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An all-weather outdoor jacket that's as soft as your sweatshirt.
Made from 10k waterproof fleece to give you more from less.
An all-weather outdoor jacket that's as soft as your sweatshirt.
Made from 10k waterproof fleece to give you more from less.
An all-weather outdoor jacket that's as soft as your sweatshirt. Made from 10k waterproof fleece to give you more from less.
629 backers pledged $80,264 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. M I N I M 2-time creator on

      Hi Kristin! Looks like we received your survey after we delivered the jackets. Sending you a private message to get you yours.

    2. Kristin on

      Hi guys I never received my sweatshirt. I was wondering if someone could help me.

    3. M I N I M 2-time creator on

      Hi fhorn19,
      So glad to hear you're pleased with your experience. Thanks again for your support!

      Hi Nathan,
      No problem at all. DM sent.

    4. Missing avatar

      fhorn19 on

      I am so pleased with this product and the customer service. I initially ordered a zip-up and pullover for my boyfriend and I, but found the pullover was just not a good fit for me even though my boyfriend loved his zip-up. Had no trouble getting it replaced with a zip-up that fits me much better! Thanks again!

    5. Missing avatar


      (I'm so sorry - that was meant to be a direct message :P it's 2 AM and I couldn't find the right button on my phone. Please feel free to email/message me)

    6. Missing avatar


      Hi guys,

      I've held off from submitting my survey thus far because I wanted to make sure I got the sizing right, to avoid having to pay for international return shipping, and also because I'd been hoping to add on a pair of your waterproof pants at a discounted rate (and also because I've been busy/under the pump, a bit).

      In terms of sizing, I'm 6'0 with an ~33" waist and I think an M size chest. I'm leaning towards the large (L) size. Does that sound right for me? Are the size measurements of the jackets, or the person? Are the waist/chest/sleeve measurements at the usual spots?

      Would it be possible for me to add on a pair of the pants? I'll probably need to double-check sizing for those as well.

      Thanks/All the best,


    7. M I N I M 2-time creator on

      Hi Frans,

      Of course. Your survey requested two grey jackets. We emailed you a copy.

    8. Missing avatar

      Frans Bolsius on


      Could you share me the survey I submitted. Got to check if it true that I ordered 2 times the same colour.

      Best regards,


    9. M I N I M 2-time creator on

      Hi Emiel and Alexander,

      Thanks for the kind comments! We're stoked you like your jackets.

      Of course. Email sent.

    10. Missing avatar

      Matej prochazka on

      hi, I need an invoce :(
      it needs to contain
      items and count
      value of goods
      price of shipping

      Can you send to my email? harnod75 (at) gmail

    11. Missing avatar

      Alexander Wenzel on

      Fit me perfect!! Ty guys

    12. Emiel Nawijn on

      Just picked up mine! Still a bit stiff but I hope that will wear off once I start using it. Other than that great work guys. Great fit and outside material!

    13. M I N I M 2-time creator on

      Hi Neil and Gustavo,

      Yes, all orders have shipped. Sending you both your tracking numbers.

    14. Neil on

      Any updates?

    15. Missing avatar

      Gustavo on

      Hi, i haven't received any update or guide for shipping, could you help me with his?

    16. M I N I M 2-time creator on

      You've got it!

      DM sent!

    17. Missing avatar

      ainJHEL Tacadena on

      Still waiting for your reply on my DM. Thanks.

    18. Missing avatar


      Received my jacket in Australia, thanks!!

    19. M I N I M 2-time creator on

      Hi ainJHEL and Martin,

      Thanks so much for your kinds words! We are happy your jackets are serving you well!

    20. Missing avatar

      Martin Hagedorn on

      Got my Zip Up yesterday (ordered via Indiegogo this time). Again very happy with its quality and fit. Good job guys! :)

    21. Missing avatar

      ainJHEL Tacadena on

      Our jackets arrived today and they look and feel awesome.
      Great communication, excellent quality, and timely shipping.
      Although we still need to pay additional 46USD for Customs Fees for 4jackets here in Sri Lanka, it was well worth it.
      So glad we have backed up this project. More power to MINIM.
      Will look forward to your next Kickstarter Campaign.

    22. Missing avatar

      Julie Barney on

      Email sent, thank you. Backer 619

    23. M I N I M 2-time creator on

      Hi Dave,
      Great to hear. Thanks for the feedback!

      Hi Becky,
      We’ll send you your tracking information. We’re happy to give a full refund if it doesn’t fit you. We just ask you cover return shipping.

      Hi Julie,
      Sorry to hear that. Go ahead and send us your backer # to We’ll send return instructions and will provide a refund once we receive the product.

    24. DJB

      Just got mine fits well but the arm holes are quite big, maybe on your next version you can put velcro or elastic on sleeve. Thank you for keeping to your timetable to some projects are delayed for months.

    25. Missing avatar


      I have not received mine yet...I am a little concerned on how the fit will be considering some of the comments I have read. What is the return policy if the fit is not good for me?

    26. Missing avatar

      Julie Barney on

      My husband and I got our zip up jackets. The fit is terrible for us. The bottom of the jacket (waist) is tight and the rest of the jacket is soooo huge! I got a small and he got a medium. The arms are long and the arm holes are gigantic. My husband also doesn't like that the zipper is on the wrong side for him. Can we please return these for a refund? We really wanted to love these, but the fit is so awful.

    27. M I N I M 2-time creator on

      Hi Maaz,
      Absolutely! We have extra product in stock and can ship immediately. You can find them on our website:

      Hi Ron,
      Sorry to hear your jackets don't fit. The XL is 1.5 inches wider than the L. If you'd like to make an exchange, send us a direct message and we'll be happy to help.

    28. Missing avatar

      Ron Wagner on

      Body fits well, arms are short. (Ordered a L pullover and zip). If I return for XL, how much wider is it? Don’t want to have to choose between baggy body or short arms. Thanks

    29. Missing avatar

      Maaz Mansori on

      I'm really looking forward to this jacket; just in time for Spring, although we got surprise Winter weather here in Pennsylvania! One question. I ordered the black zip-up, but later decided I liked the grey too and it became preferable. I didn't want to cause an issue trying to change it because I really like both colors, but once I receive the black one, assuming that I am satisfied with the fit and quality, what would the timeframe be to order a grey one too? Is it something you would be able to ship in the near future or would I have to wait another 3 months for production? I'm looking to use them in the Spring and I wouldn't mind having both colors.

    30. M I N I M 2-time creator on

      Hi Steven,
      Fantastic! Thanks for the feedback.

      We are shipping out all the orders this week! We're halfway through so far.

    31. Steven Crader on

      I just got mine today and it looks great. Thanks!

    32. Missing avatar

      Alexander Wenzel on

      Hey did you send the jackets already?. Winter is coming haha
      Greetings and i hope everything it's ok :D

    33. M I N I M 2-time creator on

      Hi Tom,

      Looks like we don't have your updated address. Sending you a direct message.

    34. Tom Yanagihara on

      Hello, We moved a month ago. How do we know if you have our updated address? Thanks, Tom

    35. M I N I M 2-time creator on

      Hi Sarah,
      Yes, everything is still on track. We should receive the product within the next few days.
      You can see our latest update here:

    36. Sarah Baskerville

      Hi, UK Backer. Supposedly a March delivery? Is it still on track? Are there any delays?

    37. M I N I M 2-time creator on

      Peera: Yes, it is unfortunate that UK customs are that high.

      Martin: Thank you for helping clear that up! It is great to hear you're enjoying your pullover. We will definitely keep this in mind.

      Gadgetstorm: Looks like you're pledged for March delivery. DM sent.

    38. Missing avatar

      Peera Lertsukittipongsa on

      @Martin: Thank you Martin. Appreciated. :)

    39. Missing avatar

      Martin Hagedorn on

      @ Peera: It is. If you're importing goods from outside the EU you are always charged with taxes and (depending on value) custom fees.

      @Minim: Received my pullover about two weeks ago and am really happy with it. Great product! :) The only thing I am missing, is a little locker loop. Maybe you could add that on future production runs.

    40. Missing avatar

      Peera Lertsukittipongsa on


      I'm Backer Number 200 and I lived in the UK.
      I have to pay an extra Fee of 22.31 pounds as a custom charge to get my item.

      Is it common?

    41. gadgetstorm

      Backerclub backer here, wondering if reward has shipped to Western Australia?

    42. M I N I M 2-time creator on

      Hi Katrin,
      We're checking into this. DM sent.

      Hi Aaron,
      DM sent.

      Hi Tia,
      DM sent.

      Hi Lukas,
      So sorry to hear that. DM sent.

    43. Missing avatar

      Katrin Schuhmacher on

      Hi, will go on a 6 months trip soon, would be great to get mine before for this. Is this possible?

    44. Aaron Ting on

      Anyone in Singapore here, can make an exchange with me, mine is the jacket, L size, like to change to a M size.

    45. Tia Li Xian on

      I’ve receive mine, and I would like to make a purchase of it, how do I go about it?

    46. Lukas Ebeler on

      Hi, what is the status of your international shippings. I expected my Jacked in December but still have not received anything?

      Thank you for your help.


    47. M I N I M 2-time creator on

      Hi David,

      Looks like you backed for the March delivery. We will let you know when your order ships!

      Hi Tim,

      Sorry your zipper is bothering you. Sending you a DM for an exchange.

    48. Missing avatar

      Tim Plaehn on

      Nice jacket except for the zipper. First, it's wrong handed for men. At least in the U.S. More troublesome is that the top ends of the zipper are very jagged and dig into my neck. Not at all comfortable. Any suggestions?

    49. Missing avatar

      David Armour


      I live in MADISON, WI USA and I haven’t received mine yet. I’m getting excited.


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