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The C.24 is a two octave wireless music keyboard designed for iPad.
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Spring Update

Posted by Miselu (Creator)

Hi Everyone,

It’s been over two months since our last update. There has been much progress but we are still not entirely out of the woods.

We’ve now delivered about half of the Kickstarter units and have enough C.24 keyboards in San Francisco to fulfill the rest. We are developing a robotic final testing fixture but until that is ready the speed of KS shipments is gated by the final manual playability testing we are performing on each unit.

For mass production… after the fire at our contract manufacturer’s plant in China, we rebuilt the production line in a different area that was not affected by fire. As most of our material at the factory was destroyed in the fire or suffered smoke/heat damage, we have been working to get all new materials to the factory. This was predictably slowed by the major Chinese New Year holiday impacting our entire supply chain. Currently, it looks like we will have the final pieces delivered to and be ready to restart factory production trials at the end of next week.

Thank you for your continued support,

The Miselu Team

New Miselu KEY version 1.21 available in the app store

Posted by Miselu (Creator)

Hi All,

I know most of you are waiting for the arrival of your C.24.  For those of you that have received your unit, there is a new update to our iOS app KEY available for download in the app store.


Factory on fire

Posted by Miselu (Creator)

Just prior to the annual factory christmas inventory shutdown, we had gotten to the point of resolving most of the issues that were keeping us from turning on full “mass production” of the C.24. We were waiting for one updated part to verify that we would finally be able to achieve the requisite high manufacturing yield.

Then — between christmas and the new year — there was a fire at the factory where C.24 keyboards are assembled.

Thankfully nobody was hurt.

Initial reports suggested that C.24 inventory was likely undamaged, but it took several days for the fire department to allow employees back into the building.

Once inside, it quickly became apparent that the entire onsite stock of mechanical parts and subassemblies (for several thousand keyboards) had been destroyed by the fire. As many as 10,000 of some items were lost.

Our operations team has been working around the clock to get a new batch of components to the factory ASAP. Fortunately in many instances additional stock was already staged at supplier sites.

We currently have a team of miselu engineers in china in the process of cleaning and verifying all our of manufacturing test fixtures. They are also working with our CM partner to relocate/rebuild the assembly line in an unscorched area of the building.

Based on material availability estimates, we currently expect to be able to restart the line (and hopefully soon thereafter commence volume production) before the end of January.

In the meantime, we are continuing to build and ship kickstarter keyboards from our SF offices at a slow but steady rate. When China mass manufacture comes online, we will deliver the balance of kickstarter keyboards.

In other news, we have released a C.24 firmware update that supports Apple's native MIDI over BLE protocol. We believe the C.24 is the first hardware product to support this new protocol introduced by Apple in iOS8 and Yosemite. To learn more, visit:

As always we appreciate your support as we continue to strive to provide you with an amazing wireless piano keyboard.

Shipping, Softbank & Thanks

Posted by Miselu (Creator)

The holidays are upon us and we know that many of you have been waiting to receive your C.24 in order to give it as a gift (to yourself or a loved one.) The truth is that very few of you will actually receive your keyboard before the new year. This is hard news to communicate and we are sad to have to convey it.

While we continue to ship Kickstarter C.24 keyboards from San Francisco, our bespoke output has been too low to ship the bulk of KS units in a timely manner. At this point, our plan is to continue to ship the relatively small volume of units from our SF offices, while fulfilling the majority of Kickstarter units from China once mass production is up and running. On that front, we are in the midst of the MP process, which consists of a series of small daily builds and tweaks until the overall yield of good units gets into the ~95% range at which point we will build hundreds or thousands units at a time.

In more positive news, earlier this year we entered into relationships with select domestic and international distributors (who are also eagerly awaiting their C.24 shipments.) This week we announced our first major distribution partnership with SoftBank in Japan (for those in the USA who might not recognize the name, SoftBank also owns Sprint in the USA.) Support from SoftBank (and other major partners') helps make it possible to more quickly achieve mass production volume and deliver your keyboards.

We would like to express our gratitude to all of you who have stuck behind us through this arduous journey. Your support has meant the world to us. It keeps us going despite the many expected (and all too many unexpected) challenges of inventing and producing an entirely new type of piano keyboard. Thank you so much.

November update

Posted by Miselu (Creator)

Hi Everyone,

In the process of getting the first 300 C.24 keyboards out the door we discovered several issues that we had not seen before building this large a quantity of units with final production parts. This has led to yet another (hopefully short, but nonetheless irksome) delay in getting your remaining KS keyboards delivered. Read on for details...

The main issue we observed was the dreaded "tolerance stackup" problem (typically due to slightly out of spec parts but we also discovered some areas where the design was just insufficiently able to deal with the full range of in-tolerance parts in certain combinations.) This would typically lead to some part of the overall mechanism not meeting our stringent OQC (outgoing quality control) standards. We dealt with this issue on all the keyboards we shipped, but the fixes involved time-consuming post-machining of tooled parts that made for a challenging/slow overall build process. We immediately launched changes in the injection molding tools and updated parts from the tools have now been delivered to our SF offices.

The second issue involved a multiplexer chip that we use in 4 places on our PCB. for a variety of boring "supply chain" reasons, we had qualified 2 vendors for this chip, but it turns out that chips from one of the vendors sometimes behaved in ways that would not allow the keyboards to properly calibrate and could have lead to imprecise key response. of course, all the initial keyboards were built with the sometimes wonky multiplexer chips leading us to need to replace the PCBs on ~20% of the initial keyboards. Ugh. We have since had our contract manufacturer replace the multiplexer chips on all the remaining PCBs with the ones that don’t suck and removed the sometimes troublesome chip from our “AVL” (approved vendor list)

In other less tiresome news, we put the finishing touches on our automated 4 step keyboard calibration system. This essentially gives the keyboards firmware a clearer sense of when a key it pushed very lightly and when you are really pressing hard. Velocity and aftertouch performance (so to speak) are both noticeably improved.

Finally, we are fairly close to releasing (currently being tested in-house) new keyboard firmware to add support for Apple’s new BLE MIDI protocol released in iOS8. This will allow you to connect directly to apps like Garageband, which support the new protocol. Of course, you'll still be able to use the miselu KEY app if you want additional premium features like multiple keyboard grouping and the ability to connect to virtually any iOS music app that supports the basic coreMIDI framework.

We are very sorry that this is taking longer than expected. We know that you are all waiting and we truly want to get everyone of you your keyboards. If anyone would like to receive a refund on (i.e., cancel) their undelivered keyboard please contact us and we will make that happen. FWIW, the recently finalized cost of manufacture of the C.24 alone (no shipping, no T.10) ended up exceeding $100 so the retail price will be at least $249 for a single C.24 keyboard. This increased COGS (cost of goods sold) and retail price has been painful for us (we want this to be affordable) but means that you are at least getting a once-in-a-lifetime price.

In the meantime, we will start shipping units out again next week and will work to get all units shipped by December 12.

The Miselu Team