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We present City of Titans, a spiritual successor for the superhero MMORPG City of Heroes, being developed by Missing Worlds Media.
5,003 backers pledged $678,189 to help bring this project to life.

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Posted by Missing Worlds Media (Creator)

We’ve had a lot of new folks join our social media pages and forums recently. Whether you’re new here or you’ve been with us a while, welcome! One of the most daunting things about following a project is getting up to speed on the things you need—and want—to know. We figured that now would be a good time to recap some information about us and our project.

Who are we? You might have heard us called both Missing Worlds Media and City of Titans. Both are correct, but there is a difference. Missing Worlds Media is an employee owned corporation currently staffed by an all-volunteer team working to build the game City of Titans.

Are we part of the Titan Network? No, but some of our earliest ideas about City of Titans were posted there. The name City of Titans was adopted out of respect for that early support.

What is City of Titans? City of Titans is an MMORPG based in a world where superhumans have existed for most of human history.

How can I follow the development process? There’s several ways! The first is to keep an eye on the front page of, we’ll be posting our regular, big updates there. You can also follow any of our social media channels where we also post smaller tidbits. Screenshots, animations, and other minor previews to help whet your appetite for the final game! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

In addition, the City of Titans forums are a great place to learn more from developers, as well as discuss updates with other fans. Some of our artists will occasionally post videos of their progress, as well!

So, what is the “city” in City of Titans? The game will take place in and around Titan City, a fictional location along the Massachusetts coastline, taking cues from Boston and other nearby cities for its design. Players will take on the role of heroes or villains (or something in-between) in the neighborhoods of Titan City. For an overview of each of the neighborhoods, follow the Titan City link at the top of the main website page.

So that’s it? Black and white, hero or villain, no shades of grey? Definitely not. In addition to choosing whether you are a hero, villain or other, City of Titans will feature a 3 axis alignment system, to allow your choices to add depth and nuance to the meaning of your chosen title. Decisions made in missions will affect how lawful or unlawful, violent or non-violent, honorable or dishonorable you are perceived by the NPCs of the city, which will affect who approves of you and who does not. This allows you to be a villain respected for keeping your word and avoiding unnecessary casualties, or a hero despised for excessive violence and a disregard for the law. More info on that can be found here:

Who will we meet in City of Titans? We have written literally hundreds of NPC's to populate Titan City, including the premier hero team, the Paragons, villain teams like the Tarot and the Deadly 7, and of course some that are in-between. It'll be up to the player to decide how they fit in and what missions and tasks to accept. For a look at some of the different groups players will meet, follow the Cape Chasers link at the top of the forum page.

What kind of characters will we be able to play? Players will have a wide choice of options for creating their characters. At launch, they will be able to choose from five different Archetypes , five different categories of powers , and multiple options for each powerset .
Players will also have a wide range of options for creating the look of their character, using our Avatar Builder.

I heard something about “Aesthetic Decoupling”, what is that? That’s our term for how we’re handling the connection of abilities to their visuals. In other games, if you wanted a character that specialized in slowing opponents down, you would likely need to choose some ice-based powers. The effects or themes of the power set (Slows, holds, etc) were connected to the visual theme (Ice). In City of Titans, you’ll be able to choose your power sets and connect them to whatever visuals you want. Maybe they’re slowing people down with ice, maybe they’re slowing them down with throwing knives, or maybe even bees. In City of Titans, the choice is yours!

What will the game run on? The game is being designed to run on 64-bit Windows, OS X, and Linux machines. A Windows 7 (or equivalent) machine with 8Gb ram, and a dual-core processor will most likely be the minimum. These specifications are not yet finalized, however.

How is the game being made? The short answer is that an all-volunteer team spread across five continents is working together bring to Titan City to life. The game is being built using Epic’s Unreal 4 engine, a powerful game development platform used by a host of other modern games.

Much of the game is being built in-house. We don't intend City of Titans to be a generic MMO, in either style or mechanics, and that means to get what we want, we often have to do it ourselves. While this is challenging for a volunteer team, we feel it's worth the effort to have a game truly worth playing.

We are using some purchased elements to help speed along production, which is typical for most modern game development projects. It’s often far more cost effective to buy an asset to revise than to make one from scratch.

When can I play it? Right now we’re testing and adjusting the loading/updating software we’ll need to move into our next phase, Issue 0. Issue 0 is an early version of Titan City we’ll be rolling out to those that backed our Kickstarter. The purpose of Issue 0 will be to test many of the systems and elements we’ve been working on for the past several years. That includes our Avatar Builder and various forms of character interaction, including the chat system and the User Interface. This isn’t quite beta, but it’s a massive, important step towards it!

Once Issue 0 has been released and testing has begun, we’ll roll out our second crowdfunder. The second chance funding campaign will allow us to bring more talent on board to help accelerate development. While Missing Worlds Media started out as an all volunteer organization, we have no intention of staying such and will need full-time developing staff to complete our final push towards releasing the full, and playable, game.

No, seriously, when can I play it? Unfortunately, that’s hard to say. The volunteer nature of our project means we’re all subject to the whims of jobs, families, and health. This makes planning a release schedule incredibly difficult.

As it stands, we've got logins tested and working on our Seattle servers, and a working launcher. Right now we're optimizing our internal build of Issue 0 in order to integrate network communication, updates, and zone transitions. As soon as this is done, backer testing can begin along with the second crowdfunder. With proper funding for full-time employees, our development process will be much more stable and easier to predict.

What’s going to be in Issue 0? Issue 0 will include the avatar builder, a starter zone we’re calling “The Island” & chat functionality with other players.

Why haven’t you shown off a tech demo of [thing] yet? I want to see [thing] in action! There’s really two answers to that. First, our current license with Epic prevents us from publicly releasing something other than a complete release. No playable demos with incomplete features, unfortunately. It’s also why we can’t just release the Avatar Builder for people to play with. That’s part of why Issue 0 is so important!

Second, a lot of what goes into game development is very un-sexy backend programming and organization. It’s mostly not fun to look at. And, as we’ve discovered, sometimes showing off something uninteresting to our audience can be worse than showing nothing at all. We’re committed to doing an excellent job and are hard at work putting together all the necessary components for City of Titans to truly come alive.

But I saw [someone else] do a tech demo of [thing], why can’t you do a tech demo of [thing]? We get that question a lot, and it’s difficult to answer. We can’t presume to answer questions about someone else’s development processes or how they’re handling ongoing demonstrations of their work.

We’ve spent a lot of time building very important, stable foundations for a development company and video game to stand on. There are legal challenges to be solved, physical hardware and software challenges to be addressed for a development team spread across the world. We’ve committed ourselves to ethical business models and ways of encouraging healthy player involvement. All of these very boring, but very important processes have taken time and effort to construct. And they’re hard to present as the stunning, action-packed videos we all want to watch.

Very little of game development is pretty to watch, unfortunately, and we’ve committed ourselves to building a world and a community that are going to last. We’re, all of us fans and volunteers, very excited to be bringing you this world. We look forward to seeing you on the streets of Titan City!

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Moguls and Landmarks: Revisiting Alexandria

Posted by Missing Worlds Media (Creator)

Exploring Titan City through Maps - Revisiting Alexandria

The last few weeks we have been sharing a mapped look at mogul  buildings in the Old Bradford neighborhood with you. We thought it might  be worthwhile this week to share a similar update on landmark and mogul  buildings in Alexandria, our launch neighborhood, so that you can see  how the buildings will be placed there. 

Over the last year we have shared  updates on Alexandria. If you have not had a chance to see these  previous updates, they can be found here:

And here:

While we have shared many models of Alexandria buildings in the past,  we haven’t shared them in the context of how they will be mapped in the  city. Also, there are several new models you may not have seen yet,  including the Phoenix statue in Phoenix Plaza, the American Star  Mausoleum, the Statue of Heroism (also called the Colossus), and the  Hanging Gardens.

Here is a quick snapshot of the whole district. 

Alexandria Neighborhood:

City Hall

Phoenix Statue

Titan City Museum 

Pharos Fire Station

Pharos Beacon 

Pharos Practice Tower

Alexandria Fallen Firefighters Memorial

Vandervere Museum of Technology

Alexandria Central Library

Nguyen Museum of Modern Art 

Labyrinth Natural History Museum 

The Holt House

And we have some new models that haven’t been shared yet for the lower portion of the Library District: 

American Star Mausoleum 

The Statue of Heroism (also called the Colossus) 

The Hanging Gardens 

Ephesus University Clock Tower Building

Ephesus University Clark Hall

Ephesus University Harlan Law Center

The Pantheon

The Thunderbolt Dive Bar 


That concludes our four-week look at Landmark and Mogul building work  being done. We hope you enjoyed it, we are very excited by the progress  made in modeling our first two neighborhoods and will continue to share  progress with you throughout 2019 on Landmarks and Moguls! 

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Where we Stand: More Moguls part 3

Posted by Missing Worlds Media (Creator)

Where We Stand - More Moguls!
(Part III, Victory Beach, Firetown District, Garden District and Theatre District in Old Bradford)
We are continuing our series of updates this week with a walk through  the neighborhood of Old Bradford. If you missed last week’s  update, you can find details about what you are seeing here:

Last week we toured the North / East side of Old Bradford in the New Bradford District. Today we head to the south half of the neighborhood bordered by Victory Beach way up to the high right side of  the map on the outskirts of New Bradford, continuing down  the coast through Firetown, then back inland to the Byrne Park and  Theatre District areas. While all of these areas are unique, they all share the bohemian spirit that embodies most of the Old Bradford neighborhood. 

Old Bradford South Side Moguls:

Moguls located in the South Side of Old Bradford:
Several mogul concepts shared by participants in our Kickstarter campaign make a great fit with the eclectic spirt of the South Side of Old Bradford. 

Vrghr King restaurant:

Starting with a walk from Victory Beach into the Old Bradford  neighborhoods, you will find some of the most playful bohemian and  kitschy institutions of Titan City. One of the first you will see is the Vrghr King novelty restaurant. 

 Down by the boardwalk on Titan City’s shoreline there are still some old  institutions like the Vrghr King that remind us of the good old  days in seaside Titan City. The restaurant is very hard to miss with its  gargantuan wolf’s head statue coming out of the rooftop, and classic wolf and crown neon sign that has been lighting up Titan City’s beach boardwalk since the 1960’s. 

 Come hungry at any time of the day, sit out on one of the park benches  in the patio dining in front of the restaurant, and gorge yourself
on a half-pound wolf burger, chili fries, and hush puppy Southern Specials - no actual wolf meat is used! 

 Body Canvas: Tats by Tazi 

 Tats by Tazi, Pretty in Ink specials and tattoos served up daily in a  seedier part of the Old Bradford neighborhood of Firetown. This old
school tattoo parlour specializes in steampunk designs and can be found  just outside Victory Beach. It has a comfy apartment above the
parlour where Tazi and friends hang out before hitting the streets!  

We shared this mogul in our January update, but wanted to show where  it will be on the map so heroes and villains can know where to
go to get their next tattoo! 

Sapphire’s 24-hour Organic Cafe: 

 From Sapphire’s menu: “Titan City’s favorite late-night culinary hotspot  features all-organic, humanely-sourced meals. Cooked with  locally-sourced ingredients, every item will satisfy even the darkest of  villains. So much tasty-goodness with plenty of Gluten-Free  options! All-day Happy Hour, and special discount for customers in plant-based costumes!” 

 Most people think of Sapphire's as a late-night hotspot because it’s  open 24 hours, but don’t forget its great outdoor patio for watching sunsets at the beach. And all Titan City residents are welcome at this  historic cafe which has an old circular ramp sturdy enough for super speedsters, but is also ADA compliant. 

Make sure to check out the back-side of Sapphire’s terrace where you can see the herb garden for the café’s home-grown, organic ingredients. (And any villain who tries to mess with those plants will be smacked down by some ancient Celtic incantations… so beware!) 

B.L.O.K. Comics  

B.L.O.K. Comics is another mogul to be placed in the Old Bradford neighborhood in the Theatre District closer to the Downtown border. This art deco institution has been a fan favorite in Titan City since the Silver Age of comics! 

We shared BLOK Comics with you in January, but now you know where on the map to find your favorite comics in Titan City! 

Mischief’s Floating Gardens 

That’s not an alien spaceship landed in secluded Byrne Park - it’s  Mischief’s Floating Gardens! (And secret lair, for those who know what Mischief is up to at this location.)

 The environment surrounding this mogul will be very important to the  final look of the structure. When you visit Byrne Park, rising out of the lake you will see part of the structure floating in the gardens. Hidden in the structure will be a secret, underwater lair! 

 This brutalist concrete architecture will be overflowing with plants and  make for an extraordinary secret discovery spot to explore! 

 If you happen to see Mischief, there is an entry at the top of the  structure, and one down at the bottom / center that leads into the underwater lair. You will have to ask Mischief for more details on what is happening inside this top-secret fortress...

Wicked’s Reprieve:

 Wicked’s Reprieve is housed in an old stone cathedral typical of  architecture built on the East Coast of the U.S.A. The building features  a classic style with stained glass windows, gothic spires, and towers.  But the interior utilizes modern effects to set the atmosphere on fire  with an amazing dance club.  

 This club is known internationally to a circuit of party goers who chase  the latest DJs around the globe. They dance all night long  throughout the year at this beloved venue.  

Wicked’s Reprieve is an underground club, not obvious to the bridge  and tunnel crowd that it’s a party space, but anyone who passes the building will see its signature disco ball hanging from the front  entrance and likely conclude it’s more than a church. If you see people dancing on the tower rooftops, ask them if you can get a VIP pass from Wicked to come join the party! 

The Time Table Club:

 Heading to the far west side of Old Bradford you will find another important Titan City institution: The Time Table Club.  

 Sitting right next to the subway station in the Theatre District, the  Timetable is a historic bar, restaurant and nightclub, with three  stories of dance and live performance spaces on the inside, and a rooftop bar  and restaurant on top with a large screen for visuals and events 

 The historic space is notable not only for famous acts that have made  annual stops here to play for the Titan City crowd, but also for its signature seahorse sculptures out front, reminiscent of the old Titan City boardwalk style.  

 Don’t miss rooftop movie night on Thursdays and Sundays when the sky is  lit up by the silver screen and filled with popcorn-eating Titan City movie-goers!  

With the conclusion of our tour of Old Bradford moguls, we wanted to leave you with this thought:
After playing MMO’s long enough it’s likely we have all gotten the  feeling that there is no “there” in the game environments. Automated text and characters tend to limit the feeling that you are playing something with real life, history and character.
We see your creativity as a fundamental contribution to the game and we  thank our Kickstarter participants for helping to build Titan City as a unique place that supercharges all of our imagination! 


Next week we are going to share a recap of Alexandria Landmarks and Moguls, not new work, but just giving some mapped context like we did with Old Bradford. We hope you enjoyed these last three weeks of new work shared. And we look forward to making lots of progress on our additional Mogul buildings in 2019! 

*** Important reminder about the pictures above - these 3D models  have been made in software independent of the game environment.
They are missing textures (brick, plants, billboard artwork, etc.) and  lighting (neon lights, environmental lighting etc.) that will be added later in the game. *** 

Thanks go out again to Master Builder  Nathan Purkiss, City Designer Carol Kirk, and all of our Mogul Backers  for their excellent imaginations. 

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Where we Stand: More Moguls part 2: New and Old Bradford

Posted by Missing Worlds Media (Creator)

We are continuing our series of updates this week with a ‘walk  through’ the neighborhood of Old Bradford. If you missed last week’s  update, you can find details about what you are seeing here:

Once again we thank Nathan Purkiss, and Carol Kirk for their  excellent work. We also thank our Mogul backers for their excellent  ideas. 

Special thanks to Joerden Leigh for the designs of Naught E, and Vixens, inc.


Last week we toured the North / West side of Old Bradford, exploring  the Scholarton District, with its old buildings and architecture that  survived the Fire of 1908. Today we will head to the North / East side  into the New Bradford District. Here you will find a very different  style of architecture and ‘vibe’ happening in the streets from what you  saw in Scholarton. 

New Bradford District, Old Bradford:

An area heavily damaged in Hurricane Atlas and redesigned rather than  restored, 'New Bradford' is an example of a wretched excess of  hypermodern architecture. Buildings here are large and built-up, and  come in all manner of shapes and colors 

Like many great old cities, modern architecture has sprung up next to  buildings that have been there for generations, sometimes reflecting  older styles and sometimes standing in stark contrast. But whether  excessive or architecturally striking, in Titan City, many modern  buildings will especially have the character of being fortresses where  heroes and villains take refuge.

Moguls located in New Bradford:
Several mogul concepts shared by participants in our Kickstarter  campaign make a great fit with the modern architectural spirit of this  neighborhood and will be placed there. The map above shows the general  area of where the following moguls will be placed - in New Bradford.

Mogul #1 - Fury Inc:
From a distance this modern concrete building could be mistaken for an  old, stone pyramid sitting by the Bay. But with a closer look, the  features of a more modern, high-tech fortress become visible...

 This concrete structure is the home of Fury Inc., private security  providers for mercenary teams and covert ops of any size. Flying above  you can see it’s an octagonal building layered incrementally with a  small "pyramid" at the top that contains a private penthouse. One front  of the building has an arch shape to the top where mercenary teams and  covert ops can be seen flying out of the building. On another front, the  Fury logo is placed at the top of the building with its tiger’s head  and advanced-tech weapons making an x-cross beneath.  

Given its unique architecture and private security services offered,  the Fury building is one of the interesting sights in town to stop and  check out. 

Mogul #2 - Ciela Tower

Some of the skyscrapers built mid-century in New Bradford were  designed to look like pre-1908 buildings (the older architecture found  in places like Scholarton that were built before the great fire). Ciela  Tower is a great example of that style.  

 Its old fashioned balcony near gothic spires, while not as tall as some  of the newer buildings, still has one of the best views of Titan City.  

Mogul #3 - Blue Battletower

Continuing our stroll through on the North / East side of Old  Bradford we find an unabashedly modern structure: Blue Battletower. 

 The official certification of the Titan City Recorder’s Office states  that Blue Battletower is an “office building”. Anyone passing by the  structure can see that this unique piece of Titan City architecture has  many mysteries beneath its deep blue structure.  

It hosts a helicopter port on top and flying heroes can often be seen  entering and exiting the building on their way to solve critical  missions for the City - stop and ask one of them if you would like to  learn more about the Tower.

Mogul #4 - Cosmic Exploration Technologies Inc: 

 Cosmic Exploration Technologies, Inc. is a modern building with bending  architecture like Cayan-Tower in Dubai, but with a cosmic landing port  at the top that reminds some heroes and villains of 1950’s space-age  modernism. One of the tallest buildings in the New Bradford area, it  stands out for its very unique look.  

The types of cosmic weaponry and innovations being explored within  the building are a total mystery to many Titan City residents, but if  you catch one of the tech-armored residents flying out the landing port,  they may fill you in about what’s going on inside….

Mogul #5 - Naught E Corner

At some point tech warriors need to enjoy some down-time, and there  is no more luxurious spot to do it than the Naught E Corner. With its’  rooftop pool and jacuzzi, and several floors for dancing, Naught E is  Titan City’s most opulent disco.

We shared the Naught E Corner with you in January’s mogul update, but  wanted to include it in this tour of Old Bradford so you will know how  to find it for your late-night bubbly and dance party needs! 

Mogul #6 - Argus Enterprises

Another space age, futuristic building you will find in New Bradford is the Argus Enterprises building. 

 Known especially for its imposing entryway that makes the building look  like it has giant tech teeth, Argus Enterprises also has many circular holes at the top side of the structure.  

The entry to the roof of the building has been frequently used as  testing grounds for newer heroes and villains to test their travel  powers traversing buildings… 

Mogul #7 – Drake Tower

 Drake Tower has the distinction of being the most energy-efficient  building in Titan City. A LEED Platinum building with the highest of  environmentally sustainable standards, Drake Tower is highly efficient,  with solar panels at its rooftop and wind turbines at the building’s  center to offset energy usage for all of its super-powered technological  needs.  

 The building has also become a favorite spot for Titans to test their  flying abilities by flying through the wind turbines when the wind is  slow enough to make it through unscathed…  

While not the tallest building in New Bradford, you can still get a  sense of its significant height if you follow one of Drake’s inhabitants  up the extraordinarily tall fire escape ladder that services all of the  building’s wind turbines. 

Mogul #8 – The Sky Drop 

Heading towards Victory Beach in New Bradford stands a mid-century  relic that brings back memories of the Old Titan City boardwalk – the  Sky Drop airborne lounge. 

 Considered one of the most futuristic buildings in Titan City during its  heyday, it fell into disrepair over the years and was nearly demolished  at several points in its history with the City. Fortunately, a private  investor paid for needed upgrades and today the Sky Drop is a fun  retro-lounge to enjoy a break from super battles with a refreshing drink  in the clouds.  

 The entrance to the Sky Drop is at the front of its central, tallest  structure, but all three of its lounges in the sky can be accessed  through the sky bridge that connects the structures.  

 This old jellyfish scene by the sea is a VIP lounge run by its  private benefactor, so you'll need to ask someone at the entrance for  access. 

Mogul #9 - Vixens Inc.
Continuing the tour closer to the New Bradford subway station is a striking building - Vixens Inc. 

 Titan City enjoys a rich and engrossing history. It shines as a beacon  of hope and opportunity to those who seek justice, a magnet for those  who want to make themselves rich and famous - an irresistible lure to  those who would do evil! Vixen’s Incorporated is an iconic Titan City  skyscraper that represents very special features of the City’s history.  The art design was conceived by famous artist Joerden Leigh, a founding  architect of the city, with a unique modern design, vibrant colors, and  dynamic heroine archer featured at the top of the structure.  

 The Vixens building is a beautiful site to land at and take a break in  gardens that rest on top of the world. It was designed to embody  resilience for a City that wouldn’t give up, representing the years of  passion devoted to a community of heroes who always continue the fight.  

Once again we thank Nathan Purkiss, and Carol Kirk for their excellent  work. We also thank our Mogul backers for their excellent ideas.

Special thanks to Joerden Leigh for the designs of Naught E, and Vixens, inc.

Next Week we will continue our stroll through Old Bradford visiting  newly-made models of other moguls in the neighborhood, heading into some  of the bohemian parts of town, including Firetown, the Park District  and the Theater District! 

*** Important reminder about the pictures above - these 3D models  have been made in software independent of the game environment. They are  missing textures (brick, plants, billboard artwork, etc.) and lighting  (neon lights, environmental lighting etc.) that will be added later in  the game. *** 

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Posted by Missing Worlds Media (Creator)

Where We Stand - More Moguls! (Part I – Scholarton District, Old Bradford)

This January we shared an update on Landmark and Mogul buildings, special architecture within Titan City that help tell its story. We mentioned that in 2019 we would ramp-up development of Mogul buildings. We have indeed been hard at work getting these buildings designed and today we will share progress with you!

Moguls were part of our Kickstarter campaign and they will create unique ‘micro-environments’ of Titan City’s world. Each Mogul is being developed as a community project in collaboration with a Kickstarter contributor. If you are a Mogul contributor and have changed email addresses, please notify us so that we can stay in touch with you.

We have decided to share this update as if you were walking through the Old Bradford neighborhood. This way you will not only see the models, but also understand how they are related. The tour will be given in three parts, each week focusing on a different area of the hood.

Today, we explore the Scholarton District.

As you look at the map of Old Bradford above, this tour will start from the upper/left side.

If you were to walk from Alexandria into Old Bradford, the first area you would encounter is the Scholarton District in the North West. Scholarton is an area of old residences – mostly Victorian houses that managed to survive the 1908 fire. In parts that were not burnt to the ground, the original streets still survive.

Much of Old Bradford was rebuilt after the fire with cheap housing for displaced workers and families, until something better could be found. As time passed, people began to move out and artists and university students started to fill the vacancies to gradually make the district theirs. Old Bradford soon became a neighborhood of poets and musicians, painters, thespians and pulp writers, all struggling to make ends meet while practicing their crafts and passions.

Moguls located in Scholarton:
Several mogul concepts shared by participants in our Kickstarter campaign fit nicely with the Scholarton District and will be placed there. The map below shows the general area where those moguls will be placed – the Scholarton District.

Scholarton Section, Old Bradford:

Mogul #1: Madame Meagor’s Macabre Museum

Tucked away in a shadowy corner of Scholarton lies one of Titan City’s best hidden gems, Madame Meagor’s Macabre Museum. While not as large as some of the institutions in Alexandria’s Museum Row, Madame Meagor’s holds some of the most interesting dark artifacts to be found in Titan City.

 Like the Museum of Death in Hollywood, or the Torture Museum in London, the Macabre Museum is a cult favorite. It’s not just a place to check out Goth costumes. For villains and heroes who practice mystic arts, it contains many old books and relics for ancient rituals and spells. 

 While hosting one of the City’s most intriguing spots for visitors, Madame Meagor sometimes needs her privacy and will sneak out the back down the fire escape - you may say hello, but run the risk of tripping one of her spell wardens at the backdoor… 

Mogul #2: Miskatonic University:

“The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents.” - HP Lovecraft

 Most Titan City heroes are familiar with the Ivy-League University they first encounter in Alexandria, Ephesus University (EU). But it’s not the only game in town. Miskatonic University in Scholarton is a smaller, prestigious university that serves as a great alternative. 

(For those questioning, Miskatonic University first appeared in 1922, in Herbert West - Reanimator. In 2019, all stories published before 1923 entered the public domain - the first advancement in quite some time. This name was the backer's decision, and we saw no reason not to grant it, but we reserve the right to do so if we have overlooked some matter.) 

Miskatonic has architecture common to schools throughout New England. The lions in front represent universities fallen throughout the U.S. during modern super hero battles. It is a school for those who miss their home world, and a place for independent thinkers who are looking for literature like H.P. Lovecraft, with his explorations of anarchy and chaos.

Mogul #3: The Aegis Club:

Heading towards Byrne Park lies another historic Titan City institution: The Aegis Club.

 This old Victorian mansion with its courtyards and stables is another survivor of the 1908 fire and is home to the prestigious Aegis organization. 

The equestrian statue in the courtyard has become a regular meeting spot for Satyrs, Nymphs and Faeries who practice magic with teams of like-minded folk in Byrne Park. 

 While the stables are used by the public for renting horses, the Aegis Club runs most activities hidden from public view inside its large mansion. Occasionally you may catch one of the members heading out behind the building near the circular tower and can ask them details about the club. 

Mogul #4: Dante Tower

Deep in the maze of Scholarton’s old architecture looms another striking building – Dante Tower.

 This building withstood the 1908 fire and towers over Scholarton with stone arches at its foot, gothic bell towers and spires reaching upward to the sky. Arched doorways allow access to the building, but it’s a mystery who actually enters and tends to this beautiful relic of Scholarton. 

 Note: Dante Tower is a structure that has been built with some flexibility for the Titan City game team to place over a road, water way, as a bridge between two buildings, or as a stand-alone tower. We will explore how it looks in the game environment to find the most striking setting for this unique building. 

 Mogul #5: All Critters Micro & Mega Veterinary Center:
Continuing our walk-through of Old Bradford, you will find another historic favorite, what used to be the New England Women’s and Children’s Hospital. This old building has been remodeled for a newer use. It is now the All Critters Micro & Mega Veterinary Center... 

 All Critters Micro and Mega Veterinary Service (ACMAM) is an animal hospital catering to all critters, regardless of size or shape. It is perfectly suited for Titan’s City’s amorphous population. Cats, dogs, birds, fish and the expected critters of any city can find care here. But mutant binary creatures, over-sized fur-balls, and dragon-related gorgons of every kind can also find the specialized care they need here - Care that probably can’t be found in any other institution in the United States. 

 Titan City planners were happy when ACMAM stepped-up to make use of the 19th-Century New England women’s and children’s hospital that was falling into disrepair. This alternative hospital for Titan City’s furry residents has become the perfect use for the old building. (And while it’s primary function is care for animals, it has a very nice old patio on the back of the building that is ideal for a superhero afternoon tea.) 

 Mogul #6: Black Star Tower 

We shared this mogul with you in our January update and we think it’s one of our most intriguing. A gothic tower inspired by the Water Scott Memorial in Edinburgh, Scotland, it will be located in the heart of the Scholarton maze of old buildings, near Bryne Park where it will offer a dark, inspiring place to scout for mystic mischief in one of Titan City’s oldest neighborhoods!

Mogul #7: Hippocrene Towers:
The last stop on this week’s tour through Old Bradford will be at the Hippocrene Towers, just outside Scholarton, near Byrne Park. While it is technically in the New Bradford area, it’s an older structure that shares more of its aesthetic with the buildings in Scholarton than the more modern style of New Bradford.

 Heroes flying above Byrne Park may see the spires of Black Star and Hippocrene Towers and notice that the two towers look almost like architectural sisters of the park. But the smaller, brighter Hippocrene has a unique style and history that sets it apart from Black Star... 

 This moderate-sized tower with a fairly small footprint is a historic structure reminiscent of the Chicago Water Tower. Made of concrete, it was one of Titan City’s older buildings that withstood the Great Fire of 1908. At its’ base is a water fountain for tossing coins and making wishes, and the old concrete spires were built decades ago to resemble the motion of water rising into the air. 

The Hippocrene Towers which stood through the City fires has come to represent the resilience of the many residents of this community who rebuilt their home after fire and devastation, making something even greater when faced with challenges, to build a new Titan City!


Next Week we will continue our stroll through Old Bradford visiting newly-made models of other moguls in the neighborhood, heading into a modern, trendy part of town – New Bradford!

Special thanks to Nathan Purkiss (AKA Red Warlock) for 3D modeling the buildings featured in this update.

And a special thank you to all the backers who stuck with us while we made your moguls. There are more to come. 

*** Important reminder about the pictures above - these 3D models have been made in software independent of the game environment. They are missing textures (brick, plants, billboard artwork, etc.) and lighting (neon lights, environmental lighting etc.) that will be added later in the game. ***


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