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A gateway Euro style pickup and deliver game based on random hex tiles.

Your small island is peaceful and prosperous – so prosperous that your tribe has grown beyond its ability to sustain you! Fortunately, being a peaceful people you have chosen not to fight over what little there is. Instead, you set out in your seagoing Wa’a (canoe) to fish and gather crops from the many nearby islands. The fertility goddess Haumea has blessed these islands, and they are rich with fruits, vegetables, and spices. It is a matter of pride to collect the finest harvest for the village. Can you win the race against time and the sea, and prove that you are the best gatherer of all?

A picture of the way the game might look like (not the final). 

AGES: 8+

Tahiti is a gateway euro-style game of pickup and deliver. Easy enough to play for all ages (my 6 year old daughter and 8 year old son have no problems) and lasts about 60 minutes.

In Tahiti the goal is to collect crops (coconuts, taro, bananas, spice) and fish from the surrounding islands to score points with bonuses for making full sets and acquiring the most of their family favorites which are hidden from the other players.

The game starts off with just your home island and its immediate neighboring islands. Players build up the archipelago of fertile islands with the guidance of Haumea for the first part of the game until all islands are in play. Players seed the islands each turn giving them some control over where crops replenish. Once the archipelago is formed, the late season is triggered when crops start becoming scarce, with players occasionally stopping an island from producing altogether. Although the late season may not be as good for crops, fishing becomes easier with bonuses given to the waters around some of the islands.

Some of the 22 hex tiles to build the world dynamically each play...

During all this the players travel by Wa’a from island to island using action points to collect the crops they want or can get to before the others take them. As the Wa’a fills, it becomes slower limiting the number of actions they have. There are also treacherous reefs around the islands that require you go around them or risk losing some of the crops aboard your Wa’a. At the end of the year, the one who most efficiently gathers food for their family wins.

One of the playermats that store your goods and tell you your score.

Take a look at the GAME RULES IN PDF.

Reviews Round Up: See Update #7


  • What happens if I have my 4 actions, and on my last action I collect a cube and cover up a rower (leaving only 3 rowers showing, but I've taken 4 actions...)?

Nothing special happens. You end your turn happy you got away with such shenanigans.

  • When drawing cubes for crossing a reef, do you wait until the end of the turn then draw 1 cube for each reef crossed? Or do you draw right after the action that crossed the reef?

You resolve each reef immediately as you cross it.

  • When drawing for fish, did the video say I only keep 1 no matter how many Fish I draw? Is that per draw, or per turn?

That is correct and that's per action spent drawing. So if you spend 1 action to draw fish and get 2 of them, you keep just one. Even if you spend another action to continue to draw again, but draw none this time, you don't get the extra fish from the first draw, you get none for the second draw.

Each Tahiti game will include:
1 Haumea pawn (the goddess of fertility)
- 80 Goods cubes (16 each of 5 types)
- 4 Player boards
- 4 Canoes
- 7 Favorite Crops tiles
- 1 Home Island tile
- 18 Island tiles
- 3 Water tiles
- 1 Drawstring bag
- 18 Depletion Tokens

The game will come with wooden "canoes" that you move around as your pawns. Below is a current working design for those. There will also be a large pawn included to represent the Goddess.

Pledge Reward
Custom Draw-String Bag

At certain pledge levels you will receive this custom draw string bag made for the game from  This quality bag (4x4x5") is just perfect for the cubes to be drawn from. Though the game will come with a bag, this pledge level will get a special extra custom high quality bag in for ONLY the Kickstarter supporters.

Pledge Reward
Mega Gamer pack for $90 pledge includes:


Cardboard Start Player Token

While it's not needed some people expressed interest in a start player marker as well as a shorter reachable goal then the 20k goal. So we've decided we could include a small start player token in the game without much added cost if it was cardboard. We envision some sort of totem pole design, but this one below was just wiped up for a place holder for now.

Custom Wood Pawn

At this level of support we will throw in for free to everyone a custom designed wooden large pawn for the Goddess of the game. This would be symmetrical and just unusual shape. Not a mold or special carving.The game will come with a more typical and probably smaller pawn if this goal is not reached. But this will be a nice upgrade!

Plastic molded Canoes & Tiki (Goddess)

If we get enough support we can pay for a model and mold to be made to have some nice looking canoes out of colored plastic included in the game. Also we'll make a cool Tiki figure to use as the Goddess pawn in the game.

THE DESIGNERDavid E. Whitcher

I have been refining Tahiti for several years now, balancing play to the number of players, eliminating first player advantages and streamlining it all so that it’s accessible to players of a wide variety of ages and gaming experience. This is why I’m very excited that we are launching Tahiti with this campaign. It will allow us get it to market quickly with high quality components and hopefully some neat bonuses to boot if we exceed our goal. Minion Games is doing a fantastic job bringing Tahiti to life with beautiful, vibrant, fun art – Don’t you just love the cover, and custom player pieces.  If you are half as excited as I am I know you’ll want to support Tahiti and get your copy before they reach the stores.

SUPPORTER:  Rael Dornfest
I was so excited to try out Tahiti that I printed (even made a box for it) and played the p-n-p version I received yesterday with my daughter this evening. (She — 8 years old — kicked my butt ;-). What a lovely, sweet little game you've created!

Minion Games has created several board and card games in the last 2 years, being a small publisher we find the cash flow tight - yet we have some more great games we wish to publish! So we come to all you great gamers for assistance in publishing one more!

You can also find many of our other games in PnP there.

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While the game costs more than we're seeking here, we should be able to cover any remaining costs if we at least get that much. But we hope to see more from this effort. So please continue to donate even if we've reached the funding level.

Your copy of the game will arrive at your home before any are on sale at retail stores or conventions! Be the first on you block to show this game off.

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