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The standalone sequel to The Manhattan Project by the same designer. Command your nation's nuclear weapons program during the cold war.
The standalone sequel to The Manhattan Project by the same designer. Command your nation's nuclear weapons program during the cold war.
The standalone sequel to The Manhattan Project by the same designer. Command your nation's nuclear weapons program during the cold war.
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    1. s2601d
      about 1 hour ago

      Dear Minion Games i wanted to ask, abut shipping me contact "Games Quest" or PM
      Because my package was sended 06.04.2018
      Now is 22.04.2018 still package not arrived, at Games Quest web page written what European Shipping take maximum 14, if package not arrived contact their office.
      Best wishes

    2. Vincent van Beelen
      2 days ago

      Nevermind. Found them. They fell out of the shipping box before I had even opened it.

    3. Vincent van Beelen
      2 days ago

      They were not in the zipbag.

    4. Minion Games 27-time creator 3 days ago

      They said something about using top-loaders to store the extra cards. So I'd find that hard to miss. They could have put them in the ziplock too I guess. But if you got the mini expansion that is where the MtM promos are kept - inside the expansion. The two that were external to that would be the EE promo cards.

    5. Vincent van Beelen
      3 days ago

      Are the two promo card suppose to be loose in the cardboard shipping box? I cannot find the both of them.The mini-expansion was there though. They were checked off on the invoice.
      Received in the Netherlands. Delivery service just dropped the package in front of my door. Do not know the name of the delivery service.

    6. Claude Tucker
      3 days ago

      My package arrived safely in Vancouver, BC Canada yesterday. Looks great! Thanks Minion Games!

    7. Björn Fink 4 days ago

      It's here!!!!!

    8. Giacomo
      4 days ago

      It’s arrived here in Italy.
      Excellent component, but I’m just a little disappointed by the box that is a little bigger than the original Manhattan Project and Energy Empire.

    9. J.P.
      5 days ago

      Arrived today in Alberta, Canada. Thanks!

    10. Missing avatar

      Henrik Jakobsen 5 days ago

      Got mine in DK today ;)

    11. Minion Games 27-time creator 5 days ago

      @Christiane, are you sure it was DHL cause GQ's system says royal mail untracked. Just curious.

    12. Missing avatar

      Christiane Rueth
      5 days ago

      Arrived today in Germany (NRW), via DHL. Looks great :-)

    13. Björn Fink 5 days ago

      Nothing in MS Germany yet

    14. Steven Crane
      5 days ago

      Got my game in the UK too :)

    15. Minion Games 27-time creator 6 days ago

      @Matthew, please don't leave customer service issues in the comments. I'll PM you and we'll get you the game.

    16. Matthew Scouten 7 days ago

      Hey, I have a problem and it's partially my fault. I am a US backer and didn't realized my game was late until someone else pulled a copy out at game night.

      It turns out CrowdOx had my address from almost 2 years ago and I did not pay enough attention to the survey. My copy probably bounced back to you a while ago. It there a chance I can get it resent to my proper address?

    17. Missing avatar

      Derek Marshall
      7 days ago

      Uk. Received my KS today. Brilliant.

    18. Missing avatar

      Kyle Deluce on April 13

      Booom! Got mine in the U.K. today.
      Looks amazing. Thank you minion games.

    19. The Walking Joe on April 13

      Game has arrived in Austria today.

    20. Björn Fink on April 13

      Nothing yet in Münster Germany

    21. The Walking Joe on April 13

      @EU backers, who already got their game. Who has been the forwarder?

    22. Missing avatar

      david on April 13

      still waiting in Barcelona

    23. Ruben W. on April 13

      I got my World Supporter-pledge yesterday in Belgium. Thank you :)

    24. Marco Biondi on April 12

      Game arrived today in Italy. I appreciate the overall quality of the components. Waiting for first play!

    25. Björn Fink on April 12

      @Paul Smith: I totally get it, but the people here are behaving like the game is now worth zero money. As a Retailer you always take a risk with a KS. I think KS should be for the end customer as intented and not for retailers to get the game earlier than their competitors but thats just my opinion. Kickstarter is not a pre order...everybody should be clear about that...and world wide delivery and shipment is a really complicated case to handle.

    26. Björn Fink on April 12

      Here in Germany the cheapest listing for the game from a retailer is 75,95 i got a pretty good deal here with the promos and the mini expansion. Some people (Retail pledgers excluded) give me the feeling their life depends on it that they get the game early...who cares, its a boardgame, its kickstarter...shit happens but...come on guys...

    27. Missing avatar

      on April 11

      That is great... we are screwed and now being scolded by the publisher... Minion Games - First, you obviously had means to produce this game without KS, so don't give me that "you made this project happen", shame on you to pretend this is some charity we do for you, so cynical... This is supposed to be win-win, you get your money first and we get something extra (time, value, cheaper, etc) but not some crumbs and then the great news the game is as fast and cheaper on retail... If you don't hold your side of the bargain, good luck with your next campaign... Not saying what you did is illegal, unfair or immoral.. but these are stupid business decisions and so I am out of here.

    28. Minion Games 27-time creator on April 11

      @Christiane, most of the packages are untracked as tracking outside the UK costs $5-10 more and people don't wish to pay that and I can't absorb that since we already are paying VAT and Fulfillment costs above what we normally pay.

    29. Minion Games 27-time creator on April 11

      @Hussian, it says yours has shipped with tracking # MQ201027844GB ... but I'm sure it just got packed today and so you may not have gotten the notice. Everyone else, please give it a few days before asking me and please use PM not the comments.

    30. Missing avatar

      Christiane Rueth
      on April 11

      I received an email last Saturday, telling me that my games is on the way. When I try to track it, the link tells me "Your parcel has been sent on an untracked service.".
      Any informations about that?
      Btw., I live in Germany...

    31. Hussain Zaman
      on April 11

      Hi - I live in the UK and haven’Thor my package - or even a tracking number!

      Can you confirm my package has been shipped? Thanks - Hussain

    32. Minion Games 27-time creator on April 11

      @Daniel. Sorry, you feel that way. But your copy has stuff the retail doesn't have. You have a mini-expansion for free that they don't have. You helped make this game better with higher quality that we wouldn't have done without your support. Kickstarter is NOT a pre-order store for cheapest prices on the market - one should NOT think of KS that way. If all you want is the cheapest price, for sure never back a Kickstarter.

    33. Missing avatar

      Tim Love on April 11

      UK promos have arrived today.

    34. Minion Games 27-time creator on April 11

      @Karl, I looked up yours and it has a Tracking no. MQ201028685GB -- so it's at the very least sitting on their dock waiting for pickup.

    35. Minion Games 27-time creator on April 11

      @Paul, as per the just posted update, everything has been shipped. I just looked up yours and saw Tracking no. MQ201028195GB

    36. Paul Smith
      on April 11

      So, it's a week since GQ said they were starting shipping, and 'it could take up to a week' to ship, so I presume they have all been shipped as GQ had promised.

      Has anyone in Europe received a shipping notice or tracking number from GQ yet? I know I haven't, and I'm in the UK.

    37. Missing avatar

      on April 11

      This campaign symbolizes one of the reasons to quit KS... I paid $59 for the game and 5 days after receiving, the very same game is available for purchase on multiple retailers for $45. Now I can see a big "sucker" sign on my forehead when I look myself in the mirror.

    38. Karl
      on April 11

      Any chance of an update on shipping. Your last update said: "I've confirmed with GamesQuest in the UK that they have taken delivery of the games into their warehouse today. They expect to start shipping tomorrow and that could take up to a week."

      We always knew that was never going to happen with GQ involved but could we have a more realistic arrival date now? Thanks!

    39. Paul Smith
      on April 10

      Björn, there are "retailer" levels of pledge. I guess that is what he had. Retailer pledges help KS projects and let retailers have copies to sell early. If retailers get the copies late, they have no incentive to help back KS projects. I understand his complaint totally.

    40. Björn Fink on April 10

      Ah sorry now i see the problem, okey but as minion games already said, he can sell the KS Version with Promos and Mini Expansion nearly the same time than the normal distributors.

    41. Björn Fink on April 10

      And he said in his post that he wanted to sell the games 1 month before Retail...sorry i dont get it, seems like hes not a retailer.

    42. Björn Fink on April 10

      I thought the Problem is, that Backers get it later than Retailers. Complaining about delays and hickups in KS projects is like complaining about the weather, he took a risk in his business...thats bad luck.

    43. Karl
      on April 10

      @Björn Fink He sounds like a retailer who is concerned he's missing the new release window that other retailers are currently experiencing. Depending on what he paid compared to his regular supplier he could have to sell the games at a loss. Maybe a bit of empathy would go a long way to understanding why he's annoyed.

    44. Björn Fink on April 10

      You wanted to makr an extra buck out of people who missed the KS and now you are upset? Really?

    45. Björn Fink on April 10

      Since when are Kickstarter Projects a sure thing? Delays happen all the time...thats life, its a freakin Boardgame for christ

    46. Tom Sowerby on April 10

      Yes I am. Let me explain why. I backed this project on the premise of receiving the games to sell 1 month before they hit distribution. I tied my money up in this project for a long time in order to do that. This is money that otherwise would have been spent on other games to sell in the meantime or it could have just sat in the bank and accrued interest. But I took the hit on that to have the opportunity to sell this game before most of my competitors. As it now stands not only will the games not be available a month before distribution but distribution actually has them before I do. Meaning my competitors can now sell the game before I do. By the time my games arrive will the market be there for them? These games are now much less valuable to me. I understand that you have had set backs. But what is my incentive to back your projects in the future? I’m sure you could have pushed back the distribution release to honour the promise to retail backers.
      On top of this I have found your responses to people’s opinions of this matter show either a complete lack of care or complete lack of understanding in why they are upset. No apologies, no offers to try and solve the situation or courtesy offers to ease Ill feelings. Just blanket statements of the situation and a like it or lump it attitude.

    47. Björn Fink on April 9

      All the complainers...seriously...get a life.

    48. Terence Burnett on April 9

      It’s a shame that the backers haven’t got it earlier but I personally want my write off Minion Games. I think they are a great bunch with great games.

    49. Minion Games 27-time creator on April 9

      @Tom, it wasn't a decision, it was a series of delays and problems for non-USA backers. We have 1 hick-up out of 20+ games and you're going to write us off?

    50. Darren Christie
      on April 9

      UK retailers expecting it tomorrow/Wednesday in store from Asmodee UK from report I’ve seen.

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