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Full color 8-bit graphics and a rugged, practical design for $50. The Mini Monkey Light makes riding at night as fun as the day.

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The Mini Monkey Light is a rugged, practical, high performance bike light that keeps you visible in all weather conditions.  The Mini Monkey straps to your spokes and displays brilliant 8-bit graphics on your spinning bike wheel.  The bright and colorful display is visible from all angles, and it makes riding in the evening even more fun than the daytime.  

We believe that more people will consider biking for transportation if they are more confident and have more fun when they ride at night.  We also believe that a practical and affordable product is critical to reaching a mass audience.

Today we have completed and tested samples of the Mini Monkey Light.  The product is ready for full production.  We need your help so we can invest in the equipment and parts needed to mass produce.   If we reach our funding goal we hope to ship the product within 3 months.

FIREBALLS - SKULLS - HEARTS - SAWBLADE - ROBOTS - SPACE SHIPS AND MORE - Every Mini Monkey Light includes 15 patterns, each with many color variations.    

Hundreds of unique combinations are possible just by pressing the Theme and Color buttons on the light.  Or you can let the Mini Monkey keep things interesting by randomly generating its own combinations.Choose the pattern and color combination to match your style.

Help us choose the final set of patterns!

We've come up with lots and lots of patterns, but we can only include 15 in the final product.  After the Kickstarter campaign finishes, we'll make a voting form so you can help us choose the final 15 patterns.  Below are some of the patterns we've made, each of which can be shown in many different color variations.  If you're feeling artistic, you can also submit your own pattern idea!

Tell me about the features?

How do I know you guys can deliver? 

The Mini Monkey isn't just an idea, its a tested design that is production ready.  Dozens of Mini Monkey test units have been getting the harshest treatment by our testers for months.  We also have three years experience making our original Monkey Light M133.  We've learned how to navigate manufacturing plants and supply chains, we've talked to thousands of our customers - we know the new Mini Monkey our best product yet.


  • For this special pre-order, we can ship to the following countries only:

    USA, Canada, EU (all countries), Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand. Orders outside USA should include an extra shipping fee as noted in the pledge levels.

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  • We recommend either 1 or 2 lights on a wheel. Just 1 light looks great, and the effects are designed to look good at a wide range of riding speeds.

    The wheel must be spinning for the patterns to be visible, but the light is still very bright and visible when you are stopped (for safety).

    The patterns become visible at about 8mph (12km/h) in a "pie slice" of the wheel. As you go faster an increasing amount of the wheel is filled with graphics. With one light you will fill the entire wheel at around 18 mph (28 km/h) and with two lights you will fill the entire wheel at around 12 mph (20 km/h). The patterns look great even when only part of the wheel is filled. We find that most customers are very happy with just 1 light on a wheel, but everyone has different preferences.

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  • * All 20" or larger bicycle wheels with spokes. (20", 24", 26", 28", 29", 700c - all will work).

    * Some 16" and 18" wheels will work. The wheel hub must be wide enough (38mm) to fit the battery holder. Wheels used on many bike trailers, kids bikes and baby carriages are ok. Narrow wheels used on many folding bikes will not fit. You can measure the width of open space between your spokes, close to the hub. If it is 38mm or more then the light should fit ok.

    * "Mag" wheels and other wheels that do not have spokes - sorry there is no way to attach to these wheels.

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  • Its impossible to tell, because they keep jumping out faster than you can cram them in!

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  • Great questions. In this crazy world people will steal just about anything.

    The Mini Monkey is attached to the spokes using zip-ties. To prevent pilfering we include a stainless steel zip-tie. The stainless steel zip-tie is tough and is very difficult to cut using wire clippers once the unit is installed.

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  • The Mini Monkey Light (M210) is the next generation Monkey Light. It is a completely new design compared to our original Monkey Light M133.

    * The new Mini Monkey Light has a hub mounted battery. This is a big improvement that eliminates wheel imbalance caused by the original Monkey Light.

    * The Mini Monkey displays 15 all-new 8-bit patterns including hearts, skulls, spaceships, fireballs, sawblade, color blend and much more

    * The Mini Monkey has Theme and Color buttons that let you easily select any combination of theme or color you like - including random.

    * The Mini Monkey is a sleek, light, performance-oriented design.

    * The Mini Monkey is 100% waterproof.

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  • To produce our second generation product we need to raise money to purchase tooling and order components. We could have gone to a bank or private investor, but we decided to cut out the middle man and go straight to you, our end customer.

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  • The Mini Monkey Light is not designed for use on motorcycles.

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