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Become a cat! Track prey and hunt to survive. Befriend or battle the inhabitants of the forest. Create & customize your perfect kitty!
Become a cat! Track prey and hunt to survive. Befriend or battle the inhabitants of the forest. Create & customize your perfect kitty!
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Sneak Peak: Taking Territory

Posted by Falcon Development (Creator)

Hi all!

With just under 2 weeks left for the Kickstarter campaign, we wanted to give all our backers and followers a quick update with an exciting sneak peak at a brand new feature!

In Cattails, the world is divided into large, rectangular regions. Each region either makes up part of a colony's territory or is unclaimed. As you play Cattails, the world will change based on your actions!

 Here's a look at the large world political map. You can access it at any time from your inventory. It shows the world of Cattails and reveals the political standing of any region you'd like to visit. 

Here, we can see that the green tiles belong to the Forest Colony and the blue tiles belong to a different colony; these two colonies may clash at any time along the wilderness that lies between them! A brave colony might even attack another colony's territory directly, trying to steal their land for themselves...

 As you walk around the world, you'll be alerted to the status of any region you enter so that you always know if you're in a safe spot or not. You can see here that the "Forest Central" region is currently claimed by the Forest Colony (as indicated by the yellow tree emblem to either side of the region's name). The bar beneath the name of the region indicates how strong each colony's claim is there; you can see that a dark red colony has been sending scouts into this area, leaving their scent behind and taking some of the power away from the Forest Colony (green).

There are a number of ways to gain power in a region or secure your colony's claim; first, you'll get a small amount of power simply by patrolling through a region each day as your scent is left behind. Second, you can gain power by using certain items like Lavender, a strong-smelling herb that will ward off enemy cats. Of course, Lavender is more effective if you know how to use it, so make sure you rank up your "Foraging" skill before you use it!

 Third, you can gain a lot of power by participating in a battle that has broken out in a region of the world. Each day, battles will randomly appear along your colony's borders. Sometimes, a battle is fought to gain new ground; other times, a battle is fought to defend what is rightfully yours! 

In either case, it is entirely optional to participate in these battles, but if you do, you'll be rewarded with political power and experience when you win.


 You can see that since our colony has won this battle, the Forest Colony now owns the "Woodland Corner" region:

For those who favor a non-combat approach, there will be other options to gain power or defend your territory, such as the lavender mentioned above and a few other methods we're not quite yet ready to reveal. ;)

Who will you be in Cattails? Will you be the honor-bound guard that keeps invaders at bay? Will you be the marauder who leads your colony to conquer the world? Will you be the peaceful apothecary who keeps your lands safe with your knowledge of herbs and plants?

Stay tuned for more updates about Cattails! If you can't get enough, make sure you follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

If you haven't backed us already on Kickstarter, make sure you check out our campaign! There's loads of neat bonuses you can only get if you pledge to the Cattails Kickstarter campaign while it's live.

Until next time, stay awesome!

-Falcon Development

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    1. Missing avatar

      Nightstar on

      Also you mention that the purple areas won't be in pre alpha but will they be in the alpha?

    2. Missing avatar

      Nightstar on

      Will camps be able to be claimed by other clans? Or is there a ground where they can't claim anymore something cool that could happen is you could chase the other clans out and take that territory for yourself but They aren't gone for good they'll keep attacking until they get their territory back!

    3. Mason Gilbert on

      Jumping from Oliver's question, will unexplored areas be shrouded from the player at the start similar to the 'Fog of War' in most RTS's or even like exploring in Zelda Wind Waker?

    4. Falcon Development Creator on

      Hey Oliver,

      Great question (and an astute observation!) The purple areas are regions that are not available in the pre-alpha. Eventually, when the game releases, there will be no "purple regions" and the entire map will become available. :)

    5. Oliver Lin

      Just wondering about the purple area covering the other half of the map, is that just a texture showing unexplored areas or is it a wall the you can't enter?

    6. Ariana T on

      This looks really cool! Can't wait to see where the game goes.