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Be a dragon! Loot castles! Burn villages! Battle knights!  Dragonflame is 30-minute card game for 2-5 players with fire in their veins.
Be a dragon! Loot castles! Burn villages! Battle knights!  Dragonflame is 30-minute card game for 2-5 players with fire in their veins.
Be a dragon! Loot castles! Burn villages! Battle knights! Dragonflame is 30-minute card game for 2-5 players with fire in their veins.
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    1. Minion Games 27-time creator on

      The only reason you wouldn't have your copy by now is if you missed picking it up at your customs office cause it was held or if the US Post Office lost it on the way out of the country. Either way you'll probably need to contact us directly for your specifics to get a new copy sent out. Do that in a PM please.

    2. André Nordstrand on

      Nothing in Norway yet. Anyone else in Europe without their copy?

    3. Minion Games 27-time creator on

      The link is here (haven't had time to listen to it yet):

    4. Monev on

      Dragonflame was mentioned in the dice tower, positive review!!!

    5. Minion Games 27-time creator on

      The extra red castle is to replace the mis-printed on that came in the box. While playable with the one in the box, it is not how it was intended so we made some extras. Use one or the other not both - it's not a 6 player thing.

    6. David Fernandez

      ok....scratch last question...rereading the rules I get the 6th castle...duh!

    7. David Fernandez

      Soooooo...6 castles? 6 players? and whats with the extra red castle with the face down option......I suck at searching for rules....

    8. JPG on

      @Minion Games- Thank you for your efforts. But I just wanted to know if any german backer has recieved his package, because there is a poststrike in some regions of Germany

    9. Minion Games 27-time creator on

      @JPG - as your tracking number shows (LN291157187US) it is in transit out of Chicago. Sometimes things get lost in Chicago and they never scan it in the destination company. Or sometimes they just forget to scan it. Sometimes your customs/post office is hanging on to it for VAT/custom fees. So give it a week or two more and if it's still not there, we'll have to try to ship you another one. Sorry. EVERYONE ELSE- Please send these requests via PM not in comments.

    10. JPG on

      Still nothing here in Germany. Has anybody from germany recieved his copy.?

    11. Tarcha Saleeba

      My game was on my door step when I arrived home from my trip. *happy dance* Can't wait to play it!!

    12. Jeremy Norton on

      Whoohoo! My copy arrived today, down here in Australia!
      Thanks Guys!

    13. Minion Games 27-time creator on

      The game is actually in stock now. I'll see about renaming that button. But you can get it at our website or any stores (sans the promo).

    14. Missing avatar

      Michael & Kassie Jennings on

      Played with our nephew and niece and they loved it! We'd like to get it for them, but clicking the "pre-order with promo" link doesn't give any indication as to how soon a pre-ordered copy might arrive.

    15. Richard Shipman

      I had to go and pick up my copy from the sorting office today as it had a customs charge of £13.29 (£5.29VAT + £8 handling fee) Looks like UK customs are not being very consistent in how much VAT they're charging. Somewhat disappointed that I've had to pay nearly half the purchase/shipping price again in fees. Well done on getting the game out on schedule, looking forward to playing it at games club tonight.

    16. Minion Games 27-time creator on

      Sorry about that, the staff was given specific instructs, but people are people and someone screwed that up. Also the Euro has dropped in value and as you noted $22 probably would have been subject to the same issue. We also need to remember we have to have a realistic price on the documentation, we can just out right lie to avoid taxes.

    17. Missing avatar

      Ian Smith

      The following text (at the end of this comment) was at the bottom of the original campaign page. I took this at face value. $22 would have been tight but would probably have avoided the fees. $20 certainly would. It is a shame that this statement was not followed and $25 was used instead.

      "We will ship with a value of $22 which should avoid VAT and import taxes in most countries. We've attempted many methods of dealing with shipping to Europe, and ended up losing money on all of them. "

    18. Missing avatar

      Ian Smith

      I don't understand the reference (in comments from Minion below) to the price being <$20. The customs document says $25 and VAT is charged on all items over £15 (approximately $21). If it had been marked as $20 I would not have been charged. :(

    19. Missing avatar

      Ian Smith

      I similarly got stung for £3.20 VAT and £8 admin charge - a similar total of $19. I don't mind paying the VAT but find the handling charge very disproportionate on a purchase of this price. I will have to stop supporting the lower cost non EU friendly campaigns.

    20. Rob Duncan on

      Yep, I have removed all of the cards required for a 2 player game. Both V and II cards were removed. Unless the goal was to always have the villages completely burn I suggest removing 2 or 3 cards from the 2 player game. I'll have to play through it a few times to see how the balance works.

      I'm still a little puzzled as to the 4point difference on all the villages, it really takes away a lot of the strategy. Either you get 2nd or 1st place from a village. I feel as if the point difference between 1st and 2nd on the villages could have ranged a little bit.

      As most games go, a 2nd player game changes the dynamic of the game and it can be very hard (and sometimes futile) to try and make a normally 3-4 player game into something that can work with the 2 player dynamic. I appreciate that you did such a thing!

    21. SimpleUser

      Received my copy a few days ago. Unfortunately its my first KS where I've had to pay fees. The package was marked as $25 value and I had to pay £12 (approx $19) in fees.

      The game looks great and the components looks awesome too. Cant wait to get it to the table.
      Many thanks Minion Games.

    22. Minion Games 27-time creator on

      Please ask rule questions on BGG so the designer can respond there for everyone. Also don't forget to give the game a ranking!

    23. Minion Games 27-time creator on

      @Rob, are you taking the cards with a ][ on them out of the deck? You take the cards marked with a roman 2 OUT when playing 2 player. But you put the cards with roman 5 IN when you're playing five player. Sometimes people mess that up.

    24. Rob Duncan on

      So far I've played the game three times, each was a two player game.

      The general feedback is:

      1. That it's a neat game and has some cool mechanics and has some good replay value.
      2. At least with a 2 player game there appears to be about three dragonflame cards too many, the villages have all filled up except one game and one village was full except one spot.
      3. The villages are a cool idea but with each village always having a 4 pt difference between 1st and 2nd it weakens the "swap two tokens" card. The points are almost arbitrary, perhaps the villages can range a little better in a future edition; larger villages having a slightly larger range perhaps.
      4. The card symbology makes sense once you understand the rules but appears to have been undercut. smaller but more concise symbols could have led to a better understanding. I.E. princess having a "1x" ...

      All in all my people enjoyed the game and we are all interested in seeing how a 3+ game runs. I see this being a neat game to break up the time between longer strategy games.

      Good job on this Minion Games.

    25. Minion Games 27-time creator on

      @Mark, thanks for your feedback. The campaign was clearly marked that while we don't expect most people to get hit with customs on a package worth < $20, it does happen from time to time. If you are worried about such things, please just buy from a local retailers. We do distribute our games in the EU through normal channels. Just a month later and without discount or promos.

    26. Rob Duncan on

      Mark, sometimes regular people are just that, regular people. They don't have buddies or manufacturing capabilities to send things cheaply halfway across the world.

      I know it's a bummer but sometimes that's the best it's going to be for people. He could have just not done any EU shipping period but instead he offered his game to you but at a cost to ship it.

      Perhaps it's the ridiculous amount of customs taxes one should be angry about?

    27. Mark Reynolds

      Received today, looks good.
      Very disappointed with the cost, a $25 game with an additional £13.29 ($21.07) in custom fees.
      Will only back another Minion Game if it is Euro Friendly, have backed over 120 KS and other crowd-funders, this demonstrates poor planning and execution compared to over 99% of the other backed projects.

    28. Minion Games 27-time creator on

      Yes 2 loose cards. 1 is the promo card. The other is the replacement card for the wrongly printed red 2 castle in the box.

    29. Dan on

      Hi, just got my package in the mail and there was two loose cards inside. Just wondering if that was all or if I'm missing anything else. Thanks in advance.

    30. Missing avatar

      Michael Reuvers on

      Received today in Calgary, AB, Canada!

    31. Steven Wellerling

      Received today in UK. Looks great, cant wait to play it tonight

    32. Chris Rowan

      Received in Ottawa, Canada. Flame meeples rock! Thanks!

    33. Rob Duncan on

      Minion Games,

      I received my copy today and everything looks squared away and the quality of items feels great! I'm looking forward to playing this today at work and then on game nights.

      Thanks so much for all your hard work, updates, and exceeding expectations.

    34. Minion Games 27-time creator on

      @Michael & Kassie Jennings, also please note rules questions should be posted to BGG. I believe that it sounds like you did it right. Whomever has the MOST tokens gets 1st, if there is a tie then it's whomever burned first.

    35. Minion Games 27-time creator on

      @JKP and others... if you have any damage or loss, please write with your details and address and we'll get you taken care of right away.

    36. Minion Games 27-time creator on

      @Jim, all rules questions should be posted at BGG and Matt will answer them.
      But I believe your answer is YES.

    37. Minion Games 27-time creator on

      @Josh, you can use the print and play for the card list. Though I think the campaign lists the cards too. There was 1 replacement castle card outside the box and one bonus promo card outside the box.
      120 cards: 7 Village, 14 Castle/Flags, 9 Village, 91 Main Deck, 5 Player aids, 1 promo card

    38. Josh Cairns on

      I received mine yesterday. Is there a master card list? I had some cards free-floating in the packing box and I don't follow the updates enough to know if that was supposed to be that way. Thnx

    39. Jim Ryan on

      Rules question from our first play thru - can you burn the same village twice in the same round using multiple dragon flame cards, i.e. once per card, or is it once per round regardless of how many dragon flame cards picked up?

    40. Ben Haskett

      Got mine today!

    41. Michael Destefani

      Got mine!

    42. JKP

      Rec'd today. Its a miracle the three game boxes survived the shipping. The USPS box was smushed so bad at one end it had a 3-4 inch hole in it. I was really afraid to open it up but once I did I was happy to see the games were safe. The replacement red castle cards fell out. They seem fine. The Fury cards did not do so well. They were somehow wedged along the side walls of the box and would not come out. Once out I could see that 2 of them are warped almost like they got wet and the third has dings and scratches all over. Bummer. The Fury cards are also slightly bigger than the replacement castle cards. Not sure which size matches the cards in the game yet.

    43. Missing avatar

      Michael & Kassie Jennings on

      Got ours today! Thanks for being our first Kickstarted project to deliver not just on time but early!! Playing tonight and we've noticed that the rules aren't specific about how scoring works for the burninated villages. It says "all the dragons that burnt it earn Glory Points based on who did the most damage" but we each had a different idea of how that might work. The Geek Dad review says "the player with the most tokens gets the highest score, second-most gets the second score, and third-most gets the third score", so we're going with that. This may be confusing to future players, so you may want to include a more detailed description in future editions.

    44. Missing avatar


      Got mine yesterday in Virginia!

    45. Missing avatar

      Tom Krausse

      Received in Pennsylvania. Looks great

    46. Ryan I.

      Just got mine! Can't wait to open!

    47. Missing avatar

      Robert Cooper on

      Got mine today, thank you very much!

    48. Missing avatar

      Danielle Albea on

      Got mine today! Just finished playing. It was fun.

    49. BigDaddyRoss

      Got my game today! It looks great, I hope I get a chance to play it this weekend. Thanks Minion Games, I'm a happy gamer ^_^

    50. Minion Games 27-time creator on

      Yes, Jason is right. The red castle should match the blue castle ... 3 face-up cards for player order #1.

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