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We present City of Titans, a spiritual successor for the superhero MMORPG City of Heroes, being developed by Missing Worlds Media.
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12 Days of Devmas, Day 2 (Art)

Posted by Missing Worlds Media (Creator)

All right, is everybody here? Great. Domo, you brought your present for the Titans? Great! Did anybody catch the Beard?

…….  ….

great. Okay, I guess they’re going to need this present all right. 

Hit it gang, a one and a two and a three and a four!

(dev team full chorus)

On the second day of Devmas, 

your dev team gives to thee

Two combat slide rules…

and a mind control beard in a tree

 Well, as you probably overheard, the Mind Control Beard is still out there roaming Clarkstown, so we better give you some way to protect yourself. A good swat with Domo’s combat slide rule will keep it pinned.

It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this!
It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this!

Wait. No. No!

 ….This just keeps getting better. Stay safe out there gang. I think we have some more weapons in the lineup that should help if you can make it. 

*peers at tomorrow’s present* 

Or at least die in style.  

Take care and en garde!


 Discuss Day Two of Devmas here: 

 From Warcabbit, Petalstorm, BobMC, Marcianito, ShadowElusive, GeeksGoneBad, CajunCatfish, Amvin, CapedKay, Ashenfall, Copper Cockroach, Doctor Tyche, Domo and all the rest of Missing Worlds Media. Joy to the World and Peace on Earth.

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    1. David Guillot on

      Oh, This is getting better and better! LOL Great stuff guys!!!!