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These metal coins were designed for the board game Hegemonic but are useful for any science fiction game as counters or coins!
These metal coins were designed for the board game Hegemonic but are useful for any science fiction game as counters or coins!
1,432 backers pledged $98,550 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Peter McAndrew on

      I must say I'm unsurprised that the 2/20/200 outsold the 3/25/250 coins, although I'm a little surprised they outsold them by so little.

    2. Mark Johnson

      @Maxfield you will notice the lots (5/10/30/50/100) of coins are $0.00. So you first choose additional coins (where $ is > 0) and then select the coin distribution use the 5/10/30/50/100 coins which have a price of $0.00 each.

    3. Maxfield Stewart

      I never saw a place to actually choose my coin distribution, I bought the 360 pack in lots of 10 of my choosing. BackerKit was extremely confusing as to what I was picking but I never saw an option to choose my lots, just a lot of ways to buy more than what I backed.

    4. William S. on

      Ok should be all fixed now. No 5 packs.

    5. Minion Games 28-time creator on

      That sounds correct Goalkick. If you bought a 75 coin reward or over-pledge by 75 then 1 pack of 5 coins is just fine. I'm trying to stop all the people who have 3 or more 5 packs in their cart as they want only 5 of some coins and that's going to cost me $ to pay staff to split packs.

    6. Goalkick15 (Koalataur <3) on

      Hi there, I pledged at the $59 Late Bird option and then over-pledged by $36: $10 for shipping, $8 for the card sleeves, and $18 for the 75 coin option. Thus, I selected one bag of 5 even though I hadn't originally backed at that pledge level. Was I not supposed to do this? If not I will gladly alter my pledge rewards to avoid buying a 5 pack of coins, but the 75 coin pack fit my budget best. Thanks!

    7. James Greene on

      Sorry I was on vacation till 3/26 but I have updated my backer kit order to reflect my coin choices even if it was a little late.

    8. William

      There's no "standard" distribution of coins. For instance, if one was doing only puerto rico, one would get only 1's and 5's. But with power grid, you'd need things going up to 50. Or with Acquire you'd want them going up to 5,000 or 10,000 It depends entirely on what YOU want to do with the coins. If you want to have a large range and don't mind having minimum per player, I suggest the greedy algorithm details I wrote up.
      Here's some of the more relevant bits that I've posted in these updates before:

      Bare minimum per player:

      2 coins required from each tier mentioned previously means a single pack of 10 of each tier is enough for 5 ppl. 100 coins is 10 packs.
      If one did the 100 coins $24 package, the range would be 1-3886 per player, with FIVE players max (doing it in the greedy pattern shown above one pack of each).

      If one did the 200 coins $45 package, the range would be 1-3886 per player with TEN players max (doing it in the greedy pattern shown above two packs of each).

    9. Missing avatar

      erik stanfill on

      Ok, forgot about the "collectors pack" DERP.

    10. Missing avatar

      erik stanfill on

      By selling coins in packs divisible by ten (or five, for some) how did you end up with 449,387? :)

    11. Mark Johnson

      "Please ONLY use the 10 packs unless you were grandfathered in with the 75 coin pledge."
      Or by extension the multiples of 10 (10, 30, 50, 100).

      As it stands I upgraded my pledge amount and currently have:
      3 x 160 pack (10 of each x 3)
      5 x 10 pack

    12. Missing avatar


      I have not had the time to think about the number of coins. The web site set up to figure this out was confusing to me, and It was not worth trying to figure out how to use it.

      Just send me a standard distribution of coins for my level. :)

    13. William

      And remember, greedy algorithm is 2 coins per player (of things like 1,2,5,10,25,50,100 etc). So 10 coin packs are enough for 5 players. 5 coin packs aren't divisible by 2 :)

    14. Minion Games 28-time creator on

      The problem with the 5 cap orders is we have to open and count a bag just to fill it. It'll slow us way down getting everyone their coins when we're doing 1400+ orders out the door. So if you ordered 75 coins here that's really the only time you should have a 5 pack. I also have to fill some 5 packs from the old Hegemonic if they don't buy any new coins here, but that wouldn't be reflected in the backerkit for this campaign. Thus I should see less then 100 people buying 5 packs and it's some 650 which is people taken advantage and not following directions. Please ONLY use the 10 packs unless you were grandfathered in with the 75 coin pledge.

    15. Minion Games 28-time creator on

      @Asbjørn, Yes.
      I'll probably be ordering 525,000 coins total.

    16. Michael "Maikeruu" Pierno

      Purple twenty didn't do so bad either.

    17. Kevin Brown on

      @James: Almost 450k coins! Impressive! Thanks again for such a great product at such a good price. Awesome KS!

    18. FanOfAllGames on

      My '2' coin idea wasn't so stupid after all. Beat out 3, 200, 250, 500, 5000, 10,000, 100,000. Became the 8th biggest selling coin ;-)

    19. Bob Trezise on

      My sympathies on dealing with the masses. Remember: "You can make it foolproof, but you can't make it damn foolproof."

    20. Matt Black

      Awesome project! C'mon guys! Fill out your surveys. If you selected 5 packs and shouldn't have, correct your mistake! LET'S GO TEAM! I can't wait to have a sci-fi poker night with these. I may even have a shindig and play Tall Card! Shiny!

    21. A. Parmer on

      Will the design of the 3 CAP coin be altered before you place the order?

    22. William S. on

      Sorry about the five packs. I hadn't read the previous update where you tried to get people not to get them.

    23. Mark Johnson

      Since @William mentioned BGG I went there to have a look at the forums.
      Over there one person is stating adding the +50 coins twice. I'm not sure which updated the second +50 was for? I thought we only got the +50 coins once.

      2) In the cart there is an option that states if you backed the original Hegemonic game it'll add +50 coins, I simply placed a quantity of "2" of this option in my cart to indicate the addition of +50 for stretch goal, and +50 for the add-on I put with my original game order.

      And a direct link to @William's post:

    24. William

      Have you seen my discussion (on updates and at BGG) about using the greedy algorithm for the minimum number of coins per player to support any number in the range?
      Dunno if that will help your people or not, but you are welcome to the info.

    25. Mark Johnson

      @Julia if they can't make up their mind just tell them you'll just get multiple lots of the 160 (10 of each) coin sets!

    26. Minion Games 28-time creator on

      Cerity, our next Minion Game will probably be "Battle Merchants" where you are a forge master selling weapons to all warring sides of the goblins, orcs, elves, and dwarves. All you care about is making money. So we'll probably make our next set of coins fantasy based on the Dragon's concept to augment this new game as well. :)

    27. Mark Johnson

      Also a reminder it's easy to forget shipping if you didn't add it previously also!

    28. Mark Johnson

      Thanks, I realised that. The whole thing was a bit confusing at first!

    29. Cerity "Legendary Bottlejak" Silverhawk on

      @Minion I too haven't had the presence of mind... apologies. Agreement with Andy, how many extra are we talking?? Will you be thinking for more additions to coins for your next game?? A portable economy, very swanky.

    30. Minion Games 28-time creator on

      Mark you can add more coins in BackerKit, just add the items like "Over-Pledged @ 100 Coin Reward" and it'll charge you for them. Then add the $0 10 packs to tell us what coins you want.

      As for what fits in a box, that's yet to be truly known, but I was cutting it off around 200.

      UNKNOWN coins are the people who didn't use backerkit to define their selection yet.

    31. Mark Johnson

      done and updated!

    32. Julia Gosztyla Ziobro

      We are still needing to BackerKit for 1150 coins *ducks head in shame* I'm trying to herd FOUR people to make decisions!! Ugh!! I will get on them now...

    33. Andy Lundell

      That's nearly half a million coins!

      You could start your own economy.

    34. Andreas Monitzer

      What the heck are “unknown” coins? How did that happen?
      @Mark Johnson: There's an option for upgrading on the backerkit page, it's a bit down.

    35. Tom Haswell

      52% accuracy and directions following from gamers... sounds legit to me. ;-)

    36. Mark Johnson

      Sorry, I've been working like 11 hour days and forgot to get around to completing BackerKit. Also wanted to upgrade to a larger amount of coins but no option for that. I pledged 280 since we believed that was the amount we could fit into box without shipping).