The Phoenix Project - City of Titans

by Missing Worlds Media

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    1. Bill O. Rights on

      We started CoH to share time with our son. His Asperger's, Epilepsy and Autism proved challenging for other venues, but it all came together while playing CoH. I'm delighted to hear that the effort is being made to accommodate others with a variety of challenges. Thanks and keep up the good work.

    2. Keovar on

      Thank you for this. As someone with visual impairment (optic neuritis caused by multiple sclerosis), accessibility is a big concern for me. When working on text interfaces, please remember to provide an option for a high-contrast colour schemes with light text on a dark background.

    3. David Phillips on

      Aiming for a strong community is what we're all looking for. Sure, there will be a few bad apples. And then there's always those bad days that we all have where we're the bad apple that day.

      All any of us can do is to keep up the good fight and be the best person we can be. Same goes for the designing of a game. Aim high, and do the best you can. We're all pulling for you.

    4. Missing avatar

      Sean R Emmert on

      My colorblind friend from coh is going to appreciate anything that makes it easier for him to enjoy the game. Good to hear you have things in mind for players with his issue.

    5. Missing avatar

      Perry Goldman on

      This update made me seriously cry. I was so happy to read this.
      What kind of writer keeps reinforcing the idea that things that suck in the real world have to suck in fantasy worlds, too?
      So I'm really incredibly happy to read what you wrote, and I had to tell everyone in the house. They thought it was cool, and even though they're not gamers (nor do they have any of the cognitive, social, or behavioral challenges I do) they thought it was cool, too.
      Well done, world-builders.

    6. Missing avatar

      Kallandra on

      Does this mean that you will be getting either community members or voice actors (they can be fairly cheap and can do multiple voices) to enable visually impaired people to be able to hear what NPC's are saying, instead of having to use text to speech software or something similar? We've gotten used to mission givers and NPC's talking in more recent MMO's. Will City of Titans be City of Mutes?

    7. Casey on

      As a multiply disabled gamer, thank you for this. I love it that you all are thinking beyond just making the text bigger (which is actually something I need *glares at bioware for not making it available on DA games*). Thank you thank you thank you!!!

    8. Cybin Monde on

      Wow, what an excellent principle to have as one of your guiding lights!

      As i'm wont to mention, i have an affinity for Second Life and have suggested referring to their platform for different reasons/inspirations. Once CoT is out, i may want to refer them to you for some further inspirations! Varied accessibility measures have been weaved into the SL platform over the years, but it's great to see another platform imparting them right into the very foundation of the experience.

      I would love to see these features as major talking points in articles that cover CoT, especially when it's closer to (and including) beta testing and the release date. While the flash and glitter and fun are all extremely important, these features for players from all walks of life are just as important... not only for this game, but as encouragement for other games to include similar ideas as standard procedure.

      Thanks for being so awesome... for being heroes... for being titans.

    9. David Guillot on

      Thank you from a person with disabilities. I have severe Arthritis in my hands, making playing video and computer games difficult at times. Button pushing is out of my league so I tend to take a slow and steady approach to gaming. with control customization, I can customize the controls to my abilities and needs,
      Once again, Thank you