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These metal coins were designed for the board game Hegemonic but are useful for any science fiction game as counters or coins!
These metal coins were designed for the board game Hegemonic but are useful for any science fiction game as counters or coins!
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    1. greypilgrim on

      Stay with the current standard of the written word of the denomination on the back. Putting the word "Credit" on the back would be confusing.
      ...Besides on the selfish level, I'll be using these "Cap" coins to represent "Capitol Bank" units of currency in my Traveller(tm) game, with a Capitol unit = 100 Imperial Credits -- and that would really confuse my players!

    2. Tiffany Bahnsen on

      +1 for consistency (I'd prefer not to see cap and credit mixed)

    3. Peter McAndrew on

      My preference is no currency names.

    4. Missing avatar

      Michael B on

      Would prefer just denomination on the back. Credit would be ok.

    5. Missing avatar

      Shaun Brooke

      My vote is for CAP on the front and just the denomination on the back.

      In truth, I would rather have CAP on front and CREDIT on back, but leaving the back blank except for denomination seems like a good compromise.

    6. Bob Trezise on

      Saw the comment "These are made of zinc" are they protected vs. oxidation? I confess I'm unsure if they will change color or become pitted with use. I'm thinking of old arcade tokens...some were quite shiny and seemingly resistant to age/oxidation. Others quickly looked like old pennies.

    7. Albert Nakano on

      A slight nitpick but I think the 25 should have been a 1 corner clipped parallelogram.

    8. Albert Nakano on

      I vote for no words but a symbol would be cool.

    9. Daniel Palmer on

      I think consistency is the most important thing. I vote for no words on the back of any of the coins, just the number.

    10. Missing avatar

      calvin chow on

      I like consistency, so would prefer to just stick with CAP. Also, while I like the text "Five" in the sample, how will you do layout for "Twenty Five" or "Two Hendred and Fifty"?

      I really like the scenic background sides, and want them to stay very distinctive from the fronts...

    11. Missing avatar

      MrBlarney on

      Count my vote in for no text on the reverse. Having the specialized design on the back on its own seems best. If there were to be some text on the reverse face, I'd rather see a duplicate of the 'CAP' text than 'CREDITS' or the numerical value written out. (Though I will admit I'd rather not have text on either side of the coins for generality's sake...)

    12. William

      I think they may have forgotten that 75 isn't an even number of bags :)

    13. Alex Nunley on

      Keep cap on the coin

    14. Sean K King on

      CAP on front for all.

      No wording on the back except the number in numerical form.

    15. John Robertson

      Just value number on the back, I don't care if "CAP" is on the front or not, but if not, then just the number on the front also, no symbol, or any other word like "credit".

    16. Kevin Brown on

      Cap on front and number, just number on back. No credit, no spelling out denominations.

    17. Leroy Smith on

      Another vote for no CAP on the coin.
      Use a symbol instead, something like the ₡.
      I'm sure your artist can come up with something that looks good.
      That way it can mean Capacity for Hegmonic, Credits for other games.
      The back I like the words, but would be happy with blank or symbol.

    18. Joseph Soonsin Lee

      Does anyone know what are the number counts of CAPs in Hegemonic. I know the rule book just says 100 CAPs. So if I wanted to replace all the included CAPs with the coin versions.

    19. High Admiral Doji on

      You mention not liking to split bags. I'm on a 75 coin level right now and I'd like to avoid going to the 100 level (but might change my mind later). I'm asking if the 75 coin level is still valid in any case.

      I'd also prefer no language on the coins instead of credit. I really don't like CAP either, and I'd rather them be generic to use for other games (I WILL use them for other games if they're nice). If there's no other option, I like the Costa Rican monetary symbol that someone else used in these comments more than the CAP or Credit language.

    20. Pierre Roof on

      I vote no to "Credit" and yes to "CAP"

    21. Byron Kropf on

      Also I would put in another vote for the colors on 1->5->10 to go along with 100->500->1000.
      To make it work you could just swap the colors on the 100 and the 250, since I also like the blue that it currently on the 100, but I agree that it would be cool to have these coins be brighter/darker versions of each other. WOOT WOOT lets bring that 1000 in!

    22. Byron Kropf on

      Never mind I found my question answered much farther down on the page. To put it up higher for people to see.

      The $12 for 50 overbid rule is only for a coin level bid. If you bid on THE LATE BIRD tier you can overbid up to another of the coin only levels to get both. Thanks!

    23. Missing avatar

      Lech Pawłaszek on

      Or maybe even it could go like this:
      1 -> 10 -> 100 -> 1000
      2 -> 25 -> 250
      5 -> 50 -> 500

      So values colors could be related somehow. From the darkest to the brightest. :-)

      PS it's a pity that the orange two is no more... I liked orange coin.

    24. Byron Kropf on

      So just a little confused by the only overbid by $12 rule stated above. I am in THE LATE BIRD tier as I would like to get the game as well. I overbid by $45 as I would also like the 200 coins along with a bit more for some of the a la carte items. Do I need to change my bid?

    25. Missing avatar

      Lech Pawłaszek on

      Please be consistent and do not mix CAP and CREDITS. The same with numbers and wording please. I know that you're mostly Amercian/British guys, but I would like no words on either side. Number value and CAP on both sides is the best solution imvho.

      Different backs look cool though! And please add another vote for 1,5,10 and bright 100, 500, 1000. :-) Consistency!


    26. Missing avatar

      Simon Davis on

      Another vote for no CAP. Credit would be good, but seems to be the unpopular one here, so just blank seems like a good middle ground.

    27. Vericlas on

      Leave CAP on the front and don't put any wording on the back, just a number is fine. I personally will never use the coins for anything but Hegemonic. And you guys will never please everyone. Ever.

    28. Robert Moore

      As with many below, I vote for consistency. I like the different designs on the backs of the various size tiers, but I would not want some to say CAP and some to say Credit. I would prefer no words on either the front or back, just numbers and (maybe) some kind of generic monetary symbol. I guess it would be good to see a mock-up of the back on the high value coins showing the words spelled out vs. just numbers or whatever design seems to be general consensus.

      I wouldn't care at all if there was a push to change the 250 to a 5,000 or some other high value currency (in fact, I would probably prefer the higher value).

      You guys are awesome for asking for input and being willing to listen to us debate the design. ^_^

    29. Mr Anderson

      Whatever happened to "we have finalized the coin designs." Tired of the changes.

    30. Andrew on

      Oh and I also would prefer no word on the back as long as it the same with every coin.

    31. Andrew on

      I say leave all of them the same style so they match (half different would drive me crazy). Also the term
      CAP can easily be "capital" which is ANY curency. The word credit would limit it to space/futuristic only.

    32. Missing avatar

      Randall Shaw on

      I vote 'no' on the use of the word "credit". You should have 'CAP' and the appropriate number value on the back (so the only difference would be the respective designs for front and back).

      Re: shipping

      I'd check your various zip codes, James, as it may provide some savings to go with Standard Priority. I rarely use Flat Rate shipping on my boxes. It almost always comes out more expensive than Standard but ymmv.

    33. Minion Games 28-time creator on

      Philip, we use flat rate boxes and so if it weighed 10 pounds or 1 pound it's the same. I'm guessing we won't find many cases where we can use non-flat rate boxes. Plus we are already eating a lot of shipping on other elements of this campaign.

    34. Missing avatar

      Bruce Leban on

      I would leave it with the number spelled out on the back. I wouldn't add either CAP or another generic unit like CREDIT. It's better if there's only one side that has the unit on it so there's unambiguous heads and tails.

      (FWIW, I think that using a symbol like ₡ is an interesting idea unless one of us gets arrested for having counterfeit Costa Rican currency. :-) If you like a symbol like that you could always flip it upside down so it's not the same, i.e., C+\\. But I understand that it would upset Hegemonic players if it doesn't say CAP.)

    35. Philip D'Hollander on

      @Minion: Zinc of 1 gram each? So 500 coins is just half a kilogram (or one pound in the US/UK)? Will you be lowering the shipping charges then, as it is only half as much as initially anticipated? :-))))
      (Can't blame me for trying!)

    36. Chad Price on

      It just amazes me how much 3 little letters on fake coins can cause so much debate. I don't care what is put or not put on the coins as long as we get the shape, colors and numeric value on the coin.

    37. Minion Games 28-time creator on

      Got this update today: "The coins are made out of zinc." - they weigh about 1 gram each.

    38. Dave Bouvier

      I also prefer the number with no words on the back.

    39. Michael "Maikeruu" Pierno

      I agree with the others, if no words is an option that's what I'd want.

    40. Cerity "Legendary Bottlejak" Silverhawk on

      But we haven't even unlocked the different reverse artwork yet!!
      If the front all stays consistent... Back can be whatever fits. Note that reducing it by a factor of TENS allows all the currently planned denominations (except 10K which is unwieldy period)

    41. Missing avatar

      David Powell on

      I'd rather have numbers with no words. I also don't care about the CAP on the front.

    42. Michael King on

      I'd prefer just the number and graphics on the back (no words).

    43. Philip D'Hollander on

      PS: but if the back has to have a wording, then the number and CAP behind it, like on the front. Consistency is key... all CAP or all CREDIT :-)
      PPS: but see below, clean and simple is better :-))

    44. Philip D'Hollander on

      Keep the back nice and simple... no CAP or CREDIT or FIFTY/ONE HUNDRED/... at all.

      At most, the cool artwork and a repeat of the number on the front (numeric, not in words): 1/2/5/50/1000/...

      Thanks for asking!

      And I still want that 1000 CAP...

      By the way, the suggestion for having a final stretch for 5.000 CAP or 10.000 CAP sounds great!!!

    45. Minion Games 28-time creator on

      Yes Mike, the comment about the $12 for 50 more coins is regarding adding coins to an existing coin level. For those board game levels you should over pledge the $ amount for the level of the coin count you want.

    46. Minion Games 28-time creator on

      So what about NO words on the back?

      As for shipping that comment was for the people who are not getting Hegemonic - but we certainly wouldn't mind the extra shipping as 200+ coins is not going to fit in the same box as Hegemonic so it's bound to cost us another box to ship.

    47. Brian on

      Don't use CREDIT on the back please. Leave that area blank or repeat the numerals.

    48. William

      Some examples of currency symbols that already exist in fonts:

      For instance the ₡ Costa Rican colón symbol
      That could be a cool symbol. C with a double line through it. It would still work fine with the hegemonia game since C could stand for cap.

    49. William

      it would be far more game and international friendly if you didn't have any words at all, no cap, no credit. Just use some sorta symbol, like C with line through it, or some such.
      And using the word credit could be confusing in games where you get loans or lines of credit.

      Also, 250 is a kinda blah choice. I'd much rather see a survey on getting a 5,000 coin or a 10,000 coin instead of a 250. For instance, Acquire uses 5000 bills.