The Phoenix Project - City of Titans

by Missing Worlds Media

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    1. Missing avatar

      Rob Boone on

      So just to clarify, we give you guys a ton of money, you go silent for extremely long periods of time, and then when you have an information update it actually turns out to just be long-winded fan fiction? This isn't a new thing that you can post stuff like this to build hype with. Please share actual progress and tangible results or go back to being silent. I feel like you're not even making a game at this point because this is a joke.

    2. Spiritunicorn on

      Yay! More story! It's the depth of the backstory that originally got me interested in CoH so this is good!

    3. Missing Worlds Media Creator on

      Rob, I'm sorry you're upset. We've been doing updates biweekly for quite a long time, at least one of which has been tech/tangible results related. We've also had a case where Kickstarter wasn't sending our updates to everyone as email addresses got 'no response' messages. I put a trouble ticket in, and think I got some of them reset.
      Are you one of those people?
      Did you just get this kickstarter update after many months of no emails from us?
      If so, I suggest looking at the recent updates - especially the July 4th one - to see where the project stands.

    4. Tessachan of Phoenix Rising on

      This is way more than fan fiction, which is not to derogate fan created material at all. It's back story, the living sal blood of the entire conception. The mechanics and the skeleton, to use a biological metaphor are genuinely needed, and they're there, in place and improving all the time. The game construction, in fact, has proceeded incredibly rapidly, particularly given the fact that the crew is working without being paid a salary, and major software for the creation has been updated and changed more than once. It has only been nearly 4 years since CoH closed, yet CoT is pounding to the finish. If you deliver a game in 5 years, most companies are /more/ than good, they're considered extremely good, and their eager audiences are ecstatic. I'm excited and can't wait for that first bunch of beta waves, because I'll be in one :D I'm looking to get lucky when the character creator (a game in itself! lol) launches. I expect it won't be long for the CC, either. I'm really psyched the team has gone through so much in what is a relatively brief period of time. I was there for the long haul in CoH; I'm in the for the long haul here.

      Incidentally, this was a very exciting bit of backstory, too. I found the writing quite clean and clear, yet with enough sensory inclusion to suck in my attention. Bravo! Thank you MWM :) Sumo Girl will rise again!

    5. Ariad - Arch of Phoenix Rising on

      I don't normally get excited about lore updates but I have to say I really enjoyed this one. Really enjoyed the writing.

      Rob there's been a few updates of late mentioning real progress. Check out the previous update (173) from August 4th. It sounds like we may be close to seeing the costume creator launched (at least in the coming months). That also covers the crowd funding launch on Patreon which is nice and active.

      Keep up the good work MWM. Looking forward to seeing more posts of this quality.