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Adventure game set in a living city filled with secrets to unveil. An open world inspired by Majora's Mask and Sunless Sea.
Adventure game set in a living city filled with secrets to unveil. An open world inspired by Majora's Mask and Sunless Sea.
918 backers pledged €22,329 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Scot S on

      Same issue here. Used original card info and submitted again and it went through. KS clearly has a problem it needs to fix.

    2. Dreamer Emporium

      I had said problem but have now submitted my info and it charged correctly!

    3. Jason Alexander on

      I retried and all was well! Hopefully most people's payments will work on re-run.

    4. Thomas Krømke on

      I got the mail about payment issue.
      But when I check my account the money have been drawn.
      Seems like there is something Kickstarter has messed up. Because the pledge have been payed.

    5. ppm4587 on

      I had the problem. And now should be ok. I can see your project under "proyectos patrocinados". I retry with the credit card data and all went ok. But is the first time that I have soo many problems to pay in kickstarter. At the begining (the first weekend of the backering) I changed the credit card becouse I can't pledged with my card of all the life. And know this. (But backering Need to Know game kickstarter don't say me nothing bad with this new credit card, finally... they want yours and ours suffering )

    6. Axel Kothe

      Had the same problem earlier today, resubmitting my data didn't work either. Just tried it once more with the same card and it finally went through. You should probably tell people to keep trying reentering their CC details. Keeping my fingers crossed you get the funds....

    7. Andy Cook on

      Mine failed with any card I tried immediately after I got the first failure message but it has worked with the original card details this morning.

    8. Adam Tierney

      Man, that sucks. I feel bad for you guys. What a screw-up on Kickstarter's part. Because if 700 of your 900 payments failed, there's going to be a certain percentage of backers who don't bother to update (but would've been charged fine had the system not screwed up).

      My payment failed, and I fixed it just by trying again (no changes).

    9. erikwoods on

      Re-entering failed for me.
      Wish they'd accept PayPal or something... I only have one card I can try. :(
      Plus... my bank called me almost immediately after I retried..... coincidence?! IDK...

    10. Missing avatar

      Dom Bray on

      I got this email too, and re-entering my details seemed to work. Really hope this gets sorted out guys, that would be the sh*ttiest way to lose out on your hard-earned funding!

    11. David Erosa on

      Mine went through OK. If anyone (like Ghost of Tom below) wants to check it out, click the "View Pledge" button, and check the status of the payment on the bottom. Should say "Collected".

      Good luck!

    12. Bule on

      I haven't received any notification of a declined payment, so I'm assuming my pledge went through ok.

    13. J Savage on

      I resubmitted my payment and it went through. But, has anyone tried calling their bank to see if the issue can be resolved? I feel that might help.

    14. Dieter Baron on

      When I tried resubmitting the same credit card right after I received the email that my charge was denied, it didn't work. I tried again just now, and this time it went through.

      Best of luck to you for sorting this out.

    15. mentics on

      I put in the exact same payment details to "fix" it, and it went through fine this time.