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Hegemonic is a 4X game of galactic exploration, empire building, conflict and cunning. Use 3 distinct powers to rule the universe.
Hegemonic is a 4X game of galactic exploration, empire building, conflict and cunning. Use 3 distinct powers to rule the universe.
Hegemonic is a 4X game of galactic exploration, empire building, conflict and cunning. Use 3 distinct powers to rule the universe.
1,000 backers pledged $87,844 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Mike Mureddu on

      still have not received my coins.

    2. Minion Games 27-time creator on

      We have several new campaigns coming soon! Help us out by answering less than 10 questions about your Kickstarter usage and have a chance to win a free game!

    3. Minion Games 27-time creator on

      Our Metal Future Coins are now at and they are also running a 25% off Minion Games board & card games sale.

    4. Nicholas on

      Just got and opened my copy. Everything looks great! Thanks again Minion Games.

    5. Minion Games 27-time creator on

      Any shipping, order, missing product questions MUST be sent to at this point. They do NOT monitor comments.

    6. Missing avatar

      Tatiana Ruiz Cavallaro Cordioli on

      Hi, until now I did not received the game. What happened?

    7. Minion Games 27-time creator on

      Orange Grey, 200 sleeves. I am not positive they fit. If you're having a problem fitting them then they probably don't. Please send us an email.

    8. Ol Roger Lighty on

      OK, I have 200 sleeves, orange grey (MDG-7044)-- I will figure it out. sorry.

    9. Minion Games 27-time creator on

      USA Standard cards sleeves should work fine for the game.

    10. Minion Games 27-time creator on

      The red and orange gates turned out too close in color, you can see some solutions here:

    11. Ol Roger Lighty on

      This has punched out very clean and easy.

    12. Ol Roger Lighty on

      Label is roange/brown (I am not good on colors)., with a grey top.

    13. Ol Roger Lighty on

      The sleeve is MAYDAY GAMES. Standard USA size Card Sleeves. Size 57.5 MM X 89 MM. Clear Polypropylene, Archival safe. .... Acid Free - No PVC

    14. Ol Roger Lighty on

      Sorry to post again. I am not great on colors. I am seeing three colors of gates. I see 3 pair of one color, 6 of a second color, and 9 pair of a third color. Please help me to make this 6 colors by 3 pair each. My (artist) daughter says I am really bad with colors!

    15. Minion Games 27-time creator on

      Maybe you got a wrong type of sleeve? They should be in a bag with a green label on it. They should feed snug, but need no stretching. 1 of the 2 bags should have a "60" written on it where we put an extra 60 sleeves in so you have 110.

    16. Ol Roger Lighty on

      Are the included card sleeves intended for use with these cards? I admit this is the first game I have used sleeves. How does one stretch them to fit? I am sorry If I seem ignorant. I am. I am happy to have this game and want to bring it to the local monthly board game gathering on March 1. (Missed the president weekend local Game Convention.)

    17. Rick on

      I received my copy last week. It looks fantastic. All the Kickstarter extras are really nice.

      I know it had some delays, but everything was absolutely fantastic.

    18. Marian Bohacik on

      Received the game yesterday. Nothing missing, but waiting for promo shipped from US.
      Very pleased with component quality, everything is nice and sturdy. Happy to see some good cardstock for cards.

    19. Minion Games 27-time creator on

      Your missing stuff is being sent on Monday. Your copy has over $30 worth of free stuff and an exclusive cover. So I wouldn't be comparing them to what you can get at Amazon.

    20. Daryl McLaurine

      Missing a great deal of stuff.

      Not only that, I am seeing this being sold on Amazon of all things for much cheaper than MSRP, cheaper than the cost point from the Kickstarter.

      Very displeased.

    21. Minion Games 27-time creator on

      Karlis, please contact us directly. T-Shirts and Bits were ONLY sold to USA customers, so if you really want them then you need to pay for shipping for them. Else we can refund you.

    22. Karlis Jerins on

      Received the game some time last week, and got the arbiter token and coins from the other kickstarter this morning. Great stuff and I'm excited to try it all out!

      A bit is still not here, though - the coins that were offered as a replacement for the custom sleeves, and the t-shirt. That's all shipping at some later date, right?

    23. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      Note this is not about all the confusion about sleeves from the campaign but rather sleeves I bought on my own accord. Has anyone else noticed that the cards are about a mm longer than card sleeves. I can't decide if I got a couple of bum packs from amazon or if these cards are just a slightly bigger size than normal standard cards?

    24. Clark Rodeffer on

      The big all at once shipment arrived in great shape. Thanks!

    25. Missing avatar

      Jim Wuerch

      Like others, I'm a bit confused by the sleeves, but since they were a throw-in after the custom sleeves failed, it's ok. The coins and game look fantastic!

    26. Missing avatar

      Kumquat on

      I received mine recently and there was a loose card in the shipping box, Cosmic Engineering. From reading the commends it looks like I should also have received a Dimensional Anomaly card. Is that correct?

    27. Minion Games 27-time creator on

      Please note if you have issues with your order, only a Private Message in Kickstarter or an Email directly to will get any action taken. We do not skim the comments for shipping errors.

    28. Michael on

      they have arrived!!! wooo

    29. BRASKY on

      I posted the previous comment in part because my box came without any of the metal coins. I have pulled everything including the cardboard insert out of the box and they just aren't there. Please help!

    30. BRASKY on

      Got my copy in the mail today! Super excited to try it out. The priority mail box was damaged and had one of the velvet bags hanging out of it, so I am a little concerned as to whether everything made it that was supposed to. I backed at the Spacer level and am having trouble determining what all should have shipped to me besides the base game.

    31. Jim West on

      So after running back to my house from the mailbox for my forklift, I managed to get my copy into my house.

      Opened up this magnificent package the whole time thinking; "wow! this is amazingly heavy."

      Pull out all the contents and then attempted to move what I thought was now just an empty bottom box. But Nooooooooo. Pulled up the cardboard section to find all my metal coins there as well.


      So now have everything sorted into the velvet bags. Printed up the FAQ/Errata sheet along with the Teaching Script.

      Now I just need to find something to mark the bags to show which denomination of coin it contains.

      Am looking forward to giving this a whirl later! Great quality thus far! Thank you!

    32. William S. on

      I received my coins and box there was a nasty slash in the back of package which did some cosmetic damage to the game box, but really I'm just happy to have gotten my stuff. Everything is of really good quality. Thank you guys for putting out a quality product.

    33. Jeff Fox on

      Question on the metal coins...mine appear to be 1's are gold and my 5's are silver. I also got 20 of each...

    34. TBog on

      Today I received an envelope with Dimensional Anomaly and the plastic Arbiter. Can't wait to receive the coins.

    35. Oliver Kiley on

      Just chiming in to say that it's nice seeing the copies of the game getting out all the backers. I really appreciate everyone's patience, I know it's been a long road. James has been cranking on getting a lot of orders out the door, so I just wanted to send my thanks for his efforts.

      As far as the game goes, I of course would love to hear anyone's thoughts or comments here or on BGG (or wherever!) when you've had a chance to dig into. Also, do check out the Hegemonic Teaching Script (link below) if learning the game + teaching on your own. It distills the rules down and addresses some common questions that have popped up as the game gets more exposure.
      Also, you might want to look at the FAQ/ERRATA just to be sure you didn't miss anything. Here's the link for that:…
      Last, I encourage everyone that is on BGG to rate Hegemonic if/when you feel inclined to do so. A comments are awesome too :)
      Cheers and thank you all again!

    36. Minion Games 27-time creator on

      Your backerkit account said you bought the standard and mini sleeves. They were really offered only for those people picking up The Manhattan Project too. Sorry if that was confusing.

    37. Kevin McKenzie on

      Got mine today :) One question though what are the 150 card sleeves for since they are too small for any of the cards in the game?

    38. Philip Loyer

      Got mine today! Was excited to see my name in the rulebook!

    39. J Aaron

      Just arrived here in California. Thanks!

    40. Jason Speicher

      thank you so much minion, box was a perfect size for everything. man is it heavy.

    41. Bob Aarhus on

      Also received in VA, with all the stretch goal goodies to boot. Will hopefully get it to the table this evening.

    42. Jason Speicher

      Received mine in VA, came with 7 felt bags, my wife liked the bags quite a bit. Also got the oins and 2 promo cards. Dimensional Anomaly and cosmic engineering. Thanks The box was very heavy.

    43. TBog on

      Thank you for the info!
      Everything looks as it should, FANTASTIC !!!
      I'm still reading the rules, hope to play this weekend.

    44. Minion Games 27-time creator on

      Rashkatah, the people missing stuff at Essen are not being shipped quite yet. So much more to do before backfilling starts.

      TBog, that is surely the game but only 50 coins went out with the first shipments from them. Expect a second shipment in a week with the rest of your coins.

      Michael & others... We're working as fast as we can with 3+ staff members- still with most all the coin orders being custom packing jobs, it's really slowed us down to about 100 orders a day at most. That means it's going to take a week or two to get through all these Hegemonic & Coin orders. The ones for <= 250 coins are going out first.

    45. Elizabeth Fyvie on

      Received mine today (in the UK.) Got the bags, coins, tokens etc. Didn't get the signed foil box, which is a bit disappointing. Still, looking forward to getting to play at the weekend.

    46. Michael Smythe on

      Has anyone from Canada who chose to wait for coins got their copy yet?

    47. TBog on

      Just received a notification from the post office that I got a 5kg package from Germany. It has the word "Attacke" on it. I hope it's Hegemonic with all the coins :D

    48. Missing avatar

      Markus Birkhold on


      got my game today. Will try to play it on the weekend. However the order got a little mixed up. So I got 30 1cap, 10 5cap and 10 10cap. No problem there, but I didn't get the foil kickstarter package, which makes me a little sad :(

    49. rashktah on

      So my missing bags (from Essen) will be shipped next week? Finally...

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