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A Simple game about something that comes from all of us!

A Simple game about something that comes from all of us!

A Simple game about something that comes from all of us! Read More
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About this project

Why we need to fund a Poo Game?

no no, better question... What we will be doing with the Funds you ask?

Well, we know that games aren't cheap, but we are just trying to make our first jump, and we want that jump to be the first step for a flight.

Our Goal is to have a couple of little simple addictive games running on Mobiles and Ipads, so we can auto-fund other projects we want to do in the future, that will probably get out for Free. 

The thing is, we are not robots with solar-pannels, so we need to make this game so we can stop worrying about the refrigerator and start working on all the projects without worrying about The Refrigerator again and again..

We will be using this fund for Coders and Musician, Balancing of the game, we have contacts with SideShow Collectibles and KidRobot we want to try making little Vinyls after the game is released, that we will be sending to the Backers as a gift (but that's a secret so hushhh).

Anyways, we promise we will make this game one the funniest games out there! 

Long Live Mr Poopie!

  • High Concept

A Simple all-ages videogame about a controversial Character Mr.Poopie, a living (dog) poo trying to get out of the Inevitable fact of getting eaten by the Mc.Flies

  • Game Overview

A Running (bouncing) Mr.Poopie in Sidescroll view, jumping and dodging different types of flies to reach the largest score in a leaderboard, endless addictive type of gaming.

Mr. Poopie increases speed while untouched by any flies, different sizes of flies makes different slowdowns, the mini flies generate just tiny slow bumps, while being touched by a big fly (3 to 5 Mc.Flies) these get sticked to Mr.Poopie making it impossible to keep on jumping, making a party rock on Mr.Poopie head the McFlies invasion.

This Ages- Ludic game, the fun topic will be the censure of the fact that is an excrement, this psychological ‘protection’ will be the reason will make it fun of playing with a ‘prohibited’ topic.

Trying to avoid the flies while watching Mr.Poopie desperate but happy running for his life, the terrifying fact of having the character with 2 big McFlies sticked, and being about to get hit by the Third McFly will be an adrenaline factor, it’s a funny topic and a different way of seeing things, never done before, people will be playing a game about an ‘excrement’ having the most fun about it, something that could be a controversial topic with the possibility of going viral.

  • Game Concept

Mr.Poopie Running for his life dodging McFlies to reach his goal = a Sewer? no Goal? you decide!

  • Game Flow

The Game starts at the Main Screen, where Mr.Poopie haven’t born

by clicking the Start-Game-Button named ‘Push it!’ a sound will be generated as a funny ‘fart’ and Mr.Poopie will descend to the ground, becoming confused and ready to start The Run.

After being hitted by the flies, the miles you have achieved will be your latest Record.Your Bruce-Lee abilities of dodging will be the factor of getting farther.

- There Could be more features of this game after being balanced -

The feature of this game, Game Development Wise, being a simple game that can be done in less than 3 months, the game balancing will be the key fact of making this game viral and addictive.

  • Look and Feel

Simple-Cute Characters with bouncy animation, being the primary focus on make everything eatable or edible.

  • Number of locations

With the versatility of this game we could go with a white glowing Bg making subliminal and dramatic the fact that Mr.Poopie is running for his life

or either we could go for some extended BG’s in tile, where we have this ones listed:

Green Park
Public Bathroom ( possibility of being this one the training room)
Sao Paulo


Number of levels

No Levels, endless game based on the largest Score Records.

  • Number of NPC’s

It will depend on the time (or Miles) the player have done while dodging the flies, the difficulty increase little by little, there would be a top difficulty after hitting the 5 minutes record, but it will be almost impossible to dodge too many flies at that speed and with that quantity of NPC’s.

In other words - The NPC’s will variate with the player skills, always having more mini McFlies than big McFlies.

Mini McFlies: Tiny flies that hits Mr.Poopie decreasing his speed
Big McFlies: Big Flies that sticks to Mr.Poopie making him slower *

*3 slots for Big McFlies - The player have 3 opportunities with these flies, after being hit by the third one the game is over

Number of weapons

No weapons

Simple intuitive controls by just pressing up and down to dodge and jump the enemies

Music Sound

Music should be simple like Pocoyo series, addictive and not repetitive, something that do the trick!

Environmental Sounds

Very Subtle so it doesn’t compete with the Music Sound

Interface Sounds

Funny Farts


A continuous soft loop of the BG Music of each Level (Egypt - Paris - Sao Paulo )

Possibility of having a Host Voice


  • Check the Updates for more interesting previews and images!

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    Pledge $5 or more About $5 USD

    Mr. Poopie will be in gratitude forever with your amazing boost wind of freedom. Seriously we will be very happy with your support and grateful, we are trying to make a fun-for-everyone game.

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    4 backers
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    Pledge $25 or more About $25 USD

    You are giving us more material to get this done, and more smell! with more smell we can live in Mr. Poopie world better and make him come to ours faster. You would be having access to all the development art and updates before anyone, as well as being selected as one of the flies of the game.

    We will be counting with your opinion and support.

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    2 backers
  3. Select this reward

    Pledge $100 or more About $100 USD

    All of the above Plus one portrait of yourself or anyone you like as one of the flies of the game

    As well as getting the game before anyone for Free.

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  4. Select this reward

    Pledge $500 or more About $500 USD

    All of the above PLUS: You will be thanked in the credits and will have a Unique Self-pootrait.

    We will be counting with your artistic vision and support from all the development of the game and obviously the game for Free.

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  5. Select this reward

    Pledge $1,000 or more About $1,000 USD

    You! YOU just gave us a big big pile, this means we will be loaded of it, we know it's a nasty job, but someone have to do it! You will get a personalized poo-trait of yourself (or whoever you want) and it will be displayed at the credits of the game. If we ever get done merchandising and toys you will be receiving a complete Kit of these all signed up by the Team of Mini Mini and Pac23

    You will be receiving the Making Of Mr Poopie e-book.

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    Pledge $3,000 or more About $3,000 USD

    All of the above PLUS

    the credit of Executive Producer of the Game.

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Funding period

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