The Phoenix Project - City of Titans

by Missing Worlds Media

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    1. Cybin Monde on

      Before i gush, i just have to mention that it seems weird that the first title isn't about Anthem.
      That being said, i love the HiJinx character and the comic looks like tons of fun!

      I'm not sure if i understood correctly, but it sounded like it was possible that characters from in-game might make it into the comic. I'm just not sure if that meant canon or player created characters or both. Either way, it's always more immersive when the comic universe it's evident in any released title (comic/game/etc.).

      The art is great, too! It reminds me of Marvel comics from the 80s/90s... and yes, that's a good thing. :)

    2. Ariad - Arch of Phoenix Rising on

      Awesome. Really great to see more mentioned about the character/costume creator. Really looking forward to seeing that released and I'm intrigued as to what this new feature is for female character designs. Also very happy there's a way to pledge more to making City of Titans.

    3. Missing Worlds Media Creator on

      Well, Anthem's a character for in the game - we wanted a chance to explore the world from a somewhat newer and less serious perspective.

      And yeah, things are planned to travel both ways, though we'd ask permission for cameos.
      Thank you for the compliment about the art!