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These metal coins were designed for the board game Hegemonic but are useful for any science fiction game as counters or coins!
These metal coins were designed for the board game Hegemonic but are useful for any science fiction game as counters or coins!
1,432 backers pledged $98,550 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Travis Clarke

      @Tim Braun, I didn't even notice that. The font is clearly different in the one versus the 10, 100, and 1000 coins (now that you've pointed it out). It would be nice if they were all consistent.

    2. William

      I might as well throw my 2 cents in.
      I'd much rather see expanded range (i.e. the 500 and 1000) and worry about filling it in later with stuff like 2 and 25.
      1,5,10,50,100,500,1000 would be a great start in my opinion.

    3. Scott Everts

      Looks like we might be able to make 55k which unlocks the 500 coin. That will be really useful. Crossing my fingers it makes it. That's the magic number for me on deciding how many I need for the various games I want to use these for. I hope we get all the way to 1k, just to have the complete set available.

    4. Tim Braun

      Please address the "1" font/number used on the copper singles. This font/number does not match the same character on the 10 and 100 coins.

    5. Julia Gosztyla Ziobro

      @Peter, people can't count in 25s outside North America? I know we usually LAG in math, not excel.... ;-)

      I, too, prefer the moon with craters over the plain and boring moon, but I like the way the coins are coming together. Thanks for all the hard work that's being done... looks like we're going to unlock the controversial 2 very soon!

    6. Peter McAndrew on

      @Aether: That's kind of my point - even the currencies which use 25 for partials (where it's not really 25 but 1/4) use 20 in the full currency. Anybody used to making change or adding up totals in those currencies should be able to handle 20s as easily as 25s and people who don't use one of those currencies will find it much easier with 20s. But Americans insist on making their fake currencies (game currency, poker chips, etc.) with units of 25 which make them fairly useless outside North America.

    7. Herb Petro on

      The finalized coins look fantastic! (The votes did not all go my way either, but I was glad for the opportunity to vote, and the coins still look great!) I am very tempted to increase my pledge level to get even more of the coins. I created a spreadsheet, so I can easily try different combinations to help me decide how many of each coin I want.

    8. Missing avatar

      Maynor on

      Agreed about the backs. I would rather have the Crater Moon for 1-10.

      Also, in the Clean Moon design, the number is clipped at the bottom. It's rather weird IMO, especially since it's not going to be clipped on the front side.

    9. Kevin Brown on

      I'm not thrilled with the clean moon back on the lower denominations. Other than that I really like the colors & designs of the 1,2,5,10 coin. The 3 clipped corners on the 2 look just fine. I'm not too concerned about anything over the 10 because I only plan on using these with Hegemonic.
      Stick with the 2. It's already been designed. It's time to get some of the cooks out of the kitchen. Next someone will want a 7 coin, or a 75, or whatever. Enough is enough. James has got his hands full as it is!
      ;) I still would snatch up a Hegemonic pint glass of the ala carte menu!
      Keep up the good work!

    10. Missing avatar

      Aether on

      @Travis - I pretty much agree with everything you said.

      @Peter - 25 follows the real currency thing quite nicely. North American coins are generally 1, 5, 10 and 25. From there, it's commonly 100, 500 and 1000 in notes. Well, for cents, that is. I guess for dollars (and pounds sterling), 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 is more common (and I wouldn't object to a 25 -> 20 switch), but I really don't see 25 being much of a problem - at least it's nice in that four of them are 100.

    11. Corhen on

      @peter McAndrew

      They might not follow real world currency, but this is for tabletop games / board games, and as such should be designed for maximum potential use cases. I don't see many games where its worth combing 2 1's into a single 2. but lots of cases where having a three would simplify scoring a lot.

    12. Peter McAndrew on

      I would object to 3s for the same reason I object to 25s - they don't follow real currency denominations and are therefore harder to count.

    13. Travis Clarke

      A couple points to make, echoing many suggestions people have had here. First, a 3 coin instead of a 2 would keep in line with many game's traditional scoring methods (Small World, 7 Wonders, etc use 1, 3, 5, 10). Second, the Round/Wavy ends detract from the overall angular futuristic look of the coins. Third, if the coins are going to be of different sizes, not every single coin has to have a different end shape. I like the current clip progression of the 1-10 coins, and the triangle/parallelogram progression of 25-100 works fairly well. Why not take 250-1000 and repeat the 4-clip, 2-clip, rectangle progression from 1, 5, 10? Fourth point, the point was made earlier to switch the 100 coin to bright copper to match 1, 5, 10 with 100, 500, 1000. While I don't agree with that (I feel 100 should really be the high end of the coin spectrum, as most games don't even go much higher than 100 points), it would make sense from the OCD perspective. Fifth, Bring back purple! If we're talking space and sci-fi, blues and purples fit the theme a bit more than reds and greens. Look at any picture of space and you'll likely see blues and purples, with the occasional yellows and oranges for stars, with the less common red dwarfs. That being said, perhaps swap out the green of 25 to a purple instead? The red at least partly fits the theme in the sense of red dwarfs, lasers, etc.

    14. Tim Braun

      ...without the craters, it's not a moon, it's just an arch, and that's lame! Exactly no craters and no stars makes it just an abstract design that is blah! Similarly, I do not see a Spiral Galaxy when I look at that artwork. I see a symbol the weatherman uses to indicate a hurricane. Both of these designs are too abstract and where never asked for by fans.

    15. Corhen on

      Does anyone else think that instead of a 2 coin, it should be a 3? i can think of several games that use groups of 3 for scoring (7 wonders for example)

    16. Corhen on

      as we unlock larger and larger denominations, we will need fewer and fewer of these. are there any chance of getting mix bags? (aka 5 200's and 5 100's)

    17. J D Sterling Babcock on

      I like the new table showing the coins and their colors/shapes.

      Could you add a column that has a checkmark if the stretch goal for that coin has been met, and a number for the goal if it has not met that coin goal? That would encourage people to try for that goal.

    18. Minion Games 28-time creator on

      Troy, We'll have 7 different colored bags from Hegemonic (not 8) and we'll give you a unique color for each you order. Let me think on the bundle idea.

    19. Missing avatar

      Bryson Howe on

      Ugh you mean the votes left me with the one back I hate (I'm sorry, but without the craters, it's not a moon, it's just an arch, and that's lame).

      I am also in the crowd that thinks 3 clipped corners looks bad, just clip the corners on the 2 opposite the 5.

      As for larger denominations, I personally think it looks bad to have each denomination a completely different shape, but those surveys didn't have an option for that since we were forced to chose 1 item per shape, and there was no recommendations box. First of all, I would have rather seen you use the extended corners similar to how you are using clipped corned in a mix and match fashion, so maybe 25 could have 2 extended corners and the 50 could have all 4 corners extended. After that, the next series of denominations should all be of mostly the same shape with modifications to them, say maybe the sort sides are rounded but the corners are clipped again (all for the 100, 2 for the 250 and 500 and none for the 1000)

    20. Missing avatar

      Aether on

      I never really liked the idea of the 2-cap coins, and with 3 clipped corners, I think I'll be giving them a miss. Not a big loss with the colour progression, though . I was also hoping to avoid the bright copper and gold, and use the bright silver as a platinum-like thing. I also dislike the round and wavy end shape designs - I feel it would be more in-keeping with the theme to keep it all angular.
      But now that I'm done expressing dissatisfaction, I should say that the overall plan looks quite good. I only have to re-plan a little bit to avoid what I don't line, and the rest looks great! I really liked the "dog-biscuit" shape, but it looks like we might not get that far. I'll probably just go for 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100.

    21. Missing avatar

      Kevin Pocquette on

      Come on now. The coins look cool. They still fill the same purpose. Frankly I wanted the more complicated shapes at lower levels because I like them more and would want to use them more, but that's not the way they're going to be. Isn't it better that you got to put your input in even if it didn't necessarily go your way?

    22. Tim Braun

      Yes this KS project is definitely experiencing the "Paradox of Choice". By providing too many choices Minion Games has created too many opportunities for dissatisfaction. Unbridled zeal from a surprise success had spurred too may superfluous design choices.

      So keeping with a theme I'm going to contribute to the infinite feedback pool about the latest design developments:
      My personal preference is for the 1, 5, 10 denominations to remain AS IS, followed by the 25, 50,100 denominations in the same metals but with a bright finish.

      The colored coins should fall to the higher denominations since they will likely not be ordered in the greater quantities, thereby affecting a smaller group of users. This will maintain a logical synchronicity in the pattern of base metals.

      If this is an immovable change then I echo Bart Gasiewski's request to swap the 100 and the 250 metals/colors.

      I'm also extremely disappointed that the backs will change with the denominations. If they must the I ask that the most appealing back design, Crater Moon, is going to be used on the most uncommon denomination/color choices. If the Crater Moon back was the #1 preference it should be used on the most common denominations followed by the Clean Moon and finishing with the Spiral galaxy on the color tokens.

      These combinations of designs, as they exist today, will cause me to alter/limit my pledge.

      If you really want to satisfy everyone you must produce each denomination in each color with each back design. But that's just crazy talk!

    23. Stealth on

      @Minion Would it be possible to have the Set of 8 Hegemonic Embroidered bags for $10 from the original hegemonic campaign as a possible option? I'm considering getting the extra bags for the coins themselves, and 8 different colored bags would be useful.

    24. Mike on

      I think part of the too many cooks problem is different backers want different things. From a logical and/or completionist perspective Bart's request makes perfect sense.

      On the other hand, speaking as someone who doesn't like the "bright" coins (I voted for all various colors and no brights) and doesn't intend to get anything over 100 (my planned uses for these doesn't need the high denominations), I'd be disappointed to see the switch made. And 250 isn't nearly as versatile as 100, so me just changing what I get to reflect my preferred colors wouldn't really work.

      All that said - I think Minion's doing a great job trying to balance options in what's become an extremely complicated project, and if they decide that change is for the best overall I'll obviously just go with it and figure something out.

    25. Minion Games 28-time creator on

      SOLD OUT of the Roman coins I had on hand. I'll attempt to get some more so if you message me you'll be on a waiting list at this point.

    26. Missing avatar

      Matt S on

      @Minion I think Bart's OCD request is a good one, and I second it. I also understand if this request falls into the too many cooks problem.

    27. Minion Games 28-time creator on

      I've updated the MENU in the main campaign page with TMP: 2nd Stage and some notes about shipping out of the USA or early shipping.

    28. Bart Gasiewski

      Looks good! But I got one OCD-request!! Since 1,5,10 are copper silver gold, can you please make 100,500,1000 bright copper,bright silver, bright gold? Since then bright will mean 100x!!!
      Just swap the colors for 250 and 100!

    29. Minion Games 28-time creator on

      Calvin, I don't have Second Stage to send out yet, didn't want to confuse matters. If I add it they will ship with the coins in July, is that ok? I can't overly discount a hot game in demand.

      Michael, good question. No I can't afford to free ship the ala-carte stuff internationally. I best modify the menu to account for that. I can discount it and eat some of the shipping though. So for Canada $10 a game is probably fine.

      The Hegemonic embroidered bags will come in black and each of the player colors. Within reason I can try to honor requests. If you order 7 of the bags you'll get a set for Hegemonic.

      Bags should be able to hold 100-200 coins but I really have no idea as I have neither the coins or the bags to test.

      No you can't get the extra games in Essen as they don't have them there. Only our newest games (Tahiti, 2nd Stage, MHP reprint, and Hegemonic) will be there.

    30. Karlis Jerins on

      Slightly disappointed with a couple of the final coin choices, but overall it looks very good. And I love the idea of different backs for different tiers of value :)
      And I have the same question as Calvin - no Second Stage here?

      I pledged for Essen pickup for Hegemonic. If I add any more games, could I also get those in Essen?

    31. Michael King on

      How many coins will the embroidered bag hold?

    32. Missing avatar

      Calvin on

      no "second stage" expansion for Manhattan Project?

    33. Michael Smythe on

      Are the A La Carte items free shipping to Canada as well?

    34. Neil Jones-Rodway

      Quick question: Are the colored embroidered bags from the Hegemonic a la carte menu still available to backers of the Late Bird tiers?

    35. Michael King on

      Thanks for the a la carte options. I'm glad the high value coins are bright metal, but I'm hoping a violet coin makes an appearance by the end (in the 25-100 range).

    36. Minion Games 28-time creator on

      It's one shipping charge for the Manhattan bundle and your coins if that's what you're asking.

    37. Missing avatar

      Kevin I

      Damn you Minion! You make it too easy for me to continually increase my pledge amount!

    38. Shaun Duggan on

      Ah, I should have been more clear, was it only one shipping charge, or both?

    39. Minion Games 28-time creator on

      So yes you need to add shipping to the $77 level even if you're getting Hegemonic from the previous campaign.

    40. Minion Games 28-time creator on

      Yeah there is one shipping charge per the Hegemonic and 1 per the Manhattan project Bundle. All other shipping for adding games off the ala-carte menu is built in so no additional shipping is needed for them.

    41. Shaun Duggan on

      That was the manhatten $77 tier*

    42. Shaun Duggan on

      If I got the manhatten, and added one set of 50 coins, do I have to add the shipping on their tier too, if I got hegemonic?

    43. Minion Games 28-time creator on

      Calvin, Derek, I only have about 15 sets of the Roman coins so I only want people to buy 1 at a time till near the end of the campaign - if I have more or can get more I'll allow more. So I need to track those people and qty so I need you to send me a message if you want to reserve one of the roman sets.

      @Daniel, you're right on many levels. The red for the 50 may be more violet, we'll see.

    44. Missing avatar

      Derek Jones on

      @calvin chow - preapproval?

    45. Daniel Palmer on

      I have to say I'm pretty disappointed by the final choices as listed. I really hope the master rendering changes my mind. I really wanted more color (that purple 50 looked fantastic) in this set. I think there may have been too many cooks in the kitchen.

    46. Missing avatar

      calvin chow on

      How does one get preapproval on those Roman Coins?

    47. Jerad Clark on

      That ala carte menu is going to devour my money. lol.