Either way it'll be nice to be where I belong (behind a super-powered avatar who is infinitely cooler than I).

    27. Missing avatar

      Karl Malm on

      I don't think you should be adding too many stretch goals at all. Considering the scope of this project, every dollar is going to count towards making this happen, and at a better pace.

    28. Ross

      loving the new stretch goals. I just hope that by the end of this Kickstarter you have to make even more....... :)

    29. ET3D on

      The mobile Character Avatar Builder is a nice thing. I will probably switch from an Android tablet to a Windows 8.1 tablet soon though, and if that works out I'll keep using those. Hopefully the game (at least the character creator) will work reasonably with touch on Windows.

      By the way, what about Linux? With Valve showing up with SteamOS, Linux is likely to become more popular with gamers. (It's currently about as popular as MacOS, if Humble Bundle results are any indication.)

    30. Missing avatar

      Anna Simpson on

      @Joshua Johnson - the pets classification is at the $1,000,000 mark.

    31. Missing avatar

      Eric McCann on

      Great going, guys!

      Also, for this: "It would be ideal if you guys could, in theory, make sure to test and develop for Windows XP at a minimum."

      By the time they're aiming at releasing this. XP will not have gotten *security updates* from Microsoft, much less further development or support, for over a year. (April 8, 2014, per Microsoft.Mainstream support has already been gone since April 2009, and even Vista's mainstream support, as of today, has been over for nearly a year and a half. Assuming a Nov 2015 release date, even *Windows 7* will be past mainstream support. ) XP is, quite frankly, unrealistic. I'd highly doubt you'd see hardware released with XP drivers at that point, either. XP will be in the same category as Windows 98 compatibility is now.

    32. Missing avatar

      Sacha Hartmann on

      That settles it, we need to hit the two million mark! Get those wookies back into the spice mines!

    33. Papi Desire Moutou on

      hello ...

      OK, I need to find 2 more million dollars .... now where did I put it ..., where's that checkbook !!!

      see you soon!


    34. Joshua Johnson

      at which stretch goal do we get the summoner/minion/pet powers? in the last update it said that they were subject to additional funding

    35. Missing avatar

      Luke Johnson on

      Backpack helicopters!!!

    36. Sean Riedinger

      It would be ideal if you guys could, in theory, make sure to test and develop for Windows XP at a minimum: A lot of people have intentionally abstained from Win 7 because of the severe usability downgrades it represents, and I'd hate to be unable to play a game I backed.

    37. Graham Lewry on

      If you add Swinging as a travel power for the love of god do not make it Swinging from Mystery Clouds. Attach the lines to buildings and stuff and include some physics. If I'm swinging from clouds I might as well be flying.

    38. Citadel on

      @MWM I agree with @Taylor Durys Kickstarter is a great platform but with the limited time window I know A LOT of potential fans/backers may miss the chance to help fund this project....

    39. Taylor Durys on

      You guys (MWM) should really think about doing what Star Citizen has done. Even through their kickstarter is technically over they continue to have a backing program done through their own site and continue to make new stretch goals after every one that they reach.

    40. Missing Worlds Media Creator on

      @Kurt - To Be Determined. (Microsoft changes Windows Phone's OS not too long ago, so supporting it is still up in the air)

      @grace - They will be in it, just perhaps for Issue 1 or 2.

    41. Chris S. aka Pepsiman

      I formerly request meerkats at 1 millyun, plz. o_o

    42. Missing avatar

      Jameson Johnson on

      I sent a question this afternoon about this what great timing!

    43. Grace - Phoenix Rising Medic on

      I would almost mortgage a home to donate enough to get us to $550,000.... Wings are SO IMPORTANT to my first character... I can't make her, without them. I'm hoping that if we don't make it (*crosses fingers that we WILL*) they will be on the short list to be added AFTER launch.

      I'm both excited and devastated. My stress levels are so elevated. I really need to have a backup character in mind...

    44. Missing avatar

      Kurt Goring on

      This all looks fantastic, but can we get a version of the avatar builder that will work on windows phones and devices too?