The Phoenix Project - City of Titans

by Missing Worlds Media

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    1. Michael Davenport on

      Remember the difference between a jog and a high-speed sprint

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      Marty D. on

      I share your opinion, Michael: Super Speed definitely needs a different animation than the default run. Or at least an option for one, because I am sure there are people who may prefer to simply move through the world at a faster pace, without looking like The Flash or Quicksilver.

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      Ronald Absalom Harrison III on

      Super-leap was always a very cool power. Excluding CoT, I've seen three parties try to replicate that power from our golden age... only to end up with a power one would never pick.

      Super-leap was a beloved power because it was fast, and because the forward arc was two or three times the upward arc... and the upward movement was not inconsiderable. If the upward movement is allowed to be dominant while running, the power ends up dysfunctional.

      Of course, from a clip I can't tell if things are headed that way or not, and things aren't in their final form in any event. But I don't think it could hurt to make mention of an error I've seen others make.

      As always, Thanks for your awesome volunteer efforts to restore what was lost. I know sometimes people get negative, but I want you to know that each and every one of you are my heroes. I wish more people said as much.

    4. Cybin Monde on

      I'm so excited that i don't know what to say except that you guys had me giggling with glee. :)

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      mrinku on

      Realise it's a work in progress, but the leaping animation still needs a bit of work. Currently it just looks like they've been picked up and repositioned by a giant hand (which could be a travel power in its own right, or at least a special effect...)

      Best implementation of superspeed (and flight) I've seen is DCUO. Champions Online did a pretty good superleap animation, though. You want that crouch-spring-impact effect with extra added kinetic "Oomph!!!". And pavement cracks/cratering as appropriate :)

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      Joel Aelwyn on

      Standard UE4 engine setup for jumping supports a full multi-stage animation blend setup: launch, rising, peak, falling, near-impact, and impact, unless I'm remembering incorrectly. Just a matter of getting animations for it that work together, etc.

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      Jon Buran on

      It looks good, but you need to make the running speed go up to 88 MPH. (who cares if it's only "50", have a speedometer that displays speed up to 88 mph.) That's how you do some homage.

    8. Milan Dare on

      I like the autumn leaves travel power (after the steady-hips wall climbing). Haven't seen that before.