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The standalone sequel to The Manhattan Project by the same designer. Command your nation's nuclear weapons program during the cold war.
The standalone sequel to The Manhattan Project by the same designer. Command your nation's nuclear weapons program during the cold war.
The standalone sequel to The Manhattan Project by the same designer. Command your nation's nuclear weapons program during the cold war.
2,171 backers pledged $136,663 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Jon Mercurio Knight 4 days ago

      Sweet! I hope that happens for the first print run and we can all enjoy the sturdier player boards!

    2. Minion Games 26-time creator 5 days ago

      There is a good chance we'll do cardboard player boards on the first print run at least. We can downgrade them later. We'll see what the support in the PM looks like. So it may just be a KS only thing in the end.

    3. Missing avatar

      Kasey Nosay 5 days ago

      I agree with Erick. I would LOVE for this game to be the first in the MP line to have cardboard player boards. It's really the only thing, component-wise, that I've never liked about Manhattan Project and Energy Empire.

    4. Erick
      6 days ago

      I actually love your campaigns, having the chance to get the game in retail with all the upgrades is better for the overall success of the franchise. My only request.... Add the money acquired on the pledge manager to see if we can get the last upgrade.... Please!!

    5. Missing avatar

      James Crinage 7 days ago

      @minion games cheers for the reply!!! Good luck on the add-ons for EU and will see you in a month :D

    6. Minion Games 26-time creator on June 16

      @James, I'm in no rush to put up the pledge manager and so it'll be a month.

    7. Missing avatar

      James Crinage on June 16

      Any news on rough estimate for pledge manager?

    8. Missing avatar

      Gary on June 14

      ++100 Wichartbhol & Michael Taylor!

    9. Michael Taylor on June 14

      @Brandon Bolton
      The Campaign mentions September for the PnP. IIRC they had a similar timeline for EE, and was pretty close to it

    10. Missing avatar

      Brandon Bolton on June 14

      I can't wait to get this one on the table. I'm a huge fan of both the original MP, and EE. Just wondering when the print and play version will be available. I've never done a print and play game before, but if the real version isn't out till December I'd consider doing the print and play to get it on the table earlier.

    11. Jon Mercurio Knight on June 14

      Congrats, I look forward to getting my hands on this game!

    12. Radu P on June 14

      Congratulations, thank you for how you designed and ran this campaign and good luck with our project!

    13. Missing avatar

      Panagiotis Tsoulos on June 13

      Congratulations! Great looking game. Can't wait to get it.

    14. Sarah Reed
      on June 13

      Congrats on a successful campaign! Would have liked the thicker cardstock for the player boards as the thin mats tend to curl, but ah well.

    15. Minion Games 26-time creator on June 13

      @Ethan, sorry I'm late to comment, but yes it does include all the Kickstarter promos.

    16. Missing avatar

      Ethan Kautz on June 13

      Question if I do the $9 backer now does that include all of the kickstarter promo cards? That way I can pick up the full game later without missing any of the promo cards.

    17. Minion Games 26-time creator on June 13

      @ShemZ, based on the sales in the PM in the next month or two and how close we make it and the final costs of the # number we're producing, it's possible we'll throw that in. We'll see.

    18. Steven Crane
      on June 13

      Last ever BGG update for this game! Throw some comments and likes it's way to draw what attention we can :)

    19. Missing avatar

      on June 13

      @Minion Games - I recall in the survey, the $150k stretch goal was the most popular SG. Unfortunately, at this rate, I don't think we can get it. Is there any chance or other way we can get a thicker player board even without hitting the SG?

    20. Michael Taylor on June 13

      @Jason, @Mauricio
      To each their own, I guess. I respect them treating backers as more of what is intended, vs them treating us like pre-order customers. They're being upfront and honest, which is more than I can say for most of the other publishers I've seen on KS.

    21. Mauricio Vives on June 13

      I agree with @Jason... I don't mind the goals, but perhaps different wording (or "spin") would have made them sound better.

    22. Mauricio Vives on June 13

      Nice to see that $130K stretch goal hit! This might even beat Chain Reaction in total money raised.

      One comment (possibly mentioned earlier): I noticed that the winner determination section of the rules is called "The Clock Strikes Midnight." This is not really a good name for it, because the "clock striking midnight" is really a scenario where everyone *loses.*

      Actually, it would be be interesting to have such an option, i.e. where a player loses by triggering war (a la Twilight Struggle) or everyone loses together.

    23. Missing avatar

      on June 13

      A lot of games have to sacrifice quality for cost, this is not an unreasonable thing to fathom.

    24. Missing avatar

      Jason Allen
      on June 13

      For future campaigns, it might be a good idea to look at how you 'frame' your stretch goals. Reading the detail on some has me a bit disappointed.

      Some of the lower goals make sense (cubes to shaped/printed etc). But alternate artwork to make bomber pieces easier to tell apart, which is ‘important’? If it’s important why wasn’t it done in the first place??

      Likewise upgrading building tiles from 1.5mm to 2mm as is typical of a high-quality board game? You’re saying that if that goal isn’t met you’re putting out a lower quality board game, or that your plan was to put out a lower quality game?

      May just be nitpicking but doesn’t sound great. Looking forward to the project though, here’s hoping the player boards can make it to cardboard as it seems they should be.

    25. Missing avatar

      Panagiotis Tsoulos on June 13

      People forget that Kickstarter isn't an online shop. Kickstarter is a backing system to contribute to make a quality product. This campaign has significantly improved the final product that I will be enjoying. I have several games where I would have gladly paid 15 or 20+ more for better components.

    26. Minion Games 26-time creator on June 13

      @Wichartbhol, thank you for the support and helping make the game better for all.

    27. Minion Games 26-time creator on June 13

      @Brad, I can respect that choice and I hope you check the game out when its are released.

    28. Wichartbhol Surapolbhichet
      on June 13

      Asian backer here, personally considering everything and Minion Games responses, I decided to upgrade from just getting the stretch goals to fully support Minion Games and get the whole full game here in this KS.

      <3 Manhattan Project

    29. Brad Dickinson on June 13

      I unfortunately am going to have to cancel my pledge. I love this line and own all the previous games, but being in Canada the shipping and exchange rate make it too costly. If Energy Empire is any indication, it will cost me 30+ bucks more to back it now rather than wait for retail. Sorry Minion games! I still love your games!

    30. Felix Chu
      on June 12

      Alright. So 2 points.
      1. The promos usually cost between 5 to 10 dollars from stores and i am going to guess that the bonus nations card and the bonus expansion is going to be 5 and 10 respectively. Give or take. I am looking at promo prices from bgg store and boardgamebliss.

      I am in canada so that will make it really close to the shipping. It would be off by a couple bucks at most so i am hoping that this wont dissuade people from pledging.

      2. I live close to the states. If you do as well maybe consider getting a us address (for those in greater vancouver i recommend in and out parcels because the fees are lower if not the same as other places and they have a 24 hour pickup service.)

      I am adding the add ons after the campaign because its the same price as my supplier and it comes with the bonus. Wish i could add them now but i cant spend more until next week.. sigh

      Anyways, hope we get the last sg.

    31. Minion Games 26-time creator on June 12

      Regarding the people saying they can get the game cheaper later, that's kind of a matter of shipping and where you live as that will affect your final cost. Not a lot we can do about international shipping that we haven't already done using a company in the UK to fill orders.

      In the USA though, the game's MSRP is $64.99. Then we pay about $15 shipping to get you the game. That's a discount of sorts - at least it comes out of our pockets. So we're really charging only $45 for the game ($59 pledge) which is exactly what CoolStuff Inc. and others are charging for the same priced Energy Empire right now. Then, we're also giving you bonus cards, early delivery, and a mini-expansion for helping back the game.

      So, the only savings you'll find later is that of shipping. If you regularly order at a place that gets you free shipping you may save $15. You could consider backing the $9 world supporter level then at least you'll still get the mini-expansion and bonus cards.

    32. Minion Games 26-time creator on June 12

      @Jens, the 3rd printing is at the printer in China right now being made. The problem is I don't wish to open the flood gates till I know a pallet of games has been shipped to the EU. So there is a 95% chance I'll have Energy Empire as an add-on in the Project Manager in a month or two at a reasonable worldwide shipping.

      Those of you outside the USA saying you'll wait for retail, be warned that even our award winning Energy Empire game is sometimes hard to find in retail - so this game will only be harder.

    33. Jens Kaaber Pors
      on June 12

      Looking forward to news about the pallet of EE in the UK 8)

    34. Minion Games 26-time creator on June 12

      For those of you outside the USA considering waiting for retail, just remember that even our most popular award winning game, Energy Empire is sometimes hard to find in stores near you. We have worldwide distribution, but that doesn't make your local stores buy it or the nearby distributors stock it well. We're constantly being asked where to get the game yet it's been out for 6 months with 2 print runs. So, I'm just saying, you may have a hassle finding a place to buy the game from later if you don't ask your local retailers to work at getting copies of EE and this game. It's not as simple as "I'll just wait for retail" in many cases.

    35. Minion Games 26-time creator on June 12

      @Vincent, correct. Any stretch goals not met here will never be made in any version of the game. Pledging now helps make the game better for everyone.

    36. Minion Games 26-time creator on June 12

      @Austin, yes the new Second Stage which is what we'll be shipping comes with the Nations 1 and 2.

    37. Minion Games 26-time creator on June 12

      @Mira, you can add money for EE later in the PM. Right now in KS we are only supporting USA delivery. We're working on getting a pallet of EE to the UK which case it'll be reasonable shipping outside the USA for a copy of EE in the pledge manager. Shipping for anything else though, will be steep in the PM as it has to ship from the USA which typically ads $20.

    38. Minion Games 26-time creator on June 12

      @Rudy, coins are cardboard. We may do a campaign in the future for more coins of metal.

    39. tarod83 on June 12

      Echoing Shawn Sharp here, pulling my pledge. Best of luck, guys!

    40. Vincent van Beelen
      on June 12

      Will it mean that if we do not reach the chipboard/cardboard SGs of $130K and $150K that the retail version will not have these upgrades either?

    41. Jason on June 12

      @Mira_NL - You can add the extra money to your pledge now, or after with the pledge manager. However, adding now helps us unlock more of the stretch goals. ;-)

    42. Missing avatar

      Austin Atkinson on June 12

      For the MP1 & Second Stage expansion add-ons, does this also include the Nations Expansion? Thanks!

    43. Missing avatar

      Mira_NL on June 12

      Glad I caught this KS at the tail end :)

      Do I have to increase my pledge now if I want to add EE or can it only be added later?

    44. rudy priecinsky
      on June 12

      Are those coins metal or cardboard ?

    45. Shawn Sharp on June 11

      @minion - Whilst I appreciate that it's only $10 from your perspective... from my perspective (assuming that MP2 and MP:EE are costed the same) its ~$20-$25 AUD for maybe 5 tiles and 2-3 cards. I can buy MP:Chain Reaction (a whole game) game for that price.

      Look... I get that, as a publishers, shipping sux. All the pain you feel.... that's compounded by my fellow Australians. I get that you'd like as many backers as possible. And for some people there is sufficient incentive. Unfortunately, that's not me. A wiser man than me once said; "If the game is any good, it'll still be good at retail".

      I wish you the best of luck, in particular while sorting out shipping options for future campaigns.


    46. Steven Crane
      on June 11

      In preparation for the 48 hour emails going out, here is the latest update thread on BGG

    47. Minion Games 26-time creator on June 11

      @Chris, yes the world supporter pledge will include the EE card.

    48. Missing avatar

      Chris H on June 11

      Will the Energy Empire card be included in the World Supporter pledge? Thanks!

    49. s2601d
      on June 10

      @JRobot, i EU you can get all MP parts of game only problem is to get Energy Empire in a locas board games shop by same or a bit higher price then in this campaign so what the point for you order from USA and pay VAT i dont undestand.
      If talking about MP2 you are backing for a new game, and you will get it as fast as you can, if for you this 5,10,15$ from retail price and KS campaign really huge problem and change something in your life then sorry, Kickstarter is not for you haven't backing projects where shipping coat higher then price of reward. Read FAQ of KS carefully ITS NOT A STORE!

    50. Missing avatar

      JRobot on June 9

      I think the point is, if a backer lives in the US, you've made a decent deal for them. $6 cheaper than retail with shipping included and "early" delivery (versus retail). Plus a few KS exclusives and the ability to add on other games. Outside of the US (EU and Canada, for example), I'm still paying for shipping, plus exchange to USD, no way to get other games through the campaign without paying excessive shipping from the US, may have to pay customs fees (Canada)... So as Shawn says, your pricing model just doesn't make me feel (as an international backer) like I should jump all in. I'm still backing for the exclusives and will pick the game up retail, I'm just disappointed my contribution isn't higher to add to the overall increases in game value (ie, stretch goals). But I just can't justify the cost to myself for the full pledge. I know the point of kickstarter isn't necessarily to get a deal on things, but I guess that's just the way I've come to view it.

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