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We present City of Titans, a spiritual successor for the superhero MMORPG City of Heroes, being developed by Missing Worlds Media.
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This was not easy. And it's not finished. (Prototype)

Posted by Missing Worlds Media (Creator)
We’ve finished a very, very big step forward for City of Titans.

We made our first packaged executable that we can call ‘the game’. We’ve done them before for demos, we’ve made beat-em-ups, but we didn’t have a structured login-auth-lobby-game process running.

What you’re going to see is the recorded video of the first packaged build of the game. The User Interface isn’t finished, but it’s a functional first pass - all the buttons work.

 What’s that mean? Up to now, everything you’ve seen has been run from inside the Unreal Editor, the game builder environment. Now, we’ve got an executable program that can run on any computer. (Well, not any computer - we targeted this build for Windows, 64 bit. You need to make a separate build for OSX or Linux.) We’ve got something we could give to someone and say ‘here, run this’ and it would work.

Things went wrong as we built it. They always do. We were hoping to show you the character creator itself, we were hoping to load and save the character design. It works in the editor. But, well, it blew up as we packaged. Around midnight last wednesday we decided that we had found the problems - but it was going to take longer than we had to fix them. So we disabled them - but only for the moment. 

We’ve supplemented that with video of the standalone character morphing technology - you’ve seen our body and face sliders as standalone pictures. Here’s some of them live and in action.

What you see here is hard. It’s not done, but it’s some of the hardest work we’ve had to do for the game. 

Why? Because a lot of other people are trying to use Unreal, and a lot of them are trying to make a game about punching other people in the face. And they’re all talking about the fun stuff. But a much smaller group is talking about the hard stuff. And even fewer are doing anything closer to what we’re trying to do - a massively multiplayer game, with a patcher that can patch itself, which saves your character design on a server, so you can load it wherever you go.   

We needed a splash screen, a logon screen, a lobby, and our character room.

We’ve shown you the sliders - and we’ve got so many sliders. Fully flexible, fully functional ones. Sliders for the body, sliders for the face. Save the character to your hard drive. Save the character to the network. And, most importantly, load it back up again.

Of course, with new advances come new problems - we don’t have hair working yet because the fancy things the head does? Well, if you make the head bigger, it swallows the hairline - and bald superheroes are in style, but balding ones aren’t. We know how to solve that - but we’re not there yet.

On the other hand, our mocap studio works pretty okay. All it required was two hundred dollars in software and a kinect. We even have fingers working!

 We needed network infrastructure - authentication and authorization - patcher servers, chat servers (it’s not in the video) and so many other things.

We’re not done. But we’re getting there.


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This update was brought to you by the Prototype Team at City of Titans, featuring AvelWorldCreator and Dr. Tyche.

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    1. WesFoxx on

      >bald superheroes
      I have to wonder just how many Saitamas will be running around once the character creator is open to the public.

    2. Keovar on

      On CoH, I used a head shape and hair style combination to make a balding character, put him in yellow skin and a green suit, and created a fire-controller version of Montgomery Burns. A nuke defender would have worked too, but maybe not with a battle cry of "You're Fired!".

    3. Missing avatar

      Wyatt Holland on

      Looks great. The "options" is what I loved about CoH and you guys are topping what they did!

    4. Michael Davenport on

      How will this work with clipping and collision points?

    5. Cybin Monde on

      Oh man... what an exciting update!! I love every update and all the different things we get from them, whether it's lore, tech, art or anything else; but, updates that show solid forward movement for the game as "a game" are probably the most exciting.

      Ok, so they're all really exciting, lol :)

      Being this far along must mean we can't be too far off from the perk where some if us will get to make mission NPCs, comparatively speaking at least. I've been anxiously awaiting that day since i hit Submit on my contribution and it' always great to see an update that brings us closer to that point.

      Thanks for the update, MWM!

    6. Milan Dare on

      This is looking fantastic! The video took a while to play for me because I kept wanting to mess with the sliders.

    7. Ryv on

      Agreed, CoT always jumps out as Circle of Thorns haha, which seems testament to the impact that world had on the longevitous and devoted community.

      With City of Titans keeping with progress, I am only increasingly excited to play with others and some friends I have no doubt will rejoin the community, like it was for a span of wonderful years.

      That is not to detract from MWM's achievements, nor make light of the set backs when they reared around, but rather to highlight the positive energy for how things are coming along and ramping up bit by bit :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Thunder on

      They way the muscles adapt with sliders changes is amazing, really, you made an excellent work there. I think you just need to put limits to avoid the legs to cross in each other or things like that (or you will see more monsters in the game that actual super heroes/villains, since you cannot leave the anathomy completely to the players who are not expert in that part, will make the body not "credible")

    9. Judgement Dave

      Excellent progress.
      BTW I don't think I'll ever stop thinking 'Circle of Thorns' when I see CoT.

    10. Mikey Morris on

      I'm a (TECH) and (PROTOTYPE) kind of guy. I love these updates. I know it's been a while, maybe far delayed from what was said or what others think is "reasonable", but I disagree. While I'd LOVE for it to be done by now, I understand the struggles, and what has taken so long, and also that we are TOLD why there are delays and struggles. I feel kept in the loop, as well as seeing actual progress, and not always just the 'flashy' stuff, but the nitty gritty. Thank you CoT/MWM, as always, I'll look forward to the next update, and more and more progress.