Militia Miniatures - The Bad Guys!

by Leon Pengilley

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      George Breslin on

      Even more of a request would be a set of non combatant or patrol types.

      For the rioters, people scoping out a bank or even just more melee combatants.

      Patrol/guard poses for the republican guard figures

      Honestly an extension on any of the ranges would be appreciated, save the survivalists, good ole boys aren't my particular style ;-)

    2. Leon Pengilley 2-time creator on

      Thanks for the comments, the pirates is definitely an option to look at, I love the Captain Philips movie as well. As long as we could make the noticeably different to the Insurgents, slimmer build, scraggly clothes, etc. that could be a possibility.

      On the non-combatants, I don't think that's something we'd be looking at for this KS but it's certainly something to consider in the future, either through KS or as a standalone release. Civilians always come in useful so I'd like to add those at some stage.

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      Raymond Saunders

      Haven recently re-watched DieHard (great movie) how about some European terrorists?

    4. Leon Pengilley 2-time creator on

      @Raymond, those are actually at the top of our list currently! My wife's a big fan and wanted an Alan Rickman figure, plus with Christmas approaching it seems quite appropriate!