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Rockopolis RPG - The first f*cking Rock'n Play game
Rockopolis RPG - The first f*cking Rock'n Play game
182 backers pledged €6,483 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Minòs Games (Creator)

It's half past midnight here in Italy.
I could say that, given that I'm a Rocker, this is the time I usually start my real life, but I was actually going to bed.
"A quick check to the campaign", I said to myself.

Now I'm here, staring at the screen (and writing this. But staring), a little incredulous.
I know Kickstarter automatically update the fundings on the page, but I still refreshed it a couple of times to be sure.

It seems we're there. At the goal.
To be honest, it's a little behind us.

All this long way to reach it (started well before the beginning of the campaign, as you may easily imagine) and we've barely seen it, moving on right after hitting it.
I was hoping to see it closer, minute after minute, to enjoy the beautiful moment when I could realize our project would really become reality, but now...

Now I don't want to see it anymore.
Now I want it to be far.
Far behind us, of course.

There are so many things to do with this projects, so many goals to hit.
Rock never stops (you can't stop it, someone used to sing), nor we will.

So, my awesome, incredible rocking friends, let's move on with this rocking project!
Let's break the limits, let's make this creature of us bigger, and better.

It's a long way to the top, but who cares? The first steps are made, now it's just legwork.

Thank you everybody. Really, thank you very much.
We promise we will do our best, our rocking, f*cking best to make you proud and happy of your support, as we are.

Stay tuned and see: the wonders of Rock are all to come.

And if you have any request, don't hesitate to ask: this project is for you!

With our warmest gratitude,

Davide, Andrea and Gilbert

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    1. Minòs Games 3-time creator on

      Jason, yours was probably the best comment EVER on Kickstarter!

    2. Jason "Polar_Bear" Koepp on

      Walk to A New Level for This Love, Rockopolis. You were really Living After Midnight when you saw that the project had been funded, I'm sure. And we know we've got Another Thing Coming if this was just gonna be the end of things. I was happy to Awaken and have my Face Fisted by the announcement that the project was over its goal. Who Do You Love? Come on and Spit It Out! It's Rockopolis! You'd have to have a Head Like A Hole if you didn't back the project. Maybe wear a shirt with "I'm With Stupid" on it if you're standing next to someone too Paranoid to get into the awesomeness. When this project is over, you should take a Wisconsin Death Trip to celebrate. But for now, it's time to Turn the Page and get on through some stretch goals. Hells Bells, let's rock!