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Become a cat! Track prey and hunt to survive. Befriend or battle the inhabitants of the forest. Create & customize your perfect kitty!
Become a cat! Track prey and hunt to survive. Befriend or battle the inhabitants of the forest. Create & customize your perfect kitty!
Become a cat! Track prey and hunt to survive. Befriend or battle the inhabitants of the forest. Create & customize your perfect kitty!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Amy Star

      Started playing after the holidays. It's very good! Thanks for following through on this nice calm game.

    2. Thomas

      I can't get past the opening cinematic. Not because of any technical issues, but thanks to simple story telling, a unique art style, and beautiful music you just sucker punched me in the feels.

    3. John

      I'm having a hard time figuring out what exactly to do in this game. I just see a lot of battles, no quests or anything?

    4. John

      And thanks. Game is fun.

    5. John

      Like I see attack, sneak, skills menu, etc., but nothing actually about skills or key binding them.

    6. John

      Oh great. Unless I'm missing something I don't see anything related to actually using skills in the gamepad control menu.

    7. Falcon Development Creator on

      @John: You can use skills with the right joystick. For Sprint, try flicking the right joystick in the leftward direction.
      You can also rebind keys from the settings menu! (Start -> Controls)

    8. John

      Is there any way to increase controller functionality? I have a PS4 remote which works decently but I can't figure out how to use skills like sprint.

    9. Falcon Development Creator on

      All keys have been sent out to Kickstarter backers! If you don't see yours, check your Kickstarter account messages.

    10. Falcon Development Creator on

      It appears you did fill out the survey and submitted "TechnoSchnauser" as the name to be listed in the credits.

    11. Dane Morgan on

      Just came in. Thanks.

      Can you tell me if I ever filled out the survey? I cannot recall, and I don't have a record here. I got this for my daughter and wanted to have her name in the credits.

    12. Falcon Development Creator on

      Hi Dane,

      Our records indicate that we sent your keys to you via Kickstarter's messaging system on September 29, 2017. Just in case something went wrong during that process, we've copied the contents of that message and emailed it to your primary email address. Sorry for any inconvenience!

      -Tyler, lead developer

    13. Dane Morgan on

      I'm a Burmese beta backer and I never received anything that I can find.

    14. Falcon Development Creator on

      Hi Tom,

      We're super excited about it too!! :D
      Our records indicate that you already filled out your survey for Cattails, so you should be good to go!

    15. Missing avatar

      Tom on

      Ignore me! I just checked and I did get it and filled it out! I'm such a dolt. Congratulations on what sounds like a really successful Beta and roll on release day!

    16. Missing avatar

      Tom on

      Less than a month to go until release and I haven't received a backer survey? Very excited about the game btw.

    17. Falcon Development Creator on

      Hi Julia,
      Definitely! The full game (and, for that matter, all early access versions) will be available for mac.

    18. Missing avatar

      Julia Mll

      Will this game be able to be played on a mac?

    19. Maya ;3 on

      The beta is looking so awesome and if the betas like this, the final version should be AMAZING! <3 Can't wait :3

    20. Falcon Development Creator on

      Hi David,

      Great question. At the moment, we don't have a way to allow you to increase an existing Kickstarter pledge in order to get in on the early access tiers via our website. If you purchase early access through our website, you'll end up with 2 copies of the game in the end.

    21. Missing avatar

      David Eugene DeLauder on

      Question. Notice early access can be bought. What if we already backed the kickstarter at a lower level and want the early access one. Do we have to pay the full amount or will what we pledged be subtracted?

    22. Rachel Hester on

      Can't wait for this game to come out, really looking forward to the release. :3
      Hating myself so much for not seeing the email about the cut-off date for getting your name in the credits though. But still excited for when I can finally play!

    23. Hannah Hoffman on

      I just wanted to say I'm already in LOVE with the Alpha version of the game! I am looking forward to watching the game continue to develop!!!

    24. Falcon Development Creator on

      @David Eugene DeLauder - Great question.
      We might! If we do end up doing DLC, we will likely have very few, large DLC packs. At the moment, we're mostly just focusing on finishing up the game though. :)

    25. Missing avatar

      David Eugene DeLauder on

      @Falcon Development

      So I have a question;
      If this game dose well in sales, might you consider DLCs for it? Like Expanded map, new clans, new environments and so on?

    26. Missing avatar

      Patrick Hendricks on

      YAY i can't wait until July 1st to play the Alpha of this awesome game :D

    27. Kimochiru on

      Unfortunately I wasn't able to make this IndyCon, so I'll be here to wish that your exhibition went well!

    28. Rachel Hacker on

      I looked over the stretch goals, and noticed that multiplayer wasn't added. You might have stated earlier that you weren't or that you were going to add multiplayer, but my memory sucks butt so I don't remember. And I hate to be one of those people who begs for multiplayer when the creators might not want their game to turn into a nest for trolls to live. But will there be multiplayer? The world already seems so big, and maybe you could limit each world to about 10-20 online players and have the rest be NPCs? Ether way this game is going be fantastic!

    29. Falcon Development Creator on

      There will definitely be thunderstorms! :)

    30. Shion Ingle on

      are there going to be natural disasters(E.G. like tornadoes, floods or forest fires)?

    31. Jeremy Vyska on

      Wasn't sure what ways the colors should be described, so I sent both Pantone and Hex codes. :D

    32. Missing avatar

      Patrick Hendricks on

      2 more month until the Alpha can't wait :D

    33. Missing avatar

      Nightstar on

      Yeah!!! I was so happy to get this survey filled out! Its just one step further to the game being out!

    34. Falcon Development Creator on

      Surveys went out this morning!! Check your inboxes and answer yours so that we can get you your rewards when the time comes for the game to release. :)

    35. Oliver Lin

      Well it is waiting time now until the alpha so...

    36. Pillxel on

      well this feed went dead :/

    37. Missing avatar

      Tylan on

      Can't wait! XD XD XDDDDDDD

    38. Missing avatar

      Nightstar on

      Ohhh bummer...

    39. CuriousAuthor on

      @Nightstar well I'm waiting until October for the beta because i didn't want to deal with alpha glitches so my wait time almost doubles XP

    40. Missing avatar

      Nightstar on

      OOOOOooooohhhh July can't come fast enough for the alpha game!!!

    41. Missing avatar

      Amber on

      I pledged $49. The alpha comes in July. Time to sit on my face for 2 months.

    42. Missing avatar

      David Eugene DeLauder on

      Darn, I was hoping to do $50 so I could do the alpha testing.

    43. Falcon Development Creator on

      Hi David!
      Thanks so much for your support! Unfortunately, Kickstarter does not allow changes to a pledge after the time expires on a project.

    44. Missing avatar

      David Eugene DeLauder on

      So I stumbled onto this within the last 20 minutes of the kickstarter. At that time I did not have the money I wanted to pledge more. Will I have an opportunity to increase my pledge within the month?

    45. Missing avatar

      Sophia Freda on

      Wow! I can't wait for this game! I've always wanted some kind of clan cat like game and it's finally here! :D

    46. CuriousAuthor on

      I can't believe how amazingly well Cattails did on Kickstarter & Greenlight! Cattails seems like it's gonna be even *BETTER* than I originally expected from what I've seen & read so far! :)

    47. John

      Congrats Falcon Dev!

    48. Missing avatar

      Nightstar on

      YYYYEEESSS this game will be AWSOME

    49. Missing avatar

      Christina on

      I'm so excited! This game is such a cool idea that I can't wait to see play out!

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