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We present City of Titans, a spiritual successor for the superhero MMORPG City of Heroes, being developed by Missing Worlds Media.
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Posted by Missing Worlds Media (Creator)

Of course, we are years from launch. Everything I am about to say is projected, intended, and subject to change. Regardless, allow me to take you forward in time and up in the air, to get a taste of what it is going to feel like to step out of the (probably skippable) tutorial instance and onto the streets of Titan City for the first time.

Alexandria: As the swell of the beautiful theme rises around you, you will look across Phoenix Plaza in the heart of the District of Alexandria. The Phoenix Statue, commemorating the heroic actions of the community in the wake of Hurricane Atlas, is visible before you, no doubt with a gathering of colorful, costumed figures near its base. Your eyes are greeted by a shining, resplendent city, a forest of dramatic ultramodern buildings in an eclectic variety of styles. Many of Titan City's most spectacular architectural achievements are gathered around you, from the Modernist/Romanesque City Hall to the Titan City Museum of History (which was the City Hall until the Great Fire of 1908). Here, due in part to the number of costumed vigilantes that people the area, you will see little sign of crime or conflict. But we are in only one of Alexandria's many neighborhoods and even from here, we can see a distant explosion. The work, no doubt of Anarchy Red; we'll deal with them later.

Let's take to the skies. Rising hundreds of feet in the air, we look down to see that we are hovering with our backs to a large bay that opens to the ocean North of us. The city spans the bay, dividing it into the more affluent North and the more practical South. Alexandria is one of the points farthest North (although distant Stoneham extends even further North), so our tour will take us South, across a contiguous sprawl of land. Ignoring for now the massive Santiago-Yuri island complex to the West and the impregnable Hardlock Prison island to the East, we fly due South, above the busy shipping in the waters of Steward's Bay.

Victory Beach: On our way South, we pass over the iconic roller coaster and boardwalk of the Victory Beach amusement park. This tiny District is a famous resort area and where you find most of the swimsuits in the summer. Although we intend at this point a single server architecture with no impassable walls barring traffic, each District on the map will have its own personality and flavor. After taking a glance down to check for the fish-men that are an urban legend anywhere Titan City meets the ocean, we continue.

Charleston: Having crossed the bay, we find ourselves above our first Southern district, Charleston. It is a stark contrast to the gleaming spires of Alexandria. Forever crowned by a hazy cloud due to the smoke from various polluting industries, the streets below are no better. Most locals avoid Charleston. Once, it was one of the most upscale parts of Titan City, but it has fallen upon some of the hardest times of the last hundred years. As we hover above the neighborhood of Widow's Reach, we find ourselves over the Harborside Playhouse. Restored from an abandoned ruin by the Titan City Historical Society, even this beautiful and deeply historical building lies empty as city politicians argue over whether it is worth using again.

...and that is all that we have time for today.

Welcome to 3 out of 12 Districts currently planned for launch, averaging 5 distinct neighborhoods, each with their own feel, purpose and threats. We even sneaked in a glance at a couple of planned Expansion districts as well. But there is a lot more than this to see.

How much actually makes it in at launch is up to you. We are literally working day and night to make preparations and plans, but how much we can do quickly will depend on tools, which will depend on money. We have the talent, we have the drive. Most importantly, we have you, our community. Of course, at this point we are pre- pre- pre-Alpha, so anything I have said may change, grow or shrink. But we will strive to have as much as we can for you ready on Launch day, a thriving, living city for you to explore.

Hope to see you here “soon.”

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    1. pud on

      THIS IS ALL AN Anarchy Red pLoT!!!

    2. Catherine America on

      LFT seeing screenies asap

    3. Rick Tacular, Meathead of Phoenix Rising on

      Also, is there a place geographically that Alexandria is located?

    4. Rick Tacular, Meathead of Phoenix Rising on

      "massive Santiago-Yuri island complex"

      Perhaps you meant Weyland-Yutani? ;-)

    5. Missing avatar

      OmniPower on

      Wow can't tell you how much I miss COH and now looking forward to COT. I know you guys have your hands full with what sounds like an awesome game for us but here are just a few ideas for the game.

      1. Space or underwater world
      2. Vehicle travel powers and possible battle missions just like STOR space missions but with cars. (Can anyone say bat mobile)
      3. The super speed travel powers make sure u can run up walls and buildings this time like DC universe
      4. Side kick pets that transform with with powers just like kringer from He-man.
      Here are just a few ideas I have, like I'm sure many of us have. Hopefully, maybe you can use these ideas and after you are not as busy with the super fantastic job you guys are all ready doing. Keep up the great work.

    6. Zoser - Phoenix Rising Cookie Guardian on

      This brought more than a tear to my eyes, thank you for sharing. And thanks you for your tireless efforts to bring back our beloved City!

    7. Missing avatar

      ScRyiER - PhOeNiX RiSiNG on

      I would read and then close my eyes just to picture it in my head then realize my eyes are closed and can't read anymore then reopen my eyes eager to read on. MWM is slowly healing a wound that I thought would remain with me forever. Keep up the great work and thanks for that great fly over. Until I can do the fly over myself keep em coming!!!

    8. David Guillot on

      Cool so far. Is Charleston going to have a southern flavor to its ala Bourbon st to it? If you need help designing the Amusement parkI do that as a hobby so I am willing to help

    9. Missing Worlds Media Creator on

      The way we're designing it is kind of both. Initially, we already figure we will be zone-based. However we are designing the zones to flow into each other, much as in Praetoria where you could *see* the next zone. This way as we improve the server tech and streaming level system, we can transition to a contiguous without needing to redesign the map.

      I'd love to be able to say contiguous off the bat, I just know the practicalities of it. I would rather work to getting it into players hands sooner, and design to allow the expansion of the capabilities over time.

    10. Quinch on

      Regarding Snake's comment, in case I missed the info - are you planning on contiguous or zone-based geography?

    11. Missing Worlds Media Creator on

      @Roy - very much on the radar.

    12. Robin Harvey on

      What a wonderful fly-over while sipping my tea this morning. xo
      I can't wait to play! Will there be future fundraisers where devoted citizens of Titan City will be able to give more in donations?

    13. DeathSentry on

      So nice to wakeup to this vision this morning. We are almost "home"!

    14. Roy Coker on

      @Ted McClintock. 10$ will get you into a beta wave. For $1,000 I will add you to my friends list!!
      Looking good you guys ... I could almost taste the salt sea air coming in from the bay reading that update. Please tell me the Maul is still on the radar (perhaps a screenie)!!!

    15. NJGR - Bard of Phoenix Rising

      I forgot to say that I'm hoping for a hint at how you are going to handle powers in this game as well. I really, really hope you are going for the visceral feel that superhero games can do so well--knockback especially can be so cool and fun.

    16. Tytan-Guardian of Phoenix Rising on

      I was smiling the whole read!!! Although IP prevents us from actually calling it what it is...I look forward to seeing everyone one at Atlas Park...uh sorry...Phoenix Plaza... ;)!!! I know we have a ways to go, But home is on the horizon now, and the wind is at our backs.

    17. NJGR - Bard of Phoenix Rising

      I went and played the Atlas Park theme music--your opening words clearly evoked that memory. :) I'll be keen to see and learn what all you evoke from the past and what new things you create with City of Titans.

    18. Caleb Goodson on

      I am pleased indeed to contribute in some small way to the revival of our beloved community. I truly wish I could do more to help, but I have no idea how I could be of any more use to this project.

    19. Ted McClintock

      Can I ask a selfish question? Do we kickstarter folks get any extra chance to help alpha/beta test? Just curious!

    20. Missing avatar

      snate56 on

      With the zone-less map, will I be able to drop my 4th level hero into a group of 25th level enemies?

    21. Josh on

      Awesome update! It literally gave me goosebumps. I can already imagine flying over the city, looking for any disturbances to swoop in and help the citizens of our fair city. ^_^

    22. Jeffery Duke on

      I can't even begin to describe the emotions and waves of nostalgia that I'm experiencing right now.

      You guys are MY hero.