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Help MIRK fund the production of their music video for the first single "Away" off of their second Album!

This project is about more than a music video, it's about spreading our music to the world in the most efficient way possible. As a fairly new band, largely unheard of outside of our great state of New York, we work very hard to win over new fans as well as fund our movement. Currently we are in the midst of wrapping up our second full length album, to which we have dedicated the majority of our financial resources. In this “New Media” age, bands like MIRK no longer have to rely solely on touring to generate excitement for their cause due to the dissemination of music-related materials (i.e. music videos, mp3s) through the internet. With the production of our music video, we will have our greatest promotional tool at our disposal, and you will have memorable tunes that you will catch yourself singing even after the video stops.

The video is slated to be shot in Albany, New York and will be directed by one of the most respected visionaries in the music industry, Picture Perfect. A large portion of the costs stem from lighting equipment rentals, catering for the production crew and of course to the Director's team to ensure the editing of the video creates a professional industry comparable music video! Please check out our donor rewards to the right and visit us at:


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    For just $25, receive both of our albums and 2 music videos loaded onto a 1GB MIRK Flash Card...Sweet deal!

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    Receive ALL OF THE ABOVE, plus a new Mirk t-shirt...impress all your friends when they see you in the new 'I Love Mirk' or 'Got Mirk?' shirts...

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    Receive ALL THE ABOVE, plus a CAMEO IN THE NEXT MIRK MUSIC VIDEO.... ok, so it's obvious this is the best pledge level for most! We really want your face in our next music pledge, then hang out with us all day while we shoot the video! Eat our food, and maybe even tell us what to do from time to time since you are helping to fund the video.

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    Receive ALL THE ABOVE, plus a PRIVATE MIRK performance. WOW, Mirk for hire....are you serious??

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    Receive ALL OF THE ABOVE, plus MIRK will come to your house and cook you BREAKFAST...just breakfast though, not all the other stuff in the song breakfast. Seriously, just cook you breakfast.

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