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We present City of Titans, a spiritual successor for the superhero MMORPG City of Heroes, being developed by Missing Worlds Media.
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The Test Zone - Developing The Basics (Art)

Posted by Missing Worlds Media (Creator)

Greetings from the Art team! Today's Art comes from pretty much everybody and we think you're gonna like it. The 3D department has come forward to show off our our first test-hood map where our models are placed, studied, developed and improved for the next version. Models and textures for buildings and roads and stoplights and all sorts of things come here to be worked on. Because everything looks better in context.  

You may have seen versions of this neighborhood in the Devmas updates, so we felt it was time to give it one last hurrah before we shut it down. Because we've learned a lot from it - and we're making a better one. I'm calling it 5 Pointz, after the former NYC landmark. Because this is where the street artists go to shine. Also, because it's a whole lot of different and clashing graffiti in a small space, because we've got a whole bunch of artists trying a whole bunch of things in one experimental area. Don't worry, this isn't the real game - it's only a tribute.

  It looks a lot like those skyscrapers are reflecting aren't they? That's because...they are! No tricks. It's a feature of Unreal, and it makes things that are nearly impossible in traditional games almost trivial in our test neighborhood. Of course, that's all very pretty, but what does it look like while flying?  

Glad you asked.

 Okay, that looks more like he's super jumping, but the map looks good doesn't it? And these aren't even the finished skyscrapers, these are just for testing materials and textures that we'll use on the good ones, so things are just going to look better and better as we get closer to being done.  

One of the last things we managed to put in the old test-neighborhood were our very first completed buildings. These buildings are the first buildings we've made from scratch, using every tool available to us. And we've rendered them for beauty with our own home-made textures. This isn't as good as we'll get, but it's as good as we are right now.

 As you can see, some of the models have color variations between them. Everything we are introducing in game can be colored or textured as we choose, independent of their shape or design. This will help make the different zones on the city *look* different. And we'll be able to apply the same tech to a whole lot of things: everything we, and hopefully you, make, can be color changeable, even the materials and textures, so be prepared for a brave new world of customization options.

 And that's still not everything! But it's probably the most impressive to look at for now. But by the next Art update, things will be different.


Presented by - the Art Team 

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    1. WesFoxx on

      Looks all pretty and whatnot, but still just a lot of empty eye-candy calories unless the mechanics and powers are coming along similarly. Or ideally are pretty much already done, since you should ideally design a world *around* the mechanics.

    2. Jose Luis Valero Alcantud on

      Finally some real improvements instead of another piece of Lore.... when are we supposed to catch up the Char creator?

    3. Jeffrey Mancebo

      Woo hoo!!! I am SO glad to see some screen shots rather than another content story! Thank you! The shading effects in Unreal is.. well.. Real! :D I particularly love the puddle with the leaves in it. Good job!

    4. Max Power on

      Thanks for that.

    5. Missing avatar

      Thunder on

      It's very good! Thank you for sharing this! I still miss CoH so much and you're my last hope for a decent superhero game/rpg online.

    6. Kiyori, Carnival of the Purple Phoenix on

      Wow wow woowwwww. SO GOOD! If this is getting scrapped for better things I can't wait to see the next updates!

    7. DeathSentry on

      Wow...this is beautiful! Looks like ap and kings row...unreal engine is...well...unreal!! Love the realism!!!

    8. David Guillot on

      It looks great. I can't wait to see what the new one will look like

    9. Milan Dare on

      Looking fantastic! So glad this temporary location has the atmosphere of the old city. Bodes well.

    10. Cole Eckert on

      The community investment is starting to take shape! Bravo!

    11. Eric J D Ruessink on

      Looking great! Even the relative size and perspective is very much like the next gen of city of heroes. Thanks guys!

    12. David Phillips on

      Very, very cool. I haven't been checking out these updates lately. Glad I took a peek at this one!

    13. Missing avatar

      XenoCreature on

      Looking impressive :D

    14. Jay Bryant on

      That art really makes me want to play.