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These metal coins were designed for the board game Hegemonic but are useful for any science fiction game as counters or coins!
These metal coins were designed for the board game Hegemonic but are useful for any science fiction game as counters or coins!
1,432 backers pledged $98,550 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Minion Games 28-time creator on

      Yes the collectors sets will have the 16th coin 100,000
      I will be sending out BACKERKIT.COM invites probably Sunday. So I'll be sending out a survey on KS here in the next day or so. You have to fill out that survey before Backerkit will invite you.

    2. Edson Carli on

      Thank you. Now I see the yellow banner ^^

    3. KevinR

      @Edson,@Julia -- as I recall, there should also be a yellow banner with a button on every Kickstarter page. That button links to Amazon Payments, where you will be prompted to update the payment information. It seemed straightforward enough when I had to do it a few months ago that I can't even remember the details.

    4. Julia Gosztyla Ziobro

      @Edson, there's usually a link in that email that you can follow to resolve the credit card issue. It could be expiration date, or limit, or whatever... usually it's not too hard to identify and resolve. You have about a week to do it and then your pledge will cancel automatically.

    5. Edson Carli on

      Hi, I have a message from amazon "We're sorry, but your Mar 4, 2013 payment to Minion Development Corp. for $145.00 has failed". How should I proceed?

    6. Missing avatar

      Samuel Klein


    7. Oliver Kiley on

      Oh, I'm not upset (or even really surprised) ... just induced chuckle. Thanks again everyone!

    8. J D Sterling Babcock on

      Wow! Just Wow!

      Many thanks to Minion games for a great ride and all the support! Unfortunately, your work is just beginning!! Thank you for all your hard work!

    9. Hsun-yu Vuong on

      from 6k to nearly 100k, thats a hefty percentage =)

    10. Augustine Von Freiburg

      @Oliver, Plus, these coins are useful for so many other games that people who may not be interested in this style of game would still pledge just to get useful coins...

    11. Gareth Hodges

      You rock :)

    12. greypilgrim on

      Will the 100K coin be just a tad bit longer yet than the 3rd denominational level of coins?

    13. Mark Johnson

      Between this and the Hegemonic KS this followed up they've done a really great job.

    14. Mike Maxson

      @Oliver, there were also 74 of us who are getting Hegemonic through this Kickstarter at the $59 level. I just missed Hegemonic the first time around.

    15. Michael King on

      Thanks for the 100K, Minion!

    16. Oliver Kiley on

      I don't know what this says about Hegemonic - but dang, you all raised more money for the coins than for the original game that spawned this whole thing! Kudos to James and all the backers for an awesome campaign and a great finish. Cheers!

    17. Missing avatar

      Randall Shaw on

      I know this project probably morphed way beyond what you expected but you did a superb job in not only rolling with the flow and remaining as flexible as you could but also in listening to your pledgers and doing your utmost to satisfy as many of them as you possibly could.


    18. Paul on

      You've been great with adding all the stretch goals, I can't wait to get my coins!

    19. Arbitrary Ranger on

      congrats minion games! I can't wait for July

    20. Manary Corte on

      I'm also getting this one in my 5 dollar tour lol

    21. Julia Gosztyla Ziobro

      Thanks! I'm sure people will add well over $1500 via Backerkit but it's still awesome that you're going to tip it over the edge like that. Fun stuff!

    22. APOPHIS1989

      @Jerad, forget the park, it was out of this world! LOL

    23. Corhen on

      yay! SORRY we didnt hit 100k true... but thanks!
      will probly only get this in my 5 dollar" tour" but still, awsome

    24. Jerad Clark on

      Awesome! You guys knocked it out of the park.