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The Patchwork Profile! (Lore)

Posted by Missing Worlds Media (Creator)

CapeChaser Profile Page: Patchwork

Real name: unknown  

Place of birth: unknown  

Legal status: multiple felony arrest warrants outstanding for grand theft, robbery, and aggravated assault. Click here for all TCPD public statements.  

Earliest CapeChaser Sighting: July 2008


Patchwork is a professional thief and superpowered villain believed to be currently operating throughout Titan City.

Her early history remains entirely unknown. She has been sighted in South Titan more often than on the north side of the city, but this may just indicate that she can hide more easily on the north side. Some CapeChasers, motivated by little more than wild speculation, believe she has connections with groups and locales ranging from the Arcane Sentinel to Shadow Town’s Great Bazaar to the Weird Sisters to Rusty’s Sculpture Garden in Highpoint. It has been suggested that these statements be removed. Basis: lack of citations; inflammatory language. Join the discussion here.

Patchwork’s superpowered career apparently began sometime in the late 2000’s, when rumors began circulating in Titan City’s underworld of a reliable thief-for-hire equipped with superhuman powers somehow tied to her costume. Patchwork quickly acquired a reputation for efficiency, reliability, and cleverness. While she is almost always observed in attempts to steal property or information, Patchwork apparently does not operate on her own behalf. Rather, she accepts “jobs” from other criminals to filch things they cannot obtain (or do not want to bother with obtaining) on their own. Sources speaking on condition of anonymity praise Patchwork for her careful planning and her willingness to take on even the most challenging jobs.

Patchwork prefers theft to battle and would rather flee than fight. However, she has evinced tremendous ruthlessness when she is threatened with capture. While she doesn't go out of her way to harm bystanders, she appears to care little for their welfare, either. In many of her sightings by CapeChasers, she has evaded capture or distracted foes by misdirection and clever use of the surrounding environment. It has been suggested that these statements be removed. Basis: lack of citations; disregard for civilian lives. Join the discussion here.

Ironically, despite her low profile among the general public, Patchwork is one of Titan City’s more “popular” villains. She is known in the superpowered community for her cheerful, bantering, even cocky attitude. When not acting stealthily, she routinely taunts enemies and even bystanders with barbed quips. Some of these statements have gone on to become internet phenomena, at least in small communities like the CapeChasers. See the List of Popular Patchwork Insults Page.

The nature of Patchwork’s activities make her difficult to observe in action. Several sightings of her remain disputed. (Click here for a full list of sightings.)

Recognition in the field:

Patchwork appears to be an athletic woman in her twenties or thirties. Her costume completely covers her, and her spoken voice displays only general South Titan accents and speech patterns, rendering it impossible to determine her ethnicity, age, or other physical characteristics with any certainty.

Her costume consists of a close-fitting full-body suit, including full mask, topped with a medium-length cape. As her nom de guerre implies, the suit is a motley, haphazard patchwork of irregularly shaped scraps of fabric, most about a foot square, in a variety of colors and textures. The stitching between scraps is sturdy but obvious. Ropes and strips of rag cover the mask’s “scalp” as “hair.” The cape consists of long, irregular strips of cloth, some sewn together and some simply layered over one another. In battle, the strips that make up the cape, and sometimes even Patchwork’s “hair,” twitch and coil as if alive and can even lash out to strike or grab foes.

Notable Sightings:

7/7/2008 -- Observed while fleeing scene of an apparent burglary in Old Bradford’s Firetown neighborhood. Clashed inconclusively with Cambion of the Paragons before escaping using her gliding powers.

3/16/2010 -- Observed in battle with Sungazer at the scene of an attempted burglary of TIAS lab in the Northeast Research District’s Progress Park. Patchwork escaped by capturing a bystander, sealing him in a lab used for vacuum experiments, and evacuating the air from that lab. Sungazer rescued the bystander, but Patchwork had fled by the time she did so.

3/11/11 -- Observed on a rooftop in Charleston’s Widow’s Reach neighborhood. This sighting has been disputed, and it is suggested that this reference be removed from this entry. Discuss it here.

8/15/14 -- Observed in combat with Enech of Citizens’ Alliance for Protection (CAP) in Highpoint. The two superbeings called out insults to each other before coming to blows, with Enech referring to Patchwork as a “soulless monster” and Patchwork calling Enech a “long-haired wuss.” Patchwork led the hero on a chase through a street market, then set fire to it. While Enech evacuated bystanders and the TCFD put out the flames, Patchwork escaped.

Click to view all sightings


enhanced agility and balance, to Olympic gymnast levels

enhanced strength, to at least peak baseline human levels

enhanced senses: sight, hearing, touch

superleaping: at least twenty feet vertically and horizontally



distance entanglement: extrusions from cape and/or “hair”

Nature of abilities: presumed magical, either inherent or contained in costume

Patchwork’s costume consists of dozens of colorful scraps of fabric in a variety of colors and materials, sewn together at random. She displays superhuman levels of agility, balance, and senses. This enables to her to leap great distances. She can also spread out her tattered cape to glide down from heights. She can cling to walls and even ceilings without requiring handholds.

The rags that make up her cape can also extend to trip, choke, blind, or entangle foes. Finally, while wearing her costume, she resists some kinds of damage, absorbing impacts like a rag doll.

This has led some observers to suggest that her powers derive from her costume itself, possibly through some kind of magical properties in the cloth itself. This statement has not been verified by CapeChaser’s internal review panel. It has been suggested that it be removed. To discuss this topic, click here.

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“Pfft. ‘Security.’ Rubes.” -- reported by CapeChaser rockinman995, 2/2013

“You may be able to fly and shoot space-rays or whatever out of your butt, but you know you can’t win. Now you’re going to walk away, old man.” -- to hero Captain Orbit; reported by CapeChaser greenpurpleman3, 8/2014

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Written by - Jack 'Olantern' Snyder

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    1. WesFoxx on

      Pretty sure it's hinted that her powers aren't merely from her costume but that she's some sort of magically animated pile of cloth. As someone whose various origins include being at least part stuffed animal, I approve.

    2. David Guillot on

      If I have a villain Character, He would love to work with Patchwork. Another great update, Keep up the good work

    3. Missing avatar

      Jason King on

      This is great! Fortunately for her, she'll never have to encounter the Punisher, though.