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We present City of Titans, a spiritual successor for the superhero MMORPG City of Heroes, being developed by Missing Worlds Media.
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Heroes to Watch For (Lore)

Posted by Missing Worlds Media (Creator)
We are moving to a bi-weekly schedule for the updates. From now on we will be updating on the first and third week of the month. Thanks for your patience, once we've finally hit the turnaround point in development where producing update material is easier we'll probably reschedule again.

[text from a flyer found in Clarkstown] 

 Heroes are freakin’ everywhere, man. You gotta watch your back all the time. Especially when you see one of these heroes. Or, EVEN WORSE, don’t see ‘em.

 1. The Paragons, duh. 

 Look, you might think that the Paragons are always off doing high and mighty heroics against mutant squash monsters, but you gotta watch them. Sometimes you borrow a lady’s purse and WHAM, run straight into Anthem. Arrow Shade actually lurks around the streets, which is totally unfair. You’d think they don’t have the time for us, but watch your back, they’re too goody-too-shoes to ignore even us. Totally unfair. 

 2. Jarhead and Enech 

 Most of the CAPies are easy to avoid. Silly normie citizens with toy guns. But Jarhead and Enech? They can be anywhere, whipping the CAPies up into a half-decent patrol force. Jarhead is all, like, crazy military. Enech is just crazy. Both will punch you in the face, so stay far away. 

 3. Revolution 

 This guy. This freakin’ guy. He can be anywhere doing and saying the weirdest things. You might only be interested in a quick smash and grab, but he’ll try to turn it into this huge plot. Like you have time to make up one of those? If the cops believe him, you are screwed, man. I knew this guy, normal Rook you know?, only Revolution tied him to this big scheme the mook had wandered into. Now he’s in Hardlock for like, ever . 

 4. Nightingale

 I mean, word is if you’re not a Dragon you have half a chance, but who wants to risk that? She knows kung-fu and everything. Will punch you. The swanky trench coat almost makes it worth the risk, because wow, but do not risk it. 

 5. Hazel, the Witch

 Unlike the rest of these capes, this girl doesn’t look the part of a hero. Or “vigilante” as they like to be called, ugh. But she will mess you up. Like magically. She’s like the witch queen of Charleston and all the little witchlettes will do whatever she says. They’ll fight Barons, man, you don’t want near them.

 6. Grimoire 

 Wears spandex and does magic. That’s like a twofer of Do Not Want. Years ago, it was awesome because stodgy magic dudes would stay far away from us. Now, you have heroes like her wandering around. Occasionally with stodgy magic dudes trailing behind, and one to two pathetic Rooks behind them. It’s a disgrace, not like the old days at all. 

 7. Dapper Spirit 

 This guy is like, old school. I know some people who want to get caught by him because “he’s so classy” and “I have fantasies about Sam Spade.” It’s all wrong, you know? He’s one of the serious street types, too, so you can’t avoid him. Or hearing about him. Ever. 

 8. Indomitable Man

 He will not go away. Seriously. You can give him a super punch to the jaw one day, and the next he’s back on the street like nothing happened. It’s freaky, that’s what it is. I grew up in Liberty, man, I’ve had enough freaky zombies for an entire lifetime or two. 

 9. Sungazer 

 Yeah, she’s not all there and a hero joke to most of us. But she can turn up anywhere. Like ANYWHERE. You’re helping yourself to a nicely opened safe, and there she is, crashing through the ceiling shouting about aliens. 

 10. Mr. Dynamic 

 Okay, so the last few Mr. Dynamics have been totally weird. But my gran remembers when Mr. Dynamics were Trouble for young entrepreneurs like ourselves. These guys keep popping up and you never know what the next one’ll be . 

 Written by - Cy 'Aquashock' Coughlin, Continuity Lead 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jason King on

      The Post is great, and I like Keovar's ideas. I have a number of names I would love to be sure I can get (one in particular). I would be very interested in an opportunity to make sure I am able to make this particular character, who has become a standard toon of mine in any RPG I play.

    2. Keovar on

      Hey, i don't know if it has been mentioned before, but is there any chance that you'll offer name reservations as a post-KS add-on? Maybe you could collect a number of ideas for such additions and put them together in a future post.
      On the topic of naming in general, I think there should be a process for name-recycling. If a character hasn't been played in 90 or 180 days, the name goes back in the 'available' pool, so a new hero can use it without having to add strings of nonsense to an otherwise decent name. Allow ways to earn or purchase name-change tokens, which might only be usable once every 180 days. Whether a character has been "played" or not should be reflected by not only belonging to an account with a current subscription, but actually being logged in and completing a mission or something. Comics have their alternate versions of characters or successors to a name and role, and if the old story has run its course (the hero having apparently been retired), then why not let a new author take a shot at telling a new story? Economically, the need to preserve one's name gives the player a sense of ownership which acts as a "barrier to departure", and you could even send messages to the account's associated email address reminding them when they've only got a week left to guarantee their claim on their name(s). Aesthetically, restricting the ability of name-squatters to freely reserve piles of unplayed names should result in fewer abominations like "XxF1r3f1stxX".