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We present City of Titans, a spiritual successor for the superhero MMORPG City of Heroes, being developed by Missing Worlds Media.
5,003 backers pledged $678,189 to help bring this project to life.

I love instanced content.

Posted by Missing Worlds Media (Creator)

I love instanced content.

Don’t get me wrong; There’s a lot of fun to be had in the open world. It wouldn’t be an MMO if you spent all your time cooped up in instances, after all - but there’s just something cool about having your own private chunk of content. You don’t need to worry about competing with other players, or waiting for a respawn. You just need to grab a door, hop into a mission, and kick spandex-covered butt.

It’s pretty much a staple of the genre at this point, but we also hope to make things a little more involved than “Grab door, kick butt, repeat.” Obviously, all content described here is conceptual, and may not reflect the final state of the game, but that doesn’t meant we can’t share some ideas with you. After all, we can only do this with your support!

Imagine this: You’re roaming the soot covered streets of Ironport.

You’re in the heart of Titan City’s industrial economy.

Smoke stacks are towering above you.

In the distance, you can hear the sounds of heavy machinery.

In front of you stands what appears to be an ordinary warehouse. But you know better. You’ve been investigating this for a while now.

You know that this warehouse is secretly under the control of Titan City’s most notorious crime syndicate: The Black Rose. Inside, hidden in plain sight, is a massive stockpile of high-tech, anti-superhuman weaponry; the kind of stuff that goes for thousands on the black market.

You need to get inside but there’s a problem: The front door is guarded. The guards are armed with the same kinds of weapons stored inside. Bust down the front door, and you’ll get a face full of plasma. Maybe you can take it, but what if you can’t? You’re here to get into that warehouse, not to inspect the floor all day.

Fortunately, there’s an alternative: a window, well out of sight from the guards. You can climb up and slip in unnoticed, but there’s still the question of getting out. Do you want to move through the warehouse unnoticed? Do you want to barge in and fight your way through? Or would you prefer a more “hit and run” approach, striking quickly before disappearing without a trace? Decisions, decisions...

Instanced missions don’t need to be as simple as finding a specific door to spawn into. Depending on the map in question, there might be two or more alternative entrances and exits to a mission. You could slip in through a window, like in the example above. Or, perhaps you could burst in through a skylight, or con your way through the front door. All of these are still just ideas at the moment, but with your help we can redefine what an instance can be.

Now picture the following: You’re inside the warehouse. It’s massive. Rows and rows of shelves as far as the eye can see; sorting equipment all over the place; conveyor belts you can ride around on; they’ve even got a giant machine that shoots packing peanuts. You know what you’re after is here, somewhere, but the place is swarming with thugs. So what do you do?

What we want to do is allow you to use your environment to your advantage. After all, a warehouse is more than just a villain infested maze: It’s a living, breathing environment.

What if you could topple shelves onto your foes, or sneak past them by riding on the conveyor belts?

What if you could knock them through walls, or bury them under a mountain of packing peanuts?

What if you could rummage through crates of weapons to find tools you could use against your foes?

The environment stops being a static backdrop, and starts to become an active part of gameplay. Is this possible? Definitely. Will things like this make it into the final game? Well, that’s up to you.

Naturally, City of Titans will have more than just Warehouses filled with mafiosos. We’re hoping to have a plethora of environments for players to explore - from the classic offices and caves, to underwater military bases and steampunk airships. We want to make every environment you find yourself in engaging, immersive, and distinctive. No one wants to run through the same map sixteen times in a row and buildings should be more than just random collections of themed rooms that happen to have enemies hiding in them. We hope to make every map just a bit different from the others. The magic wielding Regency shouldn’t be lurking in the same generic offices as the sinister Savant Society: the chosen atmosphere of a map should hit you the moment you step through that mission door.

We’ve got big plans for Titan City, but they’re all dependent on you. With your support, we can turn these ideas into a reality, and make City of Titans into the best game it can be.

Stay Super!

-Austin “Cube” Lang, MWM Composition

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    1. Matthew Young on

      Wow, what a fantastic idea. Really plays into the vast differences in origin stories and character archetypes. You could have the window entry for the stealthy Batman-type heroes, bash through the wall for the splashy Superman type, etc.; and have the instance (and the villain's reaction - or lack thereof) to your entrance be adjusted accordingly. Awesome.

    2. pud on

      The special events in which the devs played our opponents were a lot of fun.

    3. John Barefield on

      Speaking of content and instances, I read something that made me think that CoT would have only player-generated content. Is this true? It is very different from CoH, where there was a huge pool of content ready to draw from. I personally never found a player-generated mission in CoH that was worth playing, other than the ones that my brother and I made for each other. Making a mission was a tremendous amount of work, far greater than the amount of time we spent playing. I would be very disappointed if player generated content was all that was available.

      I would click on a mission in Architect Entertainment that looked fun and find myself transported into a universe where everyone is a miniature Ronald McDonald clone, and all have custom, maxed out powers. Most were unplayable. There was a way to rate missions, but it seemed to have been spammed, and often a few rather lame missions persisted at the top of the rankings.

      Please clarify this, as I would like to have the option to either just log on and find a good mish, or else make a custom mission that is intended specially for my brother's and my toons. Both are very important!

      The quote from the main Kiskstarter page reads like this:

      "To build these plots, we have plans to build the tools necessary. But, our plans for these tools is to make them available for you to create your own stories, plots and schemes as well, and to share them with other players. The era of user generated content is here. Rather than try to integrate a system on top of the system used by the developers, our plan is to create a system which is used by both players and developers. Show us your creativity."

      Maybe a future update could return to this issue?

    4. Catherine America on

      [QUOTE]The magic wielding Regency shouldn’t be lurking in the same generic offices as the sinister Savant Society: the chosen atmosphere of a map should hit you the moment you step through that mission door.[/QUOTE]

      This is addition to "verticalizing" exploration and game play (as per a previous update) sounds fantastic!

    5. Resuscitator of Phoenix Rising Paragon on

      Ooooooo ... having the team split up individually to approach a building from 8 different entrances (windows, vents, skylights, doors, sewer hatches, vehicle bays).... :D Or, two-person teams doing the same.... This would be very cool!

    6. Grant L. Thompson on

      I. Can't. Wait. The way you describe all of these fantastic options that could be available to us... The idea of crashing in through a skylight! (Or through a wall!) Awesome awesome awesome!

      It would be incredible for a team to split up and come in from multiple directions. Someone could enter in through the vents and mess with some sort of defense grid wiring or act as a diversion.
      We could even have objects outside that affect the conditions within the instance. Exposed fuse boxes that can be blown up or maybe sewage pumps that can be jammed shut - Covering the baddies in their own toxic slime!

    7. Sean Malloy of Phoenix Rising

      Oh, yes; this was one of the things that periodically drove me up the wall about City of Heroes; you would be sent to clean out the [villaingroup] who'd set up in a warehouse doing [activity]... and you waltzed in the front door. Every single time. You didn't have the option of getting up on the roof to look through the skylights and see how things were laid out inside, you couldn't choose to sneak in through a ventilator or come bursting in through a window. However, I still prefer the heavily-instanced playstyle of CoH, where you're not stuck standing around with a bunch of other heroes, each of whom had a mission given to _them_ alone, all waiting for the unique mob they have to defeat to complete the mission to respawn so _one_ of the waiting heroes can defeat it. However, I also agree that, even with instanced missions, the 'mission' shouldn't be entirely hidden inside the instance; that a villain group would set up some activity inside a building and _not_ put watchers outside -- possibly disguised -- is the hallmark of either rank amateurs or gross overconfidence.

    8. William Lewis Taylor II on

      All of this sounds amazing! I also have to say, the music provided here is simply wonderful! I'd love to be skulking around a warehouse with this playing in the background!

    9. JMadden_Phoenix Rising Initiative on

      Good stuff in this update and enjoyed the composition Mr. Cube...Keep it coming!

    10. Johnny Johnson on

      Exciting ideas in this update! It would be truly fantastic to be able to send opponents through walls / windows / closed doors, as well as to choose your own entrance to a mission (A side window? A skylight? How did CoH never think of this!). I would not be opposed to stealthing through missions, either, as long as it isn't like the CoH version where you turn all your invisibility powers on and just outrun the aggro. Actual stealth and intelligent sneaking would be a nice change of pace from heavy combat, and ideally will be a lot safer but involve more brainpower.

    11. Chris S. aka Pepsiman

      I can haz working vending machines that dispenses inspirations in the guise of soda cans? o_O

    12. Missing avatar

      ScRyiER - PhOeNiX RiSiNG on

      I can't wait to sore through the sky's again. This all sounds so awesome and can't thank all of you enough for putting the time and effort in to returning a piece that was taken away from us. THANK YOU!!!!!!

    13. Shane Schrupp on

      @Christopher Milner, I'm personally hoping it's somewhere in between your CoH and SWTOR examples. If they could have a lot of open world content, a random dungeon generator for instanced solo and group content, and a nice amount of dungeon/raid instanced content I'd be in heaven.

    14. Missing avatar

      Christopher "Gangrel" Milner on

      How often are you planning to instance content?

      Like City of Heroes where pretty much *all* the content is instanced (very little open world content)?

      Or is it going to be like Star Wars: The Old Republic: Mostly openworld, some solo content instanced, dungeons and raids are instanced.

      Or like World of Warcraft: Just the dungeon and raids are instanced.

    15. Shane Schrupp on

      I'm a huge fan of instanced content too. It was one of my favorite things about CoH. Will your instanced content scale in difficulty as you add people to your group? It would be wonderful if you could make it so the difficulty adjusts on the fly. If you invite two people to your group once they enter the instance more mobs are spawned and/or the mobs become more difficult. Loot generation should also be affected I would think.

      How about difficulty settings as you enter and/or the ability to change the difficulty while in the instance? Having a real tough time with an instance? Just dial it down a little (with a decrease in xp and loot suitable to the new difficulty). Finding it too easy or you enjoy a challenge (with the increased XP and loot that comes with it), just dial it up some.

    16. David J Rust on

      I really liked the sample music you put into this update. Very cool and puts me in the mind of a gradual build-up to an epic conflict ... or skulking through the streets by night, seeking prey (villainous or otherwise).

      The Instance ideas you are coming up with sound fascinating! I really hope you guys can nail this one.

    17. Firefairy (Quinn) on

      Graham Lewry
      about 2 hours ago
      "as long as you don't recreate "that one cave".
      we all know the one I'm talking about."

      Actually, just recently had a discussion where we were discussing interesting competitive games we could put in. When Obstacle Courses were mentioned, some of the more frustrating CoH maps came to mind... :-J

    18. Jabsloth on

      One thing I loved in CoH and have missed in other MMOs is the glowy noise! I hate missions where you have to click on an item and can't find the item anywhere! The noise made it nice and easy to zero in on the right spot.

    19. Mychyl on

      Amazing, simply amazing -- I tend to think inside the box because that's where we're used to being put. Being able to think outside the box creates for some nice alternatives to work with!

      As far as environments... moonbase.

      That's all I'm saying. Just gonna leave that here.


    20. Missing avatar

      mrinku on

      Well, there's no reason for City of Titans to overlook stuff never implemented in CoH but done in other games. And then to go beyond it, which is what they're saying. Excellent.

      And there's really no reason for maps to be static anyway. An instance can be procedurally built.

    21. Graham Lewry on

      as long as you don't recreate "that one cave".
      we all know the one I'm talking about.

    22. Zoser - Phoenix Rising Cookie Guardian on

      Oops, tablet fail... :(

      I want to say that we should make this a resounding success leaving! ng them to scratch their heads and regretting the money they could have made. Not the most noble reason, I know, but I can be petty when hurt. :)

      Anyway, you keep blazing the trail, we are right behind you - ready to help as best we can

    23. Zoser - Phoenix Rising Cookie Guardian on

      Loving this... a lot! This is a game I really want to play and if this wonderful and crazy plan can be pulled off at all, I am convinced that thnis is the team and community to do it.

      Much has been said about getting back to a certain greedy corporation for the way they hurt us. I for one can think of no better way than making this a resounding succe

    24. Alessandro Arena-DeRosa on

      This just assured me that this game is in very good hands. There's certainly a lot new here, but it all feels like a really natural evolution of what CoH was (and in all honesty it sounds like the kind of MMO- Nay- The kind of game I've been waiting for). Also the soundtrack is looking pretty awesome.

    25. Lion of Albion on

      The quality of the writing in your posts bodes well for the game. I loved the approach to names "Regency" and "Savant Society" are both nicely evocative. The gameplay ideas are awesome. The limited maps in CoX was one of the weakest points. Having alternative strategies for stealth, force, raiding or even fast-talk/bluff/con is inspired. And interactive/destructible environments is a technology that has been on the tantalizing horizon for a while. It will increase the immersion.
      I love the humorous (Yes. Real English. :-) style of "Inspecting the floor".
      But please don't lose sight of the comic book graphics (gore-optional) and accessible game-play for casual/social gamers. But everything I've heard so far is making me very positive about the approach and I am wishing very hard for the best of possible outcomes.

    26. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      These are epic ideas I really hope to see stuff like this. Maybe your grappling gun or web or whatever to shoot it at the shelves and pull them down or something that would be neat.

    27. Rotten Luck - Brute of Phoenix Rising on

      Here are some examples of music from Hellwreckage the Music specialist for City of Titans!

    28. DmacD - Phoenix Rising Rules Lawyer on

      "Inspecting The Floor"
      New term to be used in CoT, recycled from CoH as a successor.
      "Damn it. Im ITF"

    29. Missing avatar

      Kendall Smith on

      What about packing peanuts on FIRE?

    30. Eric J D Ruessink on

      Names of places, villains, mobs, npcs, it's all so important to me to set the stage for a new universe of lore and hero mythology. I like the names you've mentioned in update #3 a lot! Sounds like you have top notch writers! The world of City of Heroes and Villains is as engrained in my pop-conscious as Marvel and DC. Looking forward to exploring a whole new world. Very exciting stuff.

    31. Laura F Jenkins - Phoenix Rising on

      Fabulous ideas! I really like the idea of alternate entrances for instances and different modes of dealing with mobs inside. As much as I loved CoH, the limited map options and missions did get a little stale over time.

    32. Tytan-Guardian of Phoenix Rising on

      I love all of those ideas. Being able to use the eviornment would be a great addition...especially to characters that are gadget or skill based normal humans. I do like the idea of my favorite Tank putting some dirtbag THROUGH a wall. That would look really cool!!! Gettin' stoked!!

    33. Tony Vazquez on

      Wow, some REALLY awesome ideas in there. I've got to say, I really like this take on an MMORPG, to make it more than just "Go here, defeat everyone, rinse and repeat." I really appreciate that you guys are putting a lot of thought into not just making a successor to City of Heroes, but making a full-fledged new game, with some new twists and new ideas to make it fresh and exciting. Rock on, and I LOVE the music. I actually scrolled down to see who posted this update first, saw the media controls, hit play, and read the narrative while it was playing. I got chillbumps, and was thinking, "Holy crap, I have GOT to play this!"

    34. BruceP - Chameleon Prime

      Some great ideas there. I hope they can be pulled off!

    35. DKeith2011 on

      I really like that bit of music, more please.

      And excellent ideas for game play, can't wait to don my cape once again.

    36. David Nir on

      This approach sounds terrific. Much as I loved City of Heroes, I was always disappointed that no matter how strong your hero was, he or she couldn't so much as hurl a car, smash through a wall, or tear off a lamp-post and use it like a baseball bat. Superheroes should be able to do superheroic stuff, not just punch baddies to death.