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Adventure game set in a living city filled with secrets to unveil. An open world inspired by Majora's Mask and Sunless Sea.
Adventure game set in a living city filled with secrets to unveil. An open world inspired by Majora's Mask and Sunless Sea.
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Update #12 : EGX, goals, plans, updates and more

Posted by MadeInSpain Games (Creator)
Hey guys!    

It's been a while since the last update, lots of things we need to tell you about! 

EGX Rezzed

Last week we visited London to showcase "A Place for the Unwilling" at EGX in the GamesBoosters booth. 

It was great, lots of people came by and enjoyed the small spin-off we told you about on the last update. Backers will receive a new update later today with a link to download that quick project based on the world of "A Place for the Unwilling" that we made for the EGX visitors.

We even had the chance to speak with some people from Inkle, creators of Sunless Sea, who have recently released their scripting language as open source, it's an amazing tool that's going to help us a lot on "A Place for the Unwilling".

Attending events always takes time and it's usually exhausting, but it's also a cool experience that we enjoy quite a lot. Getting to festivals out of Spain can be hard, but we'll do our best to visit those once we have a more advanced version of the game.

The team is growing!

A programmer will be joining the team really soon. We're switching to a another game engine that you might have heard of, Unity, lots of indie devs use it.    

This will allow a better implementation of the dialogue scripting and it will make ports to XBOX1 and PS4 easier if, once the game is out, we have the opportunity to work on them.

It will remove some load from other members of the studio, allowing us to work even harder on other tasks.


The reason why we decided to take a few days after EGX before releasing a new update is that we had a long team meeting yesterday. Mostly to discuss plans, milestones and goals. 

One of those "big" goals is to have a demo/beta ready in October. A demo is usually something really small which contains a few minutes of gameplay; in the case of "A Place for the Unwilling" a demo means you should be able to move around a huge part of the city, talk to all the characters and discover all the mechanics. Art might not be final but it'll be there and it'll be playable. So our "demo" won't be small at all.

Thomas Graham - Alone in London
Thomas Graham - Alone in London

Inclusive characters

We had another important issue to discuss at the meeting, something that we were kind of avoiding for some time now. We once announced there would be only one playable character, a young male trader who just arrived to the city.  

We thought having a female character would take a lot of time, in the victorian age she wouldn't be treated as the male character, so we would need to write two versions of each dialogue and a few things might not make much sense even after all that extra work.

After thinking about it and getting feedback from players at EGX we have decided that what we were doing needed to be fixed. "A Place for the Unwilling" won't be an historical-accurate game, we have cartoonish character which try to resemble those from "Over the Garden Wall" or "Discworld". There's plenty of open-world games out there which take their references super serious and feature societies exactly as they were, we want to do something different, "A Place for the Unwilling" will still be inspired by the real victorian age, but our imaginary society will be different from the historical one in terms of gender equality, with the purpose of featuring a way more inclusive set of characters. It won't be truly historical or fantasy, but a mix of those two.

This decision will affect most of the characters in the game and we'll also include a female playable character that players will be able to choose.


We also talked about establishing an updates calendar, to keep in touch with the community and let you know about the development of the project.  

We're going to start releasing two updates each month, like we did before Kickstarter. One around the first days of the month and another one in the middle of it. If those updates take too much time away from development or doesn't feature enough interesting content for you we'll look into changing the system.

There's also the exclusive devlog for those backers who pledged over a certain amount of money. We are going to do that once every month, and it's going to be a videolog. The first one will probably come out in May. People who supported us through Paypal will have to wait just a bit more since the process isn't automatic and we're still getting all the data.

Mable & The Wood  

As usual, we're going to recommend you a Kickstarter campaign that we liked a lot. This time we're talking about "Mable & The Wood", a really cool exploration game (do not get mistaken by the looks, it's not a platformer) born in a ludum dare.

The game looks great and it's quite different from what you might expect. We also got to meet its developer at EGX, Andrew, who is a really nice guy, check out the campaign!

The project is already really close to their funding goal, it just needs a bit more of help!


And that's all for now! As said before, backers will get an extra update today with links to download the spin off made for EGX visitors. Stay tuned and remember that you can always ask anything you want on twitter, Facebook or just leave a reply here. Let us know what you think! :-)

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    1. MadeInSpain Games Creator on

      We can nor confirm nor deny the existence of sentient cities :-P

    2. Sean on

      Isn't the city supposed to be alive in some way? So it was never exactly "historically accurate" to begin with.

      Unless you're part of some conspiracy hiding evidence of sentient cities...

    3. Tracey Craig


      Yes! Keep em coming! :P

    4. MadeInSpain Games Creator on

      We'll make sure to keep updates going! :-)

    5. Bule on

      Thanks for an informative update and for giving Mable & The Wood a shout-out! :)

    6. MadeInSpain Games Creator on

      Hey Redmond!

      Sunless Sea gets away with it because your character is always inside a ship, so all you need is a set of avatars. Choosing different pronouns might be the easiest solution, though we're still not sure how that would affect writing. We'll have to take a look and do some tests.

      Thanks for your feedback! It's really interesting!

    7. Red L

      Hi MadeInSpain-- As far as gender equality, I was wondering if it would be possible to include a non-binary gender option (i.e. "they" instead of "she" or "he") as well. Fallen London/Sunless Sea do that pretty well in a similar setting. If the concern is art, I'd propose being able to choose any pronouns with any art. I love the fact that you are thinking ahead about including many different people playing the game!

    8. MadeInSpain Games Creator on

      We can do the "we're alive thing"! :-)

      We also hope we can take "A Place for the Unwilling" to PS4 and XBOX1 in the future.

    9. Tracey Craig

      Oh awesome as i have no gaming PC i'd be all over a PS4 edition IF it happens so fingers crossed and i am looking forward to all the tasty updates each month. Doesn't have to be anything significant. Just a "hello and we're alive" kind of thing :)