The Phoenix Project - City of Titans

by Missing Worlds Media

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    1. Missing Worlds Media Creator on

      The first Pale Ride is actually a Cajun Catfish drawing, the second set are Exile's first work for us.

    2. Cybin Monde on

      There was so much awesome in this update, i almost don't know where to start.
      From the art to the implications of character creation and power sets to the lore behind it all... just a really great update!
      I can't wait to see more of The Twelve... and whatever else is up your sleeves.

      (Not to mention play the game and use the character creator... looking so good.)

    3. Missing Worlds Media Creator on

      Aaaand Lady Latoki is credited to Beamrider. I misremembered her origins.

    4. Jaed on

      Love this update!

    5. Missing avatar

      Colin Gutierrez on

      I love the original look for Anthem! Maybe you could write in a "Golden Age" predecessor of her with that look or something...

    6. Missing avatar

      snate56 on

      I know, I'm getting way, way ahead of myself, but the first "alternate world" I'd like to see (a la CoV & Going Rogue) would be a 1940's golden era. I think DC's Bombshells is brilliant!
      And I mean a whole world, not just a time traveling adventure!

    7. WesFoxx on

      Both Lady Latoki and especially Overclock sound like heroes I would more than admire. I've been desperately wanting more heroes who are genuinely and unflinchingly positive and good.