The Phoenix Project - City of Titans

by Missing Worlds Media

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    1. Larry Hackett on

      While I applaud the dedication to bring a spiritual successor of city of heroes to life, years of efforts, it's clear the resources are simply not there. Why continue struggling so hard on building a whisper of the former game. Regroup, focus on getting ncsoft to release the ip. It's getting no benefit archived away, surely a campaign to get refocused on acquiring the original body of work, would be time better spent than fumbling over tools and technologies the city of Titan team continues to struggle to master. I'd happily help fund the refocused effort to work with ncsoft to access the original work.

    2. Missing Worlds Media Creator on

      Thank you for the support, Larry. We're as dedicated as you are to reclaiming the original game, but we can't use funds from this Kickstarter to do it.

      Negotiations, as have been previously said, are ongoing. And slow.

      In the meantime, step by step, brick by brick, we are building the future. This is what game development looks like.

    3. Martigen Tay on

      Looking pretty promising! Good work, guys.

    4. crow on

      i agree Martigen Tay Good work

    5. Undead Steve - Reaper of Phoenix Rising on

      All looking really good! I love the fireball kick lol.
      I can see why you are developing the systems apart, that totally makes sense, but from the little I know of software/game development, when we finally get to the point where you put all those pieces together.... whoooooie that's going to be a mess haha! I'm sure from reading your thinking in this post, though, that you guys realize that. Keep up the good work! Let us know if we in the community can do anything to help

    6. Missing avatar

      Loretta Reese on

      I'm so excited. I want to play!!!!

    7. Cybin Monde on

      It's so awesome getting to see all the pieces coming together and the rough edges getting smoothed out. I get excited every time one of these updates come out... my only complaint being that i wish there more. Like every day.
      (Obviously that's not worth doing, but still... jus sayin...)

      I can't wait to see what the next update will hold!

    8. David Guillot on

      thanks for the update Devs

    9. DeathSentry on

      Beautiful. .love how the environment looks so real!! Have done sw dev in the past and definitely understand the approach towards a modular design and build. As ling as the interfaces for each are fully understood and agreed to, it makes it easier to maintain in the future as well. I keep hoping for the day where my armored warrior will keep the streets safe

    10. Steve Bowcutt on

      Thank you for the post. It's a bit of a relief to see the fighting system is much different than the small parts that cropped up here and there in previous videos.

    11. Ariad - Arch of Phoenix Rising on

      It's great to see the game is coming along. I know it's slow but I don't mind waiting. I love seeing these kind up updates because they feel a lot more real than the story updates, which I also appreciate. These types of updates keep me confident that we will eventually see the game completed.

      Thank you for all the work you put into this MWM. Someday I look forward to putting on my cape again.

    12. Missing avatar

      Chris C on

      I love the bi-weekly updates that we get from Missing Worlds Media, especially ones that have videos showing parts of the game in action! The latest updates have shown some real progress, and I'm really excited to see what's next...

      I realize that the development of a game can take a while, and I'm prepared to be patient so that MWM produces a superior MMORPG. Keep up the good work! :)