Cattails | Open-world Cat & Wildlife Simulation Game

by Falcon Development

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    1. Ariana T on

      This looks really cool! Can't wait to see where the game goes.

    2. Oliver Lin

      Just wondering about the purple area covering the other half of the map, is that just a texture showing unexplored areas or is it a wall the you can't enter?

    3. Falcon Development Creator on

      Hey Oliver,

      Great question (and an astute observation!) The purple areas are regions that are not available in the pre-alpha. Eventually, when the game releases, there will be no "purple regions" and the entire map will become available. :)

    4. Mason Gilbert on

      Jumping from Oliver's question, will unexplored areas be shrouded from the player at the start similar to the 'Fog of War' in most RTS's or even like exploring in Zelda Wind Waker?

    5. Missing avatar

      Nightstar on

      Will camps be able to be claimed by other clans? Or is there a ground where they can't claim anymore something cool that could happen is you could chase the other clans out and take that territory for yourself but They aren't gone for good they'll keep attacking until they get their territory back!

    6. Missing avatar

      Nightstar on

      Also you mention that the purple areas won't be in pre alpha but will they be in the alpha?